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Coming Home~ Marty Scurll Imagine

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Smut Ahead

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Marty had been away from you for too long, you have missed him. It wasn’t the same at home without him. You weren’t a wrestler, like Marty. Just a bartender at the bar where you met him.

 He was finally coming home, to you. You would watch him on Being the Elite videos and catching his matches, finding a link to watch them. Face timing, texting and phone calls weren’t the same as seeing him in the flesh.The front door opened, you were quick on your feet to rush downstairs. You met Marty at the door crushing into him, sending you both to the ground. 

“ Hey sweetheart” He greets you, chuckling looking up at you. You both look at one another with big smiles on your faces. You leaned down, embracing him into a big. The feeling of his arms wrapped around you felt like real home. Lifting up your head up, you left multiple kisses all over his face making him laugh.

“ Sweetheart, come on. I’m here. Stop it” he giggled, which he normally doesn’t do. He tried his best to get away from you, but  he loves your kisses.

“ Marty” you say his name, it was music to his ear the way you said it.

“ I brought you something,” He says motioning with his head to his suitcases that were by the door.

“ Awe, you didn’t have to,” you smiled, getting off of Marty as he sat up crawling to his suitcase looking for something. He finally found it and takes out a box. You’re heart sped up thinking if that’s what you really think it is. He opens it, biting on his bottom lip. Inside you saw a beautiful ring with a flower on it. ( Note: I have a ring like this that I wear everyday, mostly) It was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

“ Oh Marty, it’s beautiful. You didn’t have to, really.” you said while a hand covers your mouth in surprise.

 “ You deserve it sweetheart” taking the ring out, slipping it on your finger. It fit so perfect. “ Guess I picked just the right size” 

“ Perfect, thank you love” you lean on your knees, cupping his face with both your hands.

“ You’re gorgeous Marty” you mutter at him, brushing your thumbs against his cheeks looking at him. He was a beautiful man and he was all yours.

“ I’ve missed you, my beauty” He says before leaning in, placing his lips on yours.

The following morning, you were still half asleep as you felt Mart’s lips dance against your skin.

“ Baby, it’s early..” you groaned, pushing at his shoulder for waking you early. He didn’t listen, his lips light up into a smile against your bare shoulder. His hand moved to wrap around your waist going further in between your legs as his fingers as he rubbed the skin there.

“ I’m sorry sweetheart, help me out here,” he said grinding his bulge against your ass, a groan escapes from the back of his throat.

“ I want you.. so bad..”

His fingers went further as they brushed against your core, massaging the skin there. He made it so hard just to ignore him.

‘ I’m tired Marty, babe,” you mumbles, playfully pushing your ass back against his crotch and loving to hear him moan, a giggle escapes your lips.He wines, cupping your core with his hand, trying to get your attention while he places a kiss on your neck.

“ I’ll do the work, just open your legs for me sweetheart”

“ Really now?”

“ Yes” he says while rubbing a finger over your panties covered core.

His morning voice was much deeper and huskier sending shivers down your spine going to your core.

His cock was so hard for you, it was all you could think about now and how he could make you feel so good. Sleep also sounded good to you right now but your boyfriend needed you too as much as you needed him.

“ Tell me more” you wanted to smile, but held back pushing your ass back against his bulge earning a groan from him. He wrapped his arm tight around you, chuckling.

“ My girl wants dirty talk? Someone’s been naughty..”

“ Maybe..”

You held that small smile back but gasped feeling his fingers go inside your panties, slapping your naked clit nearly making you jump out of bed. You were holding back, biting on your bottom lip as his fingers made circles around your clit, melting into his hands right there. 

He knows you like the back of his hand, chuckling in your ear. He knows you want to give into him. He pinches your clit, earning a yelp out of you. Your hips rocking to move away from, he only continues to chuckle.

Brushing his lips along your neck, his facial hair tickling you a bit.

“ Give in to me sweetheart, you want to”

He slowly dragged your panties down, he just loved to tease you.

“ You know, your legs are one of my favorites about you, sweetheart,” he mumbles into your neck, his other hand goes to your covered breast, squeezing. Your mouth opens a little as his fingers rub circle around your nipple, his other hand rubbing your clit.

“ Marty, please…” He was so excited, he nearly came right there hearing you beg for him. He moved over so he was behind you, his hand on your thigh while the other was still on your clit. He pushed himself inside you, becoming tight around him. His fingers rubbed at your clit while he stayed inside you. It’s been so long since you two have done this.

“ You’re so tight.. shit.. “ he panted against your neck, sweat trickling down his body.He slowly thrusted inside you, all of him. He kept rubbing circles against your clit, you could feel the tension in your stomach. Full of stars began to explode behind your eyes and your mind going black as he sped up. Whimpers escaped your mouth while the hand that was on your hip, dug his nails into it as he neared to his orgasm.

“ I’m close!” he breaths heavily against your skin, biting down on your shoulder as he rocks his hips, speeding up. There was fire coming in your stomach as you heard him pant against your shoulder, little whimpers also from him.

“ Wait for me!” you begged him, feeling the heat building up in your stomach, your orgasm was coming around the corner. Your back arched, you wanted to come with him.

