Journey To Venice - Photo shoot

Makeup - Myself, Shonagh Scott
Photography - Martin Higgs
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova
Model - Zarah, Lenis Model Management

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"Live and Uncut " - Episode #23 : ‘with Martin Higgs’.

Firstly an apology. Whilst recording this episode, for some reason The camera decided to stay on Martin Higgs. I hope this hasn’t disappointed your viewing.

As I said in my very long introduction (sorry for that) I found Martin whilst checking back through the critique sessions in the Grand Library of The Arcanum. For those that are not members of the Arcanum unfortunately you wont be able to watch it. But suffice to say in Martins first critique session with ‘his’ master Jessica Lark he got some very positive comments and encouragement to keep at what he is doing and (quite literally) go for it!

Martin’s ambition is to follow his passion and be an accomplished portrait, hairstyle and make-up photographer.

He first got a camera in 2003 and whilst having 'his’ haircut got talking to the barber about his new found hobby. It so happened that the barber was looking to create a portfolio of his hairstyles and asked Martin if he would takes some photos. Martin agreed, and the barber was very pleased with the results, so much that he invited Martin to Paris to attend the 'Mondial Coiffeure Beauty’. He loved the 'buzz’ of the event and since then Martin hasn’t looked back.

Martin has developed contacts within the hairstyle salons and make-up artists who enter competitions. His job is to record the styles. Using usually just one light and maybe some reflectors is openly admits is is a collective thought process of getting the right image. The images are then used either for websites or for brochures. All this though as apart time photographer. His day to day job is an IT Engineer working nights! This obviously has its advantages allowing him 'some’ of the daytime to work on his photography.

Martins ambition is to be a full time professional photographer concentrating on portraiture, hairs and makeup styles. He has got his goal set and has a firm commitment to that. He realises the the competition and the standard he has to get to, (to be honest he’s not that far away).

Its far for me to give Martin advice all I can say is that the compliments that he got of his his first critique session, from his master in The Arcanum Jessica Lark were outstanding and very favourable as she spent a great deal of time giving Martin the encouragement to go for it and to keep knocking on the door, Martin.

I’ll second that if I may…

Until next time “Leave your camera bag at home!”

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Live and Uncut : Episode #23 with Martin Higgs.

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The last shot from our ‘Nip Tuck’ photo shoot.

I thoroughly loved doing this makeup look :)

Makeup - Myself, Shonagh Scott
Photography - Martin Higgs
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova
Model - Zarah from Lenis Model Management

For a list of products, please check out my behind the scenes photo as I’ve listed them below it.

@NikkieTutorials & @TheeVanityDiary for inspiration

Mobile shot of today’s makeup I created for our photo shoot theme “Nip Tuck”
Inspired by NikkieTutorials & TheeVanityDiary. I used MakeUp ForEver cream foundation in 3 shades to contour the skin, with Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation over the top. This really illuminated the skin and gave a glow to it. The Kryolan foundation has light reflecting pigments in it, and it claims to give the skin ‘lighting effects’, which it really does.
On the eyelids I used Maybelline Cream 24hr Tattoo eyeshadow in Bronze, and I used Woodwinked by MAC Cosmetics over the top. On the surface of the eyeshadow I placed MAC’s face gloss to really enhance the plastic effect to the face & make the eyes look super glossy & standout.
For the brows, I took a spooly brush (mascara wand) and ran some Inglot creamy concealer through them, in a light shade. On the cheeks is a vintage Christian Dior Blush. I lined the lips with Brick lip pencil by MAC, and then I used a Grimas lipstick in Red. Over the top to add some gloss & super shine, I put on Kryolan’ High Gloss Shine lip gloss also in Red. I shot with photographer Martin Higgs, Model Zarah Walker from Lenis Model Management.