martyrs rip

About Korryn Gaines

Yo please listen. I realize the severity of our people’s plight in this society, but what I refuse to do is to create false martyrs and jeopardize our movement.
Please explain to me how CHOOSING not paying tickets or fines, that you earned fair and square by not following the law, is disenfranchisement? Is oppression? Is a way of eliminating us? Explain how any of this is related to Jim Crow?
Do y'all realize that driving without registering your vehicle is breaking the law? and if they took her tags, then that mean you DONT DRIVE the fucking car until you get them back.
Do y'all realize she had multiple prior warrants and outstanding violations?
Do y'all pay attention to where on a ticket it says if unpaid for an extended time that it can call for imprisonment? That a warrant gives police THE RIGHT to come in your house whether you like or not. Do y'all realize she said herself “y'all will have to murder me”?
Telling her son to fight and hate cops?
Keeping him close to her recoding the situation while she pointed a 12g shotgun and threatening to kill cops?
FIRED AT SWAT? whom were called because she threatened police the shotgun FIRST. So already she had a warrant for her arrest, now she is charged with endangering her child and threatening officers, and y'all expect the police to just say “damn y'all, she don’t want us here let’s just go home.”??
Don’t sit here and fucking try to convince me that she was mentally ill. That don’t give you a pass. If a mentally ill person came at you endangering your life, you gonna stand there and die because they have an excuse for trying to kill you? If y'all don’t stop contradicting, biasing, being narrow minded and drone-like, BLM will die off. If we will make true change, we have to be honest and fair on all angles. She asked for this shit. And everybody mutating it into something different to try and fuel their already intense disdain and anger.

Im not suggesting that oppression does not exist or that all the laws we have are right, but just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we go acting wild because “we’re fed up” or “tired”. Do you think the system cares? As long as they’ve been subjugating and oppressing us that as soon as we cry out they’ll just roll over and say “damn it was good while it lasted!” No. They want y'all to act this way. They want y'all to act like anarchists and dismiss the law like it doesn’t matter so when they kill you they have a undeniable clear cut, governmentally correct reason for why they did so and nothing will change! There are better ways to fight against injustice than being a rebel. This is a fight that we need to be smarter and play by their rules and turn their system against them. The system has never cared about us when we tried to be peaceful and make good by society and law, you think they’ll care when we start to fight back? THEYRE WAITING FOR THAT. We are not equip to fight back like that. We are financially mentally physically and cooperatively unable to fight back in such a way. They’ll continue to slaughterer us and y'all just keep cheering and supporting it