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Answer this with 10 facts about yourself and send it to 10 of your favourite followers! :)

Ah! Sorry this is so late! Thanksgiving is not a time for computers, unfortunately.

1. I spent most of the day with my niece and it was great.

2. My entire family read the article that I wrote about YCP and they all loved it.

3. I’m trying to be a better Catholic and kinda failing.

4. I want to start playing softball again so I need to get back in shape and get my arm back. I haven’t thrown a ball more than 10 feet in a few years now.

5. I’ve never learned how to eat healthy. When I talk myself out of eating bad things, I don’t talk myself into eating good things. I just talk myself out of eating and that’s not good or healthy.

6. I am being sucked into the 1D fandom and I can’t. I won’t.

7. For the last couple of days, I’ve woken up at 4:30, 6:15, 5:45, and other horrawful times like them. Sleeeeeep. I need sleep.

8. My dad admitted today that when I was oddly sick for a few days, he thought I was pregnant. So at least my parents are under the assumption that I’m getting some.

9. We normally get our Christmas tree and set up the house for the season the day after Thanksgiving but we won’t be tomorrow because my brother-in-law has to work so we’re doing it on Saturday instead.

10. So I might be getting my hair trimmed and highlighted tomorrow instead. We shall see…..

Thank you!

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1) What’s your favorite and least favorite hockey team?

Fav: Chicago Blackhawks, OBV

Least fav: Although I am a born and bred Michigander, I LOATHE the Red Wings. NOT SORRY. The only Red Wing I will root for is DANNY DEKEYSER!!! We went to WMU together! 

2) Normal or Gordie Howe hattrick?

Gordie Howe!  

3) Favorite band?

Geez um… The Smiths? Led Zeppelin, the Beatles… so many really. 

4) Canadians or Swedes?

Canadians…. Idk what it is but DAMN. Swedes can still get it though.

5) Best hockey Rivalry?

Anything that NBCSN doesn’t call a rivalry hahahahaha… but really. The Hawks/Wings. Original Six hockey… doesn’t get much better.  

6) The Great One or Mr. Hockey?

Too hard to choose. I mean they both made the sport into what it is today! 

7) Stanley Cup or Olympic Gold?

Lord Stanley. “It’s the Stanley Cup, honey. It’s hockey’s ultimate prize.” - Dennis Duffy, 30 Rock. 

8) 1 rule change the NHL should make

OT should be 20 minutes and games should not be decided in a S/O in the regular season! <—- Can’t even change this answer bc it’s so accurate!

9) Favorite/least favorite NHL player


Least fav: UGH um… Honestly probably Crosby I’m just not into him and everyone is always on his D. Not a fan. Him or the Sedins… they just creep me the fuck out. 

10) Where do you want to travel?

Everywhere. Anywhere. 

11) NHL arena you want to go to

Hmm… I guess where the Jets play? 


1. Favourite Canadian team? 

Winnepeg for my baby Frolik 

2. Will you cheer for Canada or USA in the 2014 Olympics? 

As an American I should say USA… but honestly for my main man Tazer I’ll probably be rooting for Canada! 

3. If playoffs started right now… Who do you think would win the cup?

I can’t say. I want to say the Hawks… but I’m biased. 

4. If you owned an NHL team what would you name it? 

OOH. Um. Does that include city? IDK something Harry Potter or LOTR/Hobbit related and extra nerdy I’m sure. I only care about hockey and my nerd fandoms. 

5. What team has the best logo in the league?


6. Most underrated team in the NHL? 

Philadelphia Flyers! I say FLOYERS bc that’s how Philly natives speak! 

7. Favourite junior team?

I can’t say I have one!  

8. Favourite goalie in the NHL? 

Henrik Lundqvist… SO HOT. 

9. Should Crosby or Toews wear the C for team Canada in Sochi? 

TOEWS TOEWS TOEWS Crosby is a big baby. 

10. Favourite pun from


11. Favourite rookie(s) in the NHL? 

Brandon Pirri! Does he count as a rookie??

MY Qs:

1. Favorite Hockey BROMANCE?

2. Favorite WAG?

3. Favorite Coach?

4. Favorite Original Six team?

5. Scale of 1-10, how much do you hate PIERRE MCGUIRE?

6. Most underrated goalie?

7. Favorite goal celly song/corresponding team?

8. Hunkiest player?

9. Going off the previous question of having your own team/what would it’s mascot be, what would your colors be, and what city would you play out of?

10. If you could steal one married/taken player from his WAG, who would you choose?

11. What team would you PARTY YOUR FACE OFF with?

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oops didn’t see this last night. Vlasic better be okay! BUT LIKE WHY ISN’T THERE ANYTHING AT ALL BEING SAID ABOUT A SUSPENSION LET ALONE A HEARING? I’m furious about this! I haven’t seen any mention about it online anywhere.

welcome to California hockey, where the league doesn’t give a fuck about you or your players

and Vlasic is out for at least game six with an “upper body injury” so he’s probably concussed