My mom is still watching Teen Wolf and just finished 3x23 and storms into my room
  • Mom:Don't tell me her death is real?
  • Michelle:Sorry, it is.
  • Mom:But who will Scott date now?
  • Michelle:Kira.
  • Mom:But they are already dating!
  • Michelle:Yeah and it won't change for the next episodes.
  • Mom:And what's with Marina?
  • Michelle:Who?!
  • Mom:Peter's daughter!
  • Michelle:Oh Malia! Well, first you have sex and then you're in a relationship.
  • Mom:So Stiles won't be dating Lydia?
  • Michelle:#StilesStillLikesHer, Mom, Stalia will end because they are one shitty ship and a before season 5 aired we already knew that they would break up, just like Scott's and Stiles' friendship might end.
  • Mom:No freaking way!... But Isaac is a cutie
  • Michelle:And thanks to Allison he'll leave the show as well.
  • And with that she stormed out of the room to watch 3x24. I'm so excited for her reaction.
You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Eighteen

It’s a motherfucking miracle. I UPDATED. Everyone shower Zali  (no-valentines-for-me) with love and affection because she is my Yoda when it comes to writing. And thank you everyone else for being so lovely and supportive and patient! I hope you enjoy. 

‘’I kinda like the way you 
bring me to my knees’’.

The old Jeep rumbled and groaned as it made its way down the dirt track, trees surrounding it and brushing harmlessly against its roof. Lydia was playing with the hem of her jumper, the green threads becoming loose as she grew more and more agitated. 

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