Martin Lux
Black Forest, Germany
Fujifilm X-T1

Tell us about your experience with self-publishing. What stories are you hoping to tell through your photo-books?

I really love self-sublishing because it’s wonderful to hold the final book or magazine in my hands and give it to another person as a gift. In my eyes it has a higher value than a single print because there’s a lot more work and time involved to photograph, edit, collect and layout a book. Every single part of the project, even the paper you choose reflects your own handwriting, your passion for the final product. I didn’t know what to photograph a few years ago. That’s when I had the idea to work on a self assigned project for my own little magazine. In the end it helped me to find my personal language and style of photography again. While traveling, people react a lot more interested when you pull out the little book instead of presenting your work only on a tablet or a smartphone.

With self-publishing you are the photographer, the editor and publisher at the same time. You decide how many copies will be printed. You decide whether your next project will be a heavy and expensive 100 pages, hardcover photobook or just an inexpensive 20 pages portfolio, short story or magazine of which you can carry a few copies in your bag while traveling and use them as a portfolio or giveaway to the people you get to know.

The stories I want to tell are all about the people I meet and places I visit near home and far away. My biggest challenge is to see my everyday surroundings with the eyes of a traveller because there is something beautiful everywhere.

Tumblr: @martinlux
Instagram: @wayfarelust