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I'm flattered I'm your favorite! Ok, so more Marty :) Imagine you're also quite villainous for your in-ring persona. Lots of teasing between you and him leading up to and during a mixed tag match. -K

anon K is forever the best anon and my favorite.

“And introducing, his tag team partner, in her WCPW debut, she is La Reina de las Reinas and the SHINE Women’s Champion, the Baddest Woman Alive, (Y/N)!”

The bass of your entrance music pulsed through your chest, adrenaline thrumming through your bloodstream. Your reputation preceded you, given the chorus of boos that could barely be heard over the din of your entrance music as you appeared at the top of the ramp.

You barely paid attention to those plebeians in the audience, your eyes locking almost immediately with your tag partner.

The Villain, Marty Scurll. 

Villain? Please, more like a fucking Muppet. 

When the match had been announced, that it was to be Nixon Newell and El Ligero versus Marty Scurll and you, wrestling Twitter had pretty much exploded.

@ Mrs roman perkins: dream match w/ two of my faves teaming - a villain and the baddest woman alive

@ Broken rey hardy: who tf is (Y/N)? why is marty teaming with a nobody?

Zack had texted you a couple times, just to inform you that Marty had begun to ask questions about you. You’d known Zack from your tours in Japan, and having a soft spot for the lanky man, had kept in touch.

@ ihate(Y/N): *photo of you with the SHINE, Stardom, and CMLL womens championship belts around your waist* @ broken rey hardy - you can call me champ or ma’am, you useless worm.

Your face was pulled into the barest of sneers, but your eyes were heated. You’d be a fool to not admit to being attracted to the Villain, but he was entirely too aware of that. Marty was preening in the ring, preparing for the match while relishing in your stare.

The two of you had been flirting and teasing each other for weeks on social media. Marty had crowed about your victory over Veda Scott, and the next day you made sure to take a slightly provocative selfie in a “I’m a Scurll Girl” shirt. It snowballed, with an official ship name being selected and everything.

And there he was, mere feet away from you. For all your familiarity on social media, this was your first meeting in person. You would rather take a round of superkicks from the Young Bucks than to admit to being nervous as you slid into the ring. 

You were face to face with the Villain as your music faded out and the roar of the crowd echoed in your ears, His eyes were hot and slow as they raked up and down your body, the stare scorching a path along your exposed skin. 

“Eyes up here, handsome. You can look all you want after the match. If we win, maybe even touch too,”

The Villain’s face split into a roguish grin. 

“Sure thing, pet.”

The match started soon after that flirtatious exchange, and the antics only escalated from there.

His hands lingered a little too long on your waist when he caught you as you were pushed from the apron by Nixon. You made sure to arch your back as you were entering the ring between the top and middle rope, a wiggle in your hips as his eyes were glued to your ass. Sexually charged innuendos exchanged back and forth. 

Marty had the chicken wing hooked in on El Ligero, leaving El Ligero helpless as you had Nixon incapacitated. The bell rung to signal victory by submission, and you slid into the ring to have your arm raised.

Marty’s grin was self-satisfied and expectant. 

You returned the grin, as your hand was raised, but before anything else could be done, you gave his butt a squeeze before diving out of the ring. You mimicked a phone with one hand and mouthed, “Call me!”

@ The Villain: @ ihate(Y/N) - I think I love you.


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Donald Trump’s decision to revoke The Washington Post’s press credentials is nothing less than a repudiation of the role of a free and independent press. When coverage doesn’t correspond to what the candidate wants it to be, then a news organization is banished. The Post will continue to cover Donald Trump as it has all along–honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically and unflinchingly. We’re proud of our coverage, and we’re going to keep at it.

Washington Post Executive Editor Marty Baron

The Post joins the list of news organizations that have been temporarily banned from covering Trump’s campaign. Among others, Buzzfeed, Politico, Fusion, Univision, the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader, the Des Moines Register, the Daily Beast and Huffington Post have all been denied press credentials at one point since Trump announced he was running for president in June.

“We need diverse books because… of our state’s 20 award-nominated books for teens, the only 2 with African-American protagonists should NOT be set in a jail.”

 Submitted by Marti Brown, Library Media Specialist