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Meet like-minded assholes in your area, today! 

Dating for Assholes is a new sketch from Far From Famous Comedy!  (Starring Ali Gordon and Marty Scanlon // feat. RJ Brown & Abby Rowzee)


It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! The Far From Famous pilot hits youtube RIGHT NOW.

25 minutes of all-original content brought to you by Marty Scanlon and Ali Gordon. Please enjoy and share! It’s been a wild labor of love for us, and sometimes it felt like pulling it all off would be impossible, but we are so glad it’s here for us to share with you now - thanks greatly in part to our generous, fabulous kickstarter backers! Here it is, guys! You helped make this possible! Thank you!

Far From Famous was (and still is) conceived, written, edited, filmed, organized, publicized, and created between New York City and Chicago. This long-distance working, of course, has been a challenge. A delightful one, but a challenge nonetheless. We think it was well worth it, since we can now present sketch comedy that embraces the idiosyncrasies of two different cities, as well as featuring brilliant actors living and working in both locales. 

We designed the pilot to be watched as a single 25 minute episode, but we also know that people love to share their favorite videos with other people. For your convenience, we’ve also uploaded all of the sketches individually, so share to your heart’s content!

We want to see how far we can get Far From Famous. Please help us out by spreading the word and sharing the pilot or any sketches you like with people you think might enjoy them. Also, we love feedback! Tweet us or send tumblr messages with what you liked/would like to see more of in future episodes and sketches, including characters you want to see come back, pop culture icons to take on… anything at all!

But mostly… enjoy! Far From Famous goes well with popcorn.


He is the cock of the walk. His methods are unusual. He is mind is…also unusual.  Here is a rare glimpse into the more private parts of Sherlock’s ‘mind palace.’

Far From Famous is original sketch comedy by Marty Scanlon and Ali Gordon.

Marty Scanlon- Sherlock
Ali Gordon- Molly
Evan Gordon- Watson

Filmed by Ali Gordon & Marty Scanlon
Edited & Animated by Marty Scanlon

'The Game is Off’ Composed by Marty Scanlon


Wow! What a crazy weekend of filming we had! Things are really moving along over here, thanks in part to your generous funding! We want to know… what are you looking forward to seeing in Far From Famous? Any thing you guys really want to see featured in our pilot episode? Let us know! In the meantime, here are some pictures from filming this weekend!