What I genuinely don’t understand is why Honeymoon isn’t on the charts.. It’s not just because I think it’s great and Lana deserves it but Lana is a lot more popular than a lot of the albums placed on the charts. She has way more views on Youtube, more likes on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, and sells out much bigger shows and yet..? For example CHVCHES has 600,000+ likes on Facebook, Parkway Drive has 1 Million, The Dead Weather has 450,000.. These are in the Top 15 albums. Alessia Cara has only 46k likes and is #41 on the charts.. Lana has 11 MILLION LIKES ON FACEBOOK AND ISN’T IN THE TOP 100 ALBUMS. There are albums in the top 50 with artists I’ve NEVER even seen or heard of. for the SECOND year in a row has said Lana’s album debuted in the Top 10 and yet is NOWHERE to be seen on their Top 200 charts? If you don’t think something is fishy, you should. I love Halsey & Melanie Martinez but neither of them are as popular as Lana and it doesn’t make sense to me. Shit is rigged. 15 hours ago. ^^^

When you look up Lana ^ yet on the charts Taylor Swift’s 1989 is #5 and Lana is NOT on the actual chart.

She isn’t on the Itunes Charts either.