Densi thought...

As the big rescue mission is just days away we have to remember this one thing:

It’s not going to be what Densi fans want but it’ll be what Densi needs.  

They will find their way back, it might not be this season (though I really hope they do) it will happen again. Remember Kensi is being emotionally tortured that isn’t going to be easy for her. A man that had said he loved her, that had asked her to marry him has just betrayed her in so many ways it’s not even funny. 

Deeks will be there but he’ll have to be patient with her. He’ll have to be a friend first then build back on that. 

So this is what I’ve got. It’s something that is going to be beautiful and emotional to watch. 

Just stay DensiStrong.

My Favorite Things

Summary: After Kensi unintentionally blurts out her insecurities of their new relationship to Deeks, she gets advice from Hetty on how to deal with her fears. 

On the first day of March every year for the last five years,Kensi Blye has heard her blue eyed, blonde haired quirky partner step into the entry way of OPS and yell, “Spring break!”

But today’s not the case and it kills her. This morning, she had let her ego and her fears kick in again and ended up doubting their two month long relationship. A simple suggestion of formally revealing their relationship to Callen and Sam had been going ok and then she had panicked and led the conversation into Deeks scowling at her and quietly leaving her apartment.

“So are you embarrassed of me?”

“No, Deeks. I just- I don’t know what this is and having Callen and Sam-“

“You don’t know what this is? This is a thing, Kens, and plus, you wanted to go all in!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”

She should have kept that stupid little worry to herself or talk to her mother about it instead of pulling it out in an argument. Now she had walked into the OPS center, dropped her bag on her desk and then watched Deeks walk into OPS without a word.

No silly little cheer, no blue sun glasses that Hetty would surely have confiscated- nothing.

He doesn’t even look at her as he passes her desk and plops down into his chair.

Nope, this isn’t going to work. A quiet Deeks has even Callen and Sam shooting worried glances at the detective as he begins to work on his paperwork. A happy Deeks brings a brightness into the OPS center that they all need to continue doing this job and for her in particular, it keeps the pain from her kidnapping in Afghanistan and the trauma from losing her father at bay. Not only does she need her partner to keep her sane of mind, she’s already feeling shaken from not having his warm, happy blue eyes sparking at him with his malicious smirk across the bullpen.

“Excuse me,” Kens says to no one in particular. She pushes her chair back and walks to the middle of the bullpen. She can call her mother for advice or ask Hetty; the latter could screw over her already technically rule breaking relationship with her partner. It doesn’t matter- Hetty, who’s being sitting quietly at her desk- sipping a cup of tea calls out, “Come sit, Miss Blye.”

“Ok.” Kensi rubs her hands and she slowly makes her way over to Hetty’s desk. “I-um-“

“I had come to work expecting to confiscate sunglasses or a pool noodle from Detective Deeks,” Hetty states. She takes a sip of her tea and adds, “He’s quiet and you’re clearly upset. A relationship can never be smooth sailing especially one starting after two people with trauma have known each other for so long. What happened?”

And she’s two steps ahead of us again. Without taking a glance over her shoulder to check for anyone nearby, Kensi states, “We were talking about telling Callen and Sam and I panicked. He asked if I was embarrassed of him and then reminded me that we agreed all in. I stupidly said that all in might not have been the best idea. I screwed up.”

Hetty smiles and shakes her head at Kensi. “My dear, do you regret your actions?”

Kensi looks over her shoulder and sees a stone faced Deeks place a file in an organizer. “I saw him this morning and I miss him. I just don’t-“

“You’re frightened and that’s ok. That’s a normal part of a unique relationship such as yours. The best thing I can give to you is that you need to find a way to remember that,” Hetty places the cup on a silk coaster and gives Kensi a nod. “Good luck, Miss Blye.”

So helpful, Hetty. Kensi thinks. She turns on her heels and starts walking back to her desk. She begins running through the meaning of Hetty’s advice. A plethora of romantic movies that Deeks has teased her about runs through her mind before a silly romantic gesture they seen in a movie one date night comes to mind. It’ll either get Deeks laughing or feeling emotionally moved.

She takes a post- it from off of her desk and scribbles Sunshine and gunpowder. Deeks had finally revealed the phrase on their first officially date at a four star Oceanside restaurant six weeks ago.

“Oh, so the infamous Marty Deeks has no moves to use on me?”

“Nope, nothing but the best for my sunshine and gunpowder.”

“Wait, I’m what?”

“Uhmm….after we first met Sabatino, I realized that you smell like sunshine and gunpowder, two of my favorite things.”

“Deeks…that’s weird.”

Kensi takes the post-it and looks up to Sam sitting directly across from her. He’s suddenly stopped working on his towering pile of case files and now leans back in his chair, crossed arm and expectant. It makes the brunette agent swallow hard before moving around from her desk and walk to the front of Deeks’. Callen’s not-the-least-bit-conspicuous smirk up at her as she passes doesn’t help.

“Deeks?” Kensi watches Deeks look up to her, “I made a mistake this morning and I’ve created a reminder that I’m going to keep with me at all times to remember it.” She holds out the post-it to him. “What do you think?”

Deeks eyes the post-it without a word and then grabs a black pen and begins scribbling away at the post-it. Less than a minute later, Deeks holds the post-it back up to her, his expression completely blank. Her heart flutters before she looks down and reads,

Sunshine, gunpowder and every fear, worry and fault of Kensi Marie Blye. Three of my favorite things.

Kensi can feel her cheeks blush as Deeks’ impassive expression turns to his trademark sparking eyes and malicious smile. The simple little post-it is perfect just like he is.

The End



Thought I should share an amazing and touching densi video I found