everyone acting like Lydia crying over Stiles is making her weak and a cry baby but. I mean.
She’s so strong. She’s literally the only one that is not to giving up. Yeah, she cries. But crying doesn’t mean being weak. And she’s not crying because “omg I love him so much I’m worthless without him”. She cries because something important in her life is missing and she has no clue on how bring him back. She can’t even remember what she’s missing can you imagine how frustrating that is? Have you ever managed with something like that? No. Not remembering things it’s a disease and it makes you empty and powerless. I mean, how do you feel when you have to tell something to someone and you just can’t? Awful. Now think about not remembering the person that always told you how smart you are. How beautiful. How worthy. 
And plus she’s the only one in this. No one believes her. No one listens to her. 
She’s not weak because of her love. She’s broken because she’s strong and she can’t give up


Lydia Martin - HUMAN

because it’s okay to cry, you’re still a badass, and you’re still human

It’s so sad how no one listens to Lydia’s banshee intuitions anymore. Instead, they question her sanity and cause her to lose faith in herself. You may say that’s ooc for the pack, esp Scott, but if you think about it, Stiles was the first one who believed in Lydia’s abilities. He trusted her and listened to her (“You knew it. You felt it.”) and encouraged her to use her powers (“Then scream, Lydia, scream.”) He never let her question herself (“so don’t start doubting yourself now”) and didn’t make her feel like a weirdo. She could open up to him when she was confused about her powers and now she can’t do that, she pretends that she’s fine even when she’s crying. If Stiles wasn’t around Lydia might have been struggling with her powers throughout the last two years.