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Mr. and Mrs. Claus

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Kim Jongin x Reader
Genre: Smut/slight Fluff
Rated: M
Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a Christmas miracle to bring two people together.
Word Count: 4,881
A/N: I apologise for nothing, this merely started as a joke that then became this pile of sin. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! @fairyyeols @baelatte @dream-exo-fantasy and @rissa-is-a-nerd. Here is is: Santa!Kai

Jongin pulls on the Santa suit once more, ready to spend another day volunteering at the Children’s hospital the week of Christmas with the rest of his members. He doesn’t mind these kinds of things; happy to spread the cheer to the poor children who will be spending their Christmas day in hospital so he takes the opportunity to make them smile.

None of the members complain about these duties given to them, it beats being chased down by fans or having to repeat lines for a show. This way they can give to people without someone expecting the famous EXO idols to perform a song; they can give with laughter and cheer and are rewarded by dozens of smiles and hugs from the children.

“Two more days until Christmas.” Junmyeon claps him on the shoulder as he lifts his Santa bag over his shoulders. “This is our last day here, let’s make it the best.” Jongin smiles at his leader, ready to make his last group of children smile brightly. With that thought in mind, Jongin walks towards the elevator, heading to the ward he’s assigned to.

“Now, children,” you call at the excited children babbling in the family room of the ward, “when Santa arrives, we need to behave.” They all shout out their ‘yes’ as you stand up straight, placing your hands on your hips and nodding to yourself.

You have been assigned to the Children’s hospital this week specifically to make sure the idols don’t have a hard time with the children and to make sure the children all remain safe during this exciting experience. It’s an event that each child is excited for the moment December rolls around. It’s not your first time dealing with EXO in your five years working here but it is these kids first time and they are so excited that the energy can be felt in your bones.

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meeting minutes (m)

genre: office!au + ;)))

word count: 4.6k

a/n: a christmas gift for @chipsandwaffles !! I was going to post this tomorrow but you weren’t feeling v well today so hopefully this brightens your mood up??? ily lots and happy holidays with ceo dodo!

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Eager Lovers: Two Hearted

Summary: You thought Steve was going to be a one night stand, one and done, but you found yourself drawn to him, like the proverbial moth to the flame. He was so much more than the tattooed, beer drinking, bar owner you thought he was. But somehow the headlong rush into love wasn’t turning out like you’d hoped.
Word Count: 1,473
Warnings: Language, alcohol, smoking, explicit sexual content… It’s an AU, anything and everything will probably happen.
Author’s Notes: This fic wouldn’t be possible without @captain-rogers-beard and @climbthatmooselikeatree Their help and beta work has been invaluable. Thank you. GIF found on Google.

Don’t steal my work. It’s rude.


“That was one hell of a job interview,” you chuckled low in your throat as you stood, running a hand through your hair. “How’d I do?”

Wearing a proud smirk, Steve settled his hands on your lower back and kissed you. “You nailed it.”

“Yes,” you celebrated, pumping your fist shallowly by your side. “Should we let Bucky and Clint know?”

“Oh, I have a feeling they know,” Steve chuckled.

It was well after two in the morning, you were standing on the fire escape, wearing one of Steve’s shirts, and smoking. Every inch of you was sore, deliciously so. Your muscles were overused and abused, bruises adorning your skin in various spots. You hadn’t felt this good since… ever. Not even when you were with Baron. He had only ever been in it for his satisfaction, never caring if you got off. You lost count of the amount of times he had rolled away, disappearing into the bathroom, leaving you to finish the job he only half-assed started.

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anonymous asked:

In the tags you wrote about a Hillary story that involves martinis and olives and now I really want to know it!

It’s a story someone told me that at a party in the 90s Hillary was slightly tipsy drinking vodka martinis and she took all the olives out of her glasses and lined them up in the palm of her hand and said she wouldn’t eat them because they were her little friends


A story about hook ups, drunk conversations and sex in a car (or over it)

Honestly, the best part of a martini is the olive. Sure, it makes you wince a little when you bite into it and the gin soaked bitterness floods in your mouth, but still, it is the best damn part, and it makes you feel fancy. That’s always a plus.

A sigh left your lips after you finished the last drop of your drink and you looked at your friends, who were in the middle of a pretty heated conversation. You didn’t need to actually hear their words to know what they were talking about, their sour faces and the over fanning of their hands said it all. You knew the words by heart, God knows you had said it yourself a couple of times before and you were probably going to say it a few more times. Boys were dumb, boys were useless, who needs boys? You literally didn’t need to keep track of the conversation to know how it went.

A glance to your right, and all you could see was the broad span of Harry’s back. Beyond that, there was not much you could actually see, or were interested in. He wasn’t paying attention to you, not at all, his eyes were fixed on the TV where the Packer’s game was in the middle of…something, you weren’t quite sure, you weren’t really interested. You couldn’t see his face, but it was a safe guess to say it was pretty much the same of the other 5 boys around him, their jaws a little slacked and their eyes somewhere between vacant and excited, the maniac glint they got when they ere watching sports. All of them looked like brainless zombies to you, while they sipped on their beers and waited for…again, something. Goals and touchdowns and shit and stuff.

Him being a Packer’s fan was another question you needed to your endless list of questions to be asked.

“H?” You whispered softly, and your fingers snuck down the fabric of the white shirt he was wearing, where you allowed your nails to scrap on the small of his back and to the meaty, soft skin of the love handles you liked so much. But an annoyed huff came out of your lips when you realized that had barely stirred him up, just enough to make him turn around and press a quick kiss to your lips, soft and unaware, before he went back to the game.

First rule of hooking up: Don’t hook up with friends. Nothing good can come out of it. Status: Broken.

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