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From Hope's Peak to Grand Line (RP with asahinuts)

Mugen excitedly looked for Aoi. He had an idea for something fun to do!

He ran through the halls of Hope’s Peak Academy, trying not to bump into any of the students (only Kyouko had already met him, so the others were very confused).

Soon, he found the door to Aoi’s room. He knocked on it and waited for her to come out. He kept his hands in his pockets; in one of them was a strange little gadget…

Accidental ambushes (a closed RP with martyslittle-usedblog)

It had been a rough day, having lost her camp after a brief scuffle with a particularly tricky tall bird which had dragged them both across the isle. Even as she looked around for landmarks she couldn’t fathom where she had been taken. She froze as a familiar snuffling met her ears. Hounds. Something shifted amongst the trees and her instincts kicked in, leaping onto the thing-or being-that had caught her eye

Meeting Lola Bunny (rp with dont-evercallmedoll)

Mugen jumped; he had just run into Lola Bunny! Though he wasn’t much of a fan of Space Jam, he was a fan of Lola.

“Oh wow. Ah, hello!” Mugen said, trying to keep his cool, “You must be Lola Bunny! It’s an honor!” The tall Toon held out his hand for a shake.

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donut-mermaid is now following you.

Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline of Hope’s Peak Academy…

Nogoroki Mugen the Toon was wandering the halls; he had just arrived using his professor friend’s time-and-space machine, and now he was exploring.

And then his stomach let out a loud growl.

Well, then he decided to visit the cafeteria. He snuck into the kitchen and grabbed himself some sweets. Candy, mostly.

He was about to start, when he spotted…a lovely young lady!

She had an hourglass body; a cute, kind face; tan skin (a turn-on, but nothing major); and her choice of clothing definitely helped.

He started blushing profusely and fumbling the sweets. “U-um–! Wh-wh-whoops! I, uh, heh… ^////^;  …Hi. …I’m doing something wrong, aren’t I?” Now he felt ashamed.

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