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Mobile Masterlist—Fics & Drabbles (UPDATED 05/01/17)

**** I made a mobile masterlist since my other masterlist probably only works on desktop. Everything on that list is here!***


All fics sorted by wrestler and combine three of my favorite pastimes: music, writing and wrestling. Request will gladly be taken into consideration. **NSFW fics are denoted with an (+)**

  • AJ Styles

Cold Water (AJ Styles x Reader)

Light In The Hallway (AJ Styles x Reader)

Journey To The Past (AJ Styles x Reader)

Motivation (AJ Styles x Reader) +

  • Baron Corbin

Used To Love You (Baron Corbin x Reader)

  • Chris Jericho

In The Name of Love (Chris Jericho x Reader)

  • Dean Ambrose

Purify Me (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

  • Kevin Owens

I Don’t Wanna (Kevin Owens x Reader)

  • Roman Reigns

Mercy (Roman Reigns x Reader)

This Woman’s Work (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Un-Thinkable (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader) +

  • Seth Rollins

Girl (Seth Rollins x Reader)

  • Tama Tonga

Photograph (Tama Tonga x Reader)

  • Xavier Woods

Lost Boy (Xavier Woods x Reader)


**Based on the drabble prompts I re-blog (or compile on occasion)** Feel free to come through to me with your own request as well.

∞ Drabbles from these lists:(1) and (2)

  • AJ Styles

#53: “Take off your shirt.”

#127: “Teach me how to play.” + #147: “Zombies aren’t real, I promise.“

#138: “Stop making your own rules.”

#37: “I had a dream about you.” + #46: “I could beat you up, you know that right?”

#50: “Well shit, you’re hotter than expected.” + #58: “Do I want to know why you’re in my apartment wearing only sports shorts which are quite tight?”

  • Baron Corbin

#137: “Why do they behave for you?”  

#54:“Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?” + 126: “I’m a lucky girl, I’ll admit that.”

  • Big Cass

#40: “Am I your husband or your tax service?”

  • Dean Ambrose

#43: “I don’t think you understand the term ‘dead or alive’ because I don’t know if this thing IS dead or alive.”

  • Finn Balor

#108: “I’m glad you’re mine.”

#14: “I think you forgot who work the pants in this relationship.”

#54: “Close your eyes, sweetie. They can’t get you then.”

  • Marty Scurll

#40: “Okay so. No more caffeine for you, that’s apparent.”

  • Mojo Rawley

#78: “Can you be romantic for once?”

  • Pete Dunne

#95:“Do you want a hug? Will that help?”

  • Roman Reigns

#131: “You have a cold, you’re not dying.“
#90: “Birds can’t fly without wings.“
#54- “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash? + #80: “Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.”
#17: “I love you, I’ll make you love me too.”

  • Sami Zayn

#147: “Zombies aren’t real. I promise.”

  • Seth Rollins

#150: *Make up your own*

#35: “I’ll just tell your mom on you.”

#80: “Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.”

  • Shane McMahon

#108: “I’m glad your mine.”
#94: “You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.”

∞∞ Drabbles from this list: (3) ***(closed and in progress)***

  • Baron Corbin

#27: “Did you see that? Please tell me you saw that.”

  • Finn Balor

#49: “If you can’t sleep….we could have sex?”

#64: “I’m going to love you ‘til my lungs give out.”

  • Roman Reigns

#20: “I have died every day, waiting for you.”


Went to Fight Club: Pro tonight and met Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Travis Banks, Sami Callihan, Shane Strickland, Rey Fenix and Pentagon el Zero M. All of them were really nice and wished me a happy birthday. The Lucha Brothers vs the BruiserCats was definitely match of the night. I think this might have the best birthday ever.

(Bonus: Throwback to that time I met the Swords of Essex at WCPW Bulletproof and also Marty Scurll was there.)

