marty blake

Rules: Tell us one favourite character from ten shows and tag ten people

NCIS LA - Marty Deeks
THE 100 - Bellamy Blake
TEEN WOLF - Derek Hale
SHAMELESS - Mickey Milkovich
OUTLANDER - Jamie Fraser
GAME OF THRONES - Daenerys Targaren
REIGN - Francis
ONCE UPON A TIME - David Nolan/ Prince Charming
GOTHAM - Jerome
GOSSIP GIRL - Chuck Bass

I’m not very good at spelling so I apologize for any names that are very much wrongly spelt :/ xx

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Townie update! Tawny and Blake welcome a son while Terrence and Cathy welcome a daughter; Sabrina and Alexander are expecting; Winston quickly gets over Bella’s rejection and begins dating Keli; Candice and Tyson get together; Kerrie and Melvin are a thing I always forget; Irina and Michael are over before they even begin; Remus’s girlfriend Miriam is now dating Marty???