#you can literally see the moment they notice  each other #they stop whatever they’re doing #they froze still #the world just stops for both of them #and you can see the happiness on their faces when they realize they’re staring at the love of their lives #it just hits them how far they’ve come #how lucky they are to have each other #you see the realization hitting them #they’re together now #and they’ll always will be #they made it #I’m bursting into tears as I see them realize they’ll have an entire lifetime to prove the other how much they love them #this scene is everything


                                The stakes are high, the water’s rough
                                             But this love is ours


I can’t stop gifing this scene. The look on his face when he’s thinking “I need to tell her now. She needs to know. This might be the last chance I have to tell her. She needs to know she’s loved. She needs to know that I love her.” and him just going for it, with tears in his eyes. It still takes my breath away.

What he says: “Lydia’s gonna drive me down to DC. She wants to help me move into my dorm, so.” 

What he means: I whined and complained about how I had to go all the way down there with all my stuff and it’s a really long drive and, gee, Lydia, there’s lots of hotels along the way, you know, and also I hate sleeping without you anyways and HEY we’ve never taken a trip together as a couple and shit I’m not very good at interior decorating, what if I can’t make my dorm room feng shui? wouldn’t it be ccarrraaaaaazzzy if you drove down to DC with me and helped me move in? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.