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Heres a list of all the fic’s I’ve done so far (:

AJ Styles

But, Im So Good At Being Bad!: OC has been very bratty and disobedient recently and Daddy!AJ needs to put her in her place on their last night in Japan before WWE.

Hall Of Fame: Sort of a follow on from Good at Being Bad. AJ and OFC go to the HoF ceremony, He puts her over in a big way and then things get a little steamy when they head back to their room. Includes Thigh Grinding & Daddy Kink.

Into The Night: AJ and OFC are driving to the next hotel from the last show. She gets bored and starts fiddling with the hem of her dress, pulling it up to expose herself. AJ gets mad and smut happens out in the open on the side of the road. Daddy Kink, always.

Dean Ambrose

Release: Dean storms backstage after WM32 enraged after his match with Brock Lesnar, finds You and drags you off to release some of his anger.

That First Night:  OC and Dean are into each other and finally get talking on Seth’s Birthday. Flirting and Cuteness as they return back to her room.

Jon Moxley

Dirty Mouth: OC is turned on by Mox’s in ring antics and his dirty talk. Smutty backstage locker room fun.

Dirty Mouth II: Mox wants her again and OFC is initially hesitant before giving into him once again. He starts to catch some feels.

Kenny Omega 

In The Moment Pt 1: They had been in a relationship but split up as she went to WWE and he refused to leave Japan. They go to a wedding and things get little fluffy and smutty at the same time. This one is kind of a heartbreaker.

Friends without Benefits: They are best friends. Kenny catches the OC touching herself and moaning his name in her sleep. Being the caring guy he is he dutifully helps her out and she finds a way to pay him back.

Random Shorts:

These are just random shorts based on prompts I’ve been sent. If you want to add to the list then do ASK away. Bare in mind these are only suggestions and Im not obligated to write something. Send me a prompt + a character and I’ll see what I can do. 

Spanked: OC angers Daddy by disobeying him during a match and he takes you backstage and punishes you. Characters: OC x Marty Scurll.

I’ll Be Good: OC posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a cute swimsuit. Jealous Daddy!Finn comes back to teach her a lesson. Characters: OC x Finn Balor.

Demonic Guardians AU Gravity falls

Well I wantend to put almost every human that I know the same with the demons (I hope you like this) I put here some awesome people that Its in this mess I hope you like this.

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((lay in the bed dead))

New story..featuring Marty x Kenny x OC

Here is a sneak peek of it : 

Marty was the one that usually spend the most time with. Kenny was just shy around me, it was cute. Kenny had those curls that covered his eyes time to time. He did talk but always blushing around me, he would glare at any guy that would even look at me even Marty. Which was strange since they are friends. Marty on the other hand glared back at Kenny, was I missing something here?

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Disclaimer: all DHMIS OC’s are wonderful don’t worry. And to ask-the-red-triangle and lazypiratething-a-ma-bob, your OC’s are not trash I just needed an excuse to draw them

thearkatek  asked:

What is/was project cloverkit?

Project Cloverkit was a well-intentioned project to help support the growth of young and new artists.

The whole project was basically a retaliation against a hate blog making negative commentary towards a Warrior Cats OC (named Cloverkit) created by a young artist on deviantART. People drew fan art of Cloverkit, posting it to deviantART and Tumblr and linking it to the creator with kind words to show their appreciation and support.

It was initially a great idea. Almost everyone was totally for it. But it got out of hand a little too fast. Fanart of Cloverkit started sprouting everywhere and a couple people even warned that this could go wrong if we were not careful. And what do you know, that’s exactly what happened. Everyone who participated was pretty much blinded by good intentions and no one waited to hear what the creator of Cloverkit had to say about this project.

People have commented on the artist’s dA like mad in attempt to share their fan art of Cloverkit, and a couple haters even found their way to the comments basically bashing the artist because of all the attention they were receiving.

Just today, I think, the artist finally came online and told everyone exactly how overwhelmed they were by all of the sudden attention. They posted a journal on deviantART explaining that they didn’t need so much fanart of Cloverkit and, later, deactivated their account.

People are still posting their drawings of Cloverkit, completely unaware of the damage they’re doing, so people are now trying to spread the word about how Project Cloverkit is no longer a go. Other people are suggesting we don’t end this project completely, but merely change the name of it and rather draw our own OCs.

Personally, I like clancats idea of renewing #ProjectCloverkit to be #ProjectOCPride. In their words,

“Instead of drawing Cloverkit, draw the OCs that you created when you were younger! Take an old OC that you later changed and bring them back to their original look… If you once had a green fox but later made him brown, take that fox back to his neon green roots and [draw] him as you would any of your current designs.”

I think this is a far more preferable way to show appreciation towards young artists - by showing them that you were once a young artist too! I’ve actually thought about participating in this version of the project myself, because it doesn’t risk hurting anyone and the only person you are exposing artistically is yourself.

With that said, for those of you who still want to participate in supporting young artists, try posting old sketches of your own OCs along with improved versions of them to show your artistic progress over the years. Share your story and your own artistic journeys to support those who are just beginning now.

One last note that I think needs to be addressed: Some people are suggesting that you find different young artists and draw their OCs for them. Do not do that unless you have their permission. Not everyone is going to be okay with you drawing their OC, and you have no way of telling who is and who isn’t okay with it unless you ask them first. We don’t need to repeat what just happened with Cloverkit.

Thanks for the ask, Julian. I think that should answer your question. :P