I meant to make one of these a while ago but hey, better late than never. Here are my follow forevers!

(I do follow A TON of blogs, but I love them and they’re all amazing okay)


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martinsaintlouis  asked:

Answer this with 10 facts about yourself and send it to 10 of your favourite followers! :)

Ah! Sorry this is so late! Thanksgiving is not a time for computers, unfortunately.

1. I spent most of the day with my niece and it was great.

2. My entire family read the article that I wrote about YCP and they all loved it.

3. I’m trying to be a better Catholic and kinda failing.

4. I want to start playing softball again so I need to get back in shape and get my arm back. I haven’t thrown a ball more than 10 feet in a few years now.

5. I’ve never learned how to eat healthy. When I talk myself out of eating bad things, I don’t talk myself into eating good things. I just talk myself out of eating and that’s not good or healthy.

6. I am being sucked into the 1D fandom and I can’t. I won’t.

7. For the last couple of days, I’ve woken up at 4:30, 6:15, 5:45, and other horrawful times like them. Sleeeeeep. I need sleep.

8. My dad admitted today that when I was oddly sick for a few days, he thought I was pregnant. So at least my parents are under the assumption that I’m getting some.

9. We normally get our Christmas tree and set up the house for the season the day after Thanksgiving but we won’t be tomorrow because my brother-in-law has to work so we’re doing it on Saturday instead.

10. So I might be getting my hair trimmed and highlighted tomorrow instead. We shall see…..

Thank you!