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Tips on how to know if your BNHA oc is good

1. Are you proud of the character you made?

If yes, then that’s wonderful! It’s hard being an artist, so be proud of your amazing work!

If no, then that’s okay! You can always get tips on how to improve them from close friends/family or reviewers! Or, if you have no access to any of those two, then brainstorm! Try and figure out why you don’t like your oc yet, because you can always strive to do better! If you’re stuck, then take a break! Characters aren’t always made in a day, so take as long as you need to get those creative juices back!

2. Is your characters quirk original?

If yes, then AMAZING!! I’m so proud of you!! You’re such an amazing creator!

If no, then that’s completely fine! In fact, it’s still AMAZING! Not everything has to be original to make a great oc. Don’t copy others characters and claim it’s your own, but you can take inspiration from someone else and give it your own personal touch! Make your character have echolocation, super strength, fire manipulation, plant growth, or so on. As long as you are happy with what you made, then it’s a great character!

3. Is it a self-insert?

If no, then wonderful!! You are such an original thinker, and I love your character for who they are!

If yes, then wonderful!! You are such an amazing person, and you deserve to see yourself in a positive light that real life can’t give you! I love you for who you are!!

4. Are they TOO powerful?

If no, then you get two thumbs-up from me!! Your oc is a person with weaknesses, and that makes them more humane and great!

If yes, then thats still alright!! If you give them personality flaws to make up for their prowess, then they’re still human! Try not to make them perfect, as there is no such thing, but this is YOUR creation. There is no limits for what you can do!!

5. Are they friends with the main characters?

If no, then great! They have their own world to look upon that differs from the story!!

If yes, then that’s okay, as long as you don’t make them the “true protagonist”, where they save everyone from All For One and be the greatest hero in the world!! Otherwise, let them be great friends!

However you make your oc, as long as you are proud of what you made, then you have already made a great character. It doesn’t matter how the internet sees mary-sues or self-inserts or powerful characters. If you love them, then they are worth something! You have full creative liberties on what you make!! Go on and be artistic!! I believe in you and the oc’s you create!!

Made a little drawing of the boys to accompany a giveaway I’m doing on twitter to celebrate reaching 1000 followers. 

They look cute sharing a popsicle but I guarantee you it belonged to Marty and he did NOT have a say in the matter.


A puppo and a pupper. Almost forgot to upload these guys I designed the other day. They’re sibling wolf people, Jenette and Marty. Not sure what I’ll be doing with them as of yet but I might make pokemon versions of them for the release of Sun and Moon!

Demonic Guardians AU Gravity falls

Well I wantend to put almost every human that I know the same with the demons (I hope you like this) I put here some awesome people that Its in this mess I hope you like this.

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