This is what happens when you leave me alone studying World War 2 and the history about italian partisans, after being affected by Assassin’s Creed.

Assassin concept, these clothes would be a temporary design. I’m working on another design now, for which I have to thank Raph =u=

Pleased so far (ref used)

I’m not too fond of the colour scheme, but I think it would be the best one to use if the guy were to fight in snowy areas, or in the forests of the italian Alpes. 

I was debating wether I should have posted this or not on this blog, because this is the main character of the nsfw blog I’ll run someday. But then I realized I don’t give a shit anymore and that drawing smut is not embarrassing, not disgusting and does not ruin anyone’s reputation. So I’m gonna post the sfw art of this character here anyway 8D

Here’s Sharkey. Real name’s Leroy. He’s a gay hybrid shark who works at McDonalds and is known to literally kick out of the place whoever proves to be a homophobic. He has a few anger issues but is mainly a clingy loving derp. 

Quick shading and highlights. Done for fun.

I fucking love designing Shark characters and I have an idea for a gift design in my mind. <u<

Worst kind of love/hate relationship with her hair UGHHHHHH

SPN fan character, she’s a demon/monster hunter. Still working on her bio, name and everything, but I kind of want to have a Shapeshifter kill her boyfriend as the reason she started hunting demons. Her name is gonna be Kaitlyn, most likely. Kate or Katie for short.

She also knows the Winchesters, and hunted a few times with them, but other than that, there’s nothing more than friendship between them.

She needs a hunter partner ufhjdhjf I don’t feel like creating them though.


Oh god I draw too much in Uni. In fact, most of these were done in Uni. Or while travelling by train. Trust me when I say that drawing in a train is a BITCH, everything’s shaky and I wanted to pull my hair out more than once.

  1. Revamp of an old character who was called Doru Maki. I’ve decided to change him to Bandi. He’s some sort of living puppet? 
  3. Pandalecko. Or better, how I drew him two weeks ago.
  4. More Pandalecko. How I draw him now at least.
  5. Seraphim, his boyfriend Puck (or at least, I’m trying to understand how to draw him) and Slenderman. Because my blog needed some more Slenderman.
  6. Mars and… Pietro! He’s so much fun to draw! And I need to get used to drawing him anyway <3
  7. Akin having issues with his friends v.1. That’s actually his dog.
  8. And finally some practice at drawing Akin. His profile came out pretty nice if you ask me ;w;

I can’t help but feel so happy when I look at these sketches wtf. Especially Jensen… which was drawn today while getting back from Uni.

Puck is Shichi’s character. Pietro is Pati’s.

Do you have a single idea how much I love fauns, satyrs, centaurs and such creatures? Nah I don’t think you do. The next character I’ll revive will probably be my naga. uh.

Name - Pandalecko

Nickname - Pan

Gender - Male 

Sexual Orientation - Homosexual

Age - 17 here. Can be portrayed differently.

Specie - Shapeshifter. Original form of a faun.

Ability - Shapeshifts into whatever creature he sees, his powers are almost unlimited. 


Pan is that kind of guy who loves pulling pranks on people. He loves joking around and overall being a massive trickster. Putting this aside, he’s a very laid back character and loves spending time mostly alone, brushing his tail or playing an ocarina.

Other Informations

Favorite forms are that of a faun (original), centaur, naga, leviathan and harpy.

- He absolutely loves raspberries and blueberries. 

- Although it seems weird, he’s carnivore. 

- His teeth shift to a vampiric-like set of teeth when angered or threatened.