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March 19th, 2016: The day I met my hero.

I was so nervous and excited. The first time I met him it was for the autograph session where I had him sign my favorite DeLorean model. I remember going over what I’d day in my head, but when the time came all I could make out was, “Hi Michael, my name is ____. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me, and for being here today. It really means a lot.”. He said my name, was soft spoken and kind.

Looking into the man’s eyes I was overwhelmed at the kindness and compassion I saw in them. I remember him just kinda looking at me. He never said a word about the costume, but he regarded me.

In a daze and disbelief, I carried my model DeLorean back to where three of the coolest guys I know were waiting for me: Joe, Andrew, and Steve. Their presence in that moment meant so much to me.

For the photo session a little later all I could think was, “Man you get ONE shot at this. You get this photo ONCE in a lifetime. Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.”. I calmed my nerves best I could, and walked through the curtain and greeted him. He looked over, regarded me once more, and said, “Nice to see you again!” I’ll never know if he was being kind, or if he actually remembered me. I really want to believe he did. Having your hero remember you? Damn. THAT is heavy.

For the photo there was a strict “no touching” rule, and when I accidently and instinctively moved too close, the photographer called me out on it and I was horrified and promptly apologized. So if you look at the photo, I have my arm kinda behind my back. That’s why! After it was over I simply told Michael thank you, and left.

Those of you who know about Parkinson’s know it’s a big deal that he flashed that wonderful smile in the photo. I remember picking up my photo after it printed and being near tears upon seeing it.

A year ago today I met Michael J. Fox.

Aww Jeez Rick, who are they?!

It’s the hip, 1980s versions of us Morty! Weee-uuurrp We’re BASED Off of them, Morty!


Celebrating October 21st, 2015 with the meeting of Doc and Marty and their most successful fan AU counterparts.


NCIS Los Angeles 7x14 Come Back - Densi Kiss


Dave Lizewski Imagine: Haunted House

Marty and Todd being the general dicks that they are decided that you all should spend Halloween in an old abandoned Halloween house and you were ready to kill them both. One of their stupid friends had given them the address of one of the most secret Halloween houses in New York and had decided for you that you were all going.

Dave at first was a bit sceptical and did not want to go but Marty promised him some stupid comic and Dave was on board. The only reason you were going was because you couldn’t trust all 3 of them going by themselves because god knows what they would do, Marty and Dave would come back with matching face tattoos and Todd might not even come back at all, in fact you would probably hear about him being strapped naked to a lamppost by Marty and Dave after getting drunk.

So you decided to go with them, putting your fears aside and just going with it. You were terrified of things like this but Dave had promised to keep you safe. You however, were legitimately dying inside.

Arriving at the house it was pitch black with only a few people around looking more scared than you, Dave noticed your nervousness and grabbed your hand gently, intertwining your fingers. “It’s okay” he breathed into your ear squeezing your hand. The rooms were each filled with jump scares that kept nearly giving you a full on heart attack but yo could swear your heart was in your mouth right now. It wasn’t until you walked into a room and the door swung shut that you practically lept into Dave’s arms. Dave smiled slightly at you before pulling you in front of him and snaking his arms around your waist for a few seconds before placing his hands on your waist and walking you through.

Eventually it was over and after hitting Marty and Todd for making you go through that you then hid in Dave’s arms making the other boys laugh. Then it was Dave’s turn to hit them, “Guys I swear to god I will drop kick you both across the parking lot” he spoke smacking them both as they made kissy faces “No seriously man I’m glad you told her” Marty spoke, Dave’s eyes going wide when he realised what Marty had said.

“Marty go pull the car around” Dave demanded throwing Marty the keys as Todd joined him in collecting the car.

“Oh god right well I might as well tell you” Dave spoke the words catching in his throat. “I have a major crush on you” he blurted before placing his lips onto your s pulling you into him gently. “And I have always wanted to do that”

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Jack and Deeks playing hearts talking about Kensi, Kensi looking all giddy and in love with her man and how he can play cards with her ex, our couch, Granger danger, kisses and they’ll always make time for noodles…