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I wanted to ask you before I did anything, but would you be okay with fan art of Jacob and Romulus? They have such intricate and interesting designs that I'd totally love to draw them. I'd definitely link back to this blog so people could check it out. :D

Absolutely! There’s no need to ask, we’d absolutely adore any fanart that comes our way! <3 And yes please do link back, thank you so much you’re very sweet! We’re excited to see what you come up with!

- S

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I just wanted to let you know that your post advertising "Days of Indecision" caught my attention and now I am currently, at this very moment, reading it and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it and do not want to stop despite it being 1:34 am where I am. I can tell this is going to be an excellent read. Cheers. *thumbs up forever*

Aaaaaaaaaaaah thank you very much! If even one person reads DoI because of that little post, I’m happy! Glad you’re enjoying it, and I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on it!

“It was a cinematic experience, it was our time, our moment where as far as the walk through Salinas fields at dusk took us, as far as the lights on our phones helped us see down the dark dusty road, and as far as the stars seemed when we couldn’t see them until we faced them, was as far as the fear went replaced by the infinite.”


High-on-Life Journal Entries by Marti Silent

Album artwork to the mix CD of that night’s soundtrack. I’ll listen to it until all the infinities are gone. 

My Favorite Things

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Fictional Character: Oh boy. Balto, Spyro & Sparx, Thrax, Timon & Pumbaa, Scar, Tadashi, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Toothless & Hiccup, Captain Amelia & Dr. Delbert Doppler, King Kazma, I can go on and there are too many others I can’t think of right now.

Books: Runt by Marion Dane Bauer (I definitely need to read more. I like dramas, fantasy, epics, and animal stories. Suggestions?)

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club, Wolf Children, Summer Wars

TV Shows: Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, My Little Pony

Food: Pizza, potatoes, corn, your basic Thanksgiving meal.

Beverage: I really don’t drink much more than milk and water? Hawaiian Punch is a privilege. 

Last movie I saw in theatres: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Dream Holiday: Anywhere away from the hometown with the squad.

Dream Wedding: really small and not a big deal please thanks

Dream job: Character Concept Artist, YouTube Filmmaker/Videographer/Entertainer

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But yeah seriously, for the book question, any suggestions?