“ I need to-” he gasped and shuddered as his thrusts became sloppier and his grip loosens, he couldn’t hold back, as he orgasmed, letting out a moan.

“ Ride my face, babe. I wanna taste you,” he panted, laying on his back as you sat on his mouth. His tongue worked on your clit, he made all kinds of shapes with his tongue, pleasuring you. You grabbed onto his hair, knowing it put some effect on him. Hs fingers dug into your hips, you knew he was going to leave bruises.

“ Marty! I’m close!” you whimpers, grinding your clit against his tongue as the fire in your stomach finally releases. You threw your head back, closing your eyes as cried out as your orgasm erupted. Marty licked you, all of it. He helped you get off of him, you let your body rest to get some sleep.

You’re eyes closing, a smile on your face. Marty turns to glance at you, chuckling seeing he tired you out.

“ Sleep my beauty, I love you to the moon and back” He kissed your cheek before settling himself next to you, his face buried in your neck wrapping an arm around you.

Awesome tarot card commission of my rogue Inquisitor Hrist Trevelyan and Cullen (because reasons) made by the lovely and talented marty-mc. Thank you so much, it’s beautiful and perfect! ❤

Look at my babies, I’m so proud of them. And look at Cullen, Andraste preserve me. I die.

keeping resolutions

“I can’t believe we’re two hours away from 2015." 

Forcing open tired eyes, Deeks casts a quick glance at the tv screen, the countdown prominently outlined in the top corner. "Yeah,” he says, his voice low, gravelly. “Seems like yesterday it was just January…”

Kensi shifts slightly, her body snug in the space between her partner’s body and the back of the couch. A warm blanket covers their naked bodies, muscles deliciously tired after a lazy day of movie watching and lovemaking. Her palm on his chest just above his heart, Kensi tucks her head in the crook of Deeks’ neck, her eyes closing as she breathes him in. “Crazy year…”

Crazy doesn’t quite do it justice, Deeks thinks. It was a year that saw him race to the other side of the world to save the woman in his arms; it was a year that saw him nearly lose his mind, driven to the brink with fear and grief and anger over a single photo sent to his phone - the photo that had portrayed his partner as dead. It was the year he’d realized just how far he would go for this woman, and just how far he would go again if she ever needed it. 

It was a year that saw their partnership blossom fully into the blurred lines, the in-between, before emerging out on the other side, the side where friends became lovers, where partners became soulmates. It was a year that saw her take a chance with him, on them. 

It was a year that started off delving into the deepest despair he’s ever felt, but a year that had ended with his heart the lightest it’s ever been. “Seductive highs and destructive lows…”

Kensi snorts softly. “I’m pretty sure you just quoted a country song there,” she replies, the tail of her statement gathered up cozily within a yawn. 

The corners of Deeks’ lips quirk. “You’ll never prove it." 

A knowing smile touches Kensi’s lips. "Would you be embarrassed by it if I did?" 

Deeks doesn’t even hesitate. "Probably." 

Kensi stretches luxuriously against him, sighing softly. "You’re lucky I’m too comfortable to reach for my phone and google it…”

Deeks chuckles. “I think I’m just lucky, period,” he remarks, gently threading his fingers through dark, tousled locks. 

“Well that was just a little bit sappy,” Kensi teases, but there’s no denying what his words do to her heart. It remains a mystery to her just how this man managed to break through everything that makes her Badass Blye, how he managed to find that secret, hidden, lacy side of her - the side of her that wants to cuddle beneath the sheets instead of getting to the gym early in the morning; the side of her that wants the slow burn rather than fast and furious (though oh dear God how good fast and furious can be with him…)

Deeks just smirks at her comment - he happens to know she likes things overly sugary. 

It’s a good forty minutes before the sleepy silence is broken again, and when it is, Kensi’s quiet voice drifts to Deeks’ ears almost as if though from miles away. “So are we making any resolutions for this year?" 

"It’s New Year’s,” Deeks says, his voice slurring a bit with the heaviness of sleep. “Everyone makes a resolution or two. Even if they already know they’re gonna break it…”

She knows immediately he’s referring to her failed efforts in previous years to give up processed sugar. It’s the same one she makes every year, and the same one she fails to keep less than a week into the new year. “I haven’t really given it any thought this year,” she says finally, shrugging. 

“That’s okay,” Deeks murmurs. “We’ve still got an hour or so before you have to commit." 

Kensi hums softly. "What’s yours, then?" 

He may be drifting right along the boundary between sleep and waking, but the words he whispers come with a certainty that can only come from the depths of his heart. "Fall more in love with you every day…”

Kensi closes her eyes, her cheeks tinting as his whispered words settle into her. Sometimes, she wishes he wouldn’t say things quite so bluntly - she’s come a long way, but there’s no denying that such declarations still frighten her. 

It frightens her, she thinks, because of how deeply she wants it. 

She lets out a quavering breath as she attempts to settle the butterflies in her belly. “I don’t know if that really counts as a real resolution,” she says, tracing her fingertips along his chest. 

Deeks just shrugs. “Maybe not, but it’s the only one I’m a hundred percent sure I’ll keep." 

Around an hour later, as their first lazy kisses of the new year slowly ignite into the slow burn of intimacy, Kensi thinks that his resolution might be one they share.

(And one that both of them keep.)