(And I got to meet The Young Bucks and Adam Cole)


Being the Elite episode 46

anonymous asked:

What would Pete do in the ring and out of the ring (you have an inter gender match against him)

i’m taking some creative license here, because the in and out of the ring thing is a little vague…

- you were… hesitant when Ospreay had approached you three weeks before the PWG event, asking if you’d tag with him and Mark Andrews
- you’d worked with Ospreay enough in ROH and in some smaller promotions in Japan to trust him, even become friends. From everything you had heard, Mark was one of the coolest dudes on the planet
- you’d agreed without asking for too many details, you’d done intergender tag matches before and were comfortable being in the ring with men
- but it was when he told you their opponents, did you regret saying yes
- Pete Dunne, Marty Scurll, and Tyler Bate
- Will at least had the good judgement to look sheepish, but you weren’t going to back down from your word
- so the match was announced
- not ten minutes later, you’d received a Twitter notification
Pete Dunne:  @(YN)Pro - if you meet me in my hotel room before the match, I promise to take it easy on you
- soon my twitter feed was blowing up
- the final shot across the bow that started The Great Wrestling Twitter War of 2017 (copyright of the Young Bucks) was Kenny Omega tweeting: Careful, Peter. She won’t just bite your fingers, she’ll take a pound of flesh.
- you’re very proud of yourself for getting the final shot in before you all had arrived in Reseda, California. (Y/N): I’ll enjoy housebreaking a mouthy dog like you. Welcome back to Reseda, you British bitch.
- you’d ridden in with Ricochet, having both worked Lucha Underground a couple days prior and were there stupidly early. The only others at the venue were the Young Bucks and a couple others setting up their merch
- it felt like the usual PWG camaraderie, but the mood shifted in a very, very perceivable way as soon as Dunne, Bate, and Scurll came in 
- Dunne’s eyes had snapped to you with a laser like focus and his face shifted into what should have been a smirk, but looked more like a snarl
- “Your arse is looking fantastic today, (Y/N). Can’t wait to see it up close and personal.”
- Adam Cole had spit out his water into Nick Jackson’s face and choked a little at Dunne’s shouted words
- Dalton Castle, who I had been joking with, had clasped his hand over my mouth to keep me from responding 
- “Not in front of my boys!”
- Ospreay and Mandrews had shown up not two minutes later
- tensions were high, and Dunne and I spent dancing around each other with heated glares and rude hand gestures
* Out of earshot, Adam Cole to Matt Jackson: “We may see our first live hatefuck in PWG.” 
* Matt laughed so hard he cried.
- you were a little nervous as your name was announced. You knew that you had no chance of beating Dunne, Bate, or Scurll by trying to out power them. You’d have to rely on your speed and your cunning to not get seriously hurt.
- the Reseda faithful was hot, and the kiss you blew to Pete just made them chant “(Y/N)’s gonna kill you, (Y/N) is gonna kill you.”
- Ospreay, that over protective shit, made every effort to keep you away from Dunne
- it wasn’t until you’d reached the the ten minute mark in the match that you and Dunne were in the ring facing each other. Mandrews and Ospreay had taken out both Bate and Scurll on the outside of the ring with matching tope suicidas
- Dunne and I were nose to nose, talking a whole lot of shit, before he pushed me away with a bold smirk
- and I hit him with an enziguiri so hard that the crack of my foot against his skull echoed around the room
- Pete had fallen to the mat, and when he looked back up, his face was heated with something that most definitely wasn’t anger
- Then a grin spread across his face and my stomach flipped.
- You did your best to avoid the haymakers and the stiff forearms he was throwing
- You were making of the most of your speed, and you were able to reverse most of his offense into head scissors, DDTs, and on one occasion, a nasty reverse Frankensteiner
- but he caught you in a series of vicious suplexes that left your head ringing, so maybe you imagined his hands lingering a little too long
- with a growl, he’d flipped you through the Bitter End and his grip on your leg made your blood sing
- someone broke up the cover, but not before Pete had muttered in your ear, “We should really do this again, (Y/N).”

kingofbendystyle  asked:

66 and Zack Sabre Jr?

You knew the match was going to go south when you saw the two other members of British Strong Style march down the ramp during the Progress title match between Zack and Pete Dunne.

Marty had tried to get you to stay put, but you had just danced around him and charged out. This was something Zack had been working towards for months and you’d be damned if you let it end like this. 

In hindsight, you probably shouldn’t have gone out alone, even with a steel chair as an equalizer. You’d gotten a couple of licks in, before being sent to the mat with a boot to the face. You were dazed, head having just bounced off the mat, but there was no mistaking the shout of rage from Zack’s direction. The members of British Strong Style were smart in clearing the ring and then Zack’s concerned face was swimming in your vision. 

“I won’t let you get hurt.”

His jaw clenched and he cupped your face. 

“I’ll be right back. Don’t get into trouble.”