The Love Story Of Sherlock And John: -The Day We Met

-Our First Date

As A Couple:

-Our First Valentine’s Day


You looked cute with that deerstalker


First time I enjoyed christmas,because I was with you

-The Night Sherlock Proposed To Me:

We both cried

-Stag Night:

Only us

-Our Wedding Day: 

The Beginning Of A New Chapter

The Day I Married My Best Friend,My Lover,

My Soulmate



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💕 Romantic Comedy AU:

John has a vineyard that sells the best wines in the region, and every year he participates in a contest that awards the best creations of new wines,and he always wins with his creations.This year is different when a new contestant Sherlock Holmes brings an exquisite wine, that all the judges love so he wins the prize,making John angry so he decides to go introduce himself to Sherlock and becomes his friend so he can be closer to him and sabotage Sherlock’s vineyard that is located near John’s property. After some weeks of sabotage,John decides to stop because he realizes that Sherlock is a great guy and he likes him alot.Sherlock asks John on a date,John accepts,they had dinner and they dance and Sherlock kisses John this surprise him because he realises that his feelings for Sherlock are stronger that he thought, so he leaves without saying anything and doesn’t talk to Sherlock for a couple of days.Until John decides to visit him and he confesses everything even what he feels for him,Sherlock is shocked and upset and asks John to leave. 3 Months later they see each other again at a wine convention.Sherlock approaches John and says that he forgives him and that perhaps they can start over as friends,John says that will be great. Sherlock drives John to his house because is a rainy night and he doesn’t think that John should take a cab. When they arrived Sherlock escorts John with an umbrella to his door,John gives him a goodnight kiss on the cheek,Sherlock blushes and is about to leave but realises that he won’t let John go again, so he kiss him on the lips.That night they made love. A year later they had sell their vineyards and now live together in their own property with the best vineyard and they get married in there.