I love protective Deeks 😍😍😍

3x08 “Greed”-“Let me make this perfectly clear: If you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth.“

3x16 "Blye K.”-”Just to clarify, if anything happens to Kensi, you’re gonna be dealing with me for the rest of your soon-to-be-very-short life.“

2x20 “The Job”-“I’m going to be with you ever step of the way, even if you don’t see me I’ll be there.”

Every ep with an explosion- [covers Kensi] and says “You okay?” Or “You good?”

Deeks: “Wow. Look at that. I guess love conquers all. Speaking of which my whole iliac crest is kinda tight from today, so I was thinking I might be doing some stretching later, huh?”
Kensi: “That’s not really your iliac crest, but…”
Deeks: “Where is it? Here?”
Kensi: “Little, little there.”
Deeks: “A little lower?”
Kensi: “Did you learn nothing today?”
Deeks: “I learned something this morning. I learned that umm… Here? That I love your iliac crest.”
Kensi: “Okay and..?”
Deeks: “And I learned that the unlocked mind is nothing without the unlocked body.”
Kensi: “And…?”
Deeks: “And what else is there?”… [Grabs her face and kisses all around]
The Plasma: “Bleep bloop”
Kensi: [gasps]
Deeks: “Did you just hear that?”
Kensi: “Uh huh… Yep. Yep. This is why I have the rule.”
Deeks: “I think as long as it’s not Hetty I think we’re gonna be fine, should I move?”
Kensi: “Umm….”
Deeks: “Do you think she sees us?”
Kensi: “I don’t know”
Deeks: “Its not her.”
Kensi: “Okay”
Deeks: “I’m sure of it.”
Kensi: “Okay. We’re gonna be good, we’re gonna be good.”
Hetty: “You better hope love conquers all Mr. Deeks.”
Kensi: “Yep.”
Deeks: “That was definitely Hetty.”