marty's silly mind

Interesting on how I got these. So today during lunch, I was about done eating, got up and as I was passing by tables, someone’s backpack on the ground caught my eye for it had these buttons. I looked over and it was next to one of the exchanged students from Taiwan. I asked if the backpack was hers, she answered, “Yes” and I questioned where did she got the buttons which turned out that she purchased them from another town. She then asked if I watched Guardians in which I awkwardly replied, “Yes and the books series based on it is amazing!” We started talking about the movie and the books that she’s unable to read because she doesn’t know English (she can only speak it) and I doubt they have it at her country. Before lunch was over, she gave me the buttons for she’s unable to bring certain stuff back when she leaves America after this school year. She’s very nice, artistic, enjoys animated films like me (forgot to mentioned, she likes HTTYD), and kinda awkward when it comes to conversations well mainly because we just met, but yeah. :) That was actually the first time I’ve ever talked to someone at lunch where it wasn’t an uncomfortable atmosphere.