Martinuzzi Interiours meets PF Paola Frani

I had a field day at the Mantuzzi Interiour showroom last Friday! They came up with the coolest thing - combining Fashion with Interiour design, teaming up with PF Paola Frani, an italian Fashion Designer.

To announce the cooperation, they held a party at Martinuzzis at Manessestrasse 10 in Zurich. I did shoot some pictures in PF Paola Frani dresses, those are coming up in a later post. For now, I’d like to show you some “behind the scenes” party pictures of the night! I got to try on everything, shooting pictures, it was every girls dream! :) Here you got some impressions:

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A huge thank you for the invitation - it was amazing! :)


Emma Martina Luigia Morano, was born on Nowember 29 1899 in Italy. The eldest of eight children. In October 1926 she married Giovanni Martinuzzi in 1937 her only child was born but died, six months. Her marriage was not happy, she dediced to separate from her husband. Because of divorce became legal in Italy only in 1970, the couple always remained formally married. She retired at the age of 75.  

In her time, she has watched Italy evolve from a monarchy to a republic that spawned nearly 70 governments in seven decades, with a 20-year foray into Fascism in the middle. She survived two world wars, and the hardship of their aftermath; years of domestic terrorism, and years of economic prosperity that transformed Italy from an agrarian economy to one of the world’s most industrialized nations.

Ms. Morano appears to enjoy her new fame, patiently reviving rote reminiscences for the many strangers who call on her to recount her life and the times she lived in. Her memory, however, evades entire decades.

Ask her about Mussolini, or the world wars or any number of current or past political figures, and she shrugs indifferently. Her recollections are mostly intimate. “My sisters and I loved to dance and we’d run away to the dance hall and then our mother would come looking for us with a birch stick,” she recalled recently.

What’s the secret of her longlivity? She said that she eats raw eggs three per day, drinks homemade brandy and above all she thinks positively. She is also single for most of her life. It looks like raw eggs and no husband keeps her young at 115. And there is genetics of course. One of her sisters died at the age of 100, her another sister lived to 102.

Now, she is living alone at her home. 115 years and 81 days. She is the last living European person to have been born in the 1800s. She is amazing.

EVENTO ORGANIZZATO DAL COMUNE DI GREVE IN CHIANTI - interverrano: Annamaria Pecoraro e Emanuele Martinuzzi; la lettura delle poesie sarà di Elena Leica (presso Biblioteca Greve in Chianti)