We sluiten deze week af met vier mooie illustratieblogs.

De afbeelding hierboven is gemaakt door Martje.

Je kent het werk van Elsje misschien al door de webcomic Long Distance.

Neem voor illustratie en animatie een kijkje op de blog van Jeroen.

En Eva is onder meer verantwoordelijk voor de Zuster-zines.

Alvast een fantastisch 2014 toegewenst!

(Illustratie door Martje Blom)

‘Make lots of mistakes, you need them...’

Martje Blom is one of thousands of artists finding inspiration with the Sktchy iPhone app. Here’s a peek at her collection of Sktchy portraits with a few words from the artist.

What’s your background?

I live in the sweet old part of Amsterdam with my dear husband Frenz and lovely dog Doarus. I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. Horses and princesses were my main theme (sic). I used to make lots of little books with little stories and drawings. I would have loved to go to art school, but chose something completely different. After I graduated I stopped drawing for years, but picked it up again some years ago. I love looking at people’s faces. They never seize to amaze me and are my main subject nowadays. Taking portrait and model art classes is so much fun, I can look carefree at people without imposing. An Italian Tumblr friend introduced me to Sktchy, an amazing app for a ‘voyeur’ like me.

What’s your medium of choice when you’re creating art?

I like pen, pencil and watercolor a lot but lately my iPad is my best art friend. I use the drawing app Paper by FiftyThree. It’s wonderful because of its simplicity. It gives you nearly the same feeling when you’re drawing with pencil and paper. And it has a feature that enables you to share your original drawing digitally so you can create together. I made one little drawing together with Sktchy friend Roscografik fr.

When you’re looking for inspiration in the Sktchy photo gallery, what jumps out at you?

I am less interested in selfies, probably because they all look a bit alike. But with a new, interesting angle or a strange background, you get my attention. I love black & white photos, with reticent, quiet or weird, strange postures. I love to create my own story with it. I like to combine photos as well. Good light and shadow makes photos more interesting and easier to draw, I find. 

What’s one quirk in your creative process?

I’m not very good at drawing instantly, so I start with rough figures and lots of lines and shape my drawing from there. I often abandon my work for a little while. It helps me to look at it fresh and to see what I want to change or adapt.

How do you make time to make art?

I try to draw every day. Probably very annoying for my colleagues: I draw them during meetings and most of the time very bad…In  the evening I draw while watching news programs. In the weekend I have more time at hand.

Can you share one art-making tip?

Go to museums, study art, watch what other artists do, learn from them. Question yourself, why you like a painting or piece of art. Then choose your own path. Make lots of mistakes, you need them to make it to the next level. And enjoy.  

Get the Sktchy iPhone app to see more of Martje’s portraits and the photos that inspired them.