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“You’re All On Your Own” - Playlist for Heartbroken Mikan

“Cry Baby” - Melanie Martinez

“Lies” - Marina and the Diamonds

“Pity Party” - Melanie Martinez

“House of Memories” - Panic! At The Disco

“Obsessions” - Marina and the Diamonds

“Miss Missing You” - Fall out Boy

“Forget” - Marina and the Diamonds

“This Is Gospel” - Panic! At The Disco

“I Am Not A Robot” - Marina and the Diamonds

“I Wanna Be Free” - Panic! At The Disco

Yo Tsumiki! I hope you’re doing well and that this playlist is to your taste! If there’s anythin’ you’d like changed just hit me up, yeah? 

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I was tagged by @dangoghs ty ester!! ily💕

Nickname: Rach, but Emma has some v creative ones for me lmao
Gender: Female (she/her)
Star sign: Leo✨
Height: 5'3😩
Time: 16:12pm
Birthday: 2nd of August!! I’ll be 18 soon ayyy
Favourite bands: oh boi, here we go… fall out boy, all time low, panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots, jimmy eat world, mallory knox, you me at six, pierce the veil & young guns.
Kpop wise; bts, bigbang, nct, got7, day6, kard, monsta x, blackpink, red velvet, dreamcatcher, ikon, vixx, pentagon & a.c.e
Favourite soloists: james bay, ed sheeran, lana del rey, melanie martinez, lorde, marina and the diamonds, halsey, taylor swift, iu, one & g-dragon
Song stuck in my head: 365 fresh by triple h ~it’s such a bop
Last movie watched: okja by Netflix, honestly it made me super sad I literally wanted to become a vegan.
Blog birthday: I can’t remember oops I think it was sept/oct 2015?
Other blogs: i have two secret blogs but they’re p inactive 😂 I really want to make a seperate kpop blog before i turn into that kpop mutual!!
Do you get asks: not very often, pls talk to me!!!
Why did you choose your url: I couldn’t think of anything better tbh; and I was hunger games obsessed and super unfunny
Following: 302
Followers: 399, I’ll do a follow forever or something soon!
Fav colours: sky blue, lavender, mustard yellow & mint green
Average hours of sleep: hahahaha idk my sleeping pattern is completely fucked, probably about six hours?
Lucky number: 2, 4 & 7
Instruments: I’ve been meaning to teach myself guitar but I’ve never gotten round to it
What am i wearing: pjs, im a mess yikes
How many blankets i sleep with: 1 thin duvet in the summer, but a thick one in the winter & a fluffy blanket
Dream job: clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist 💫
Dream trip: japan or south korea!!
Nationality: ethnically indian, but I’ve lived in the UK for the majority of my life so
Fav song right now: rose-colored boy by paramore 🌹✨

I tag: @sebhiddlestan @onlycatsshouldexist @rotato-potato @acecutiecharlie @rosecoloredyelyah @courtneylearnstofly @soullesstomatoes

tag yourself — tumblr pop
  • Halsey: reckless nights, driving around the illuminated city of L.A. / sneaking into old, abandoned motels with your friends that you’re probably never going to talk to again after high school, but you still say the term BFF all night / cigarette filters in tiny liquor bottles, stained with lipstick / chopping off your hair in a bathroom that isn't yours and not cleaning up afterwards / young love and genuinely believing it’s the end of the world when it ends after a week, finally believing the people who warned you / burning an american flag and throwing your more-than-half-full bottle of jack daniels into the flames
  • Melanie Martinez: alphabet blocks spelling ‘go fuck yourself’ / your stuffed animals showing up in places you don’t remember placing them / pastel nail polish that messily gets all over your fingers and hands / old photos of babydolls with a lazy eye and bashed-in faces / finally realizing the grim, origin-meanings of the nursery rhymes your parents read you as a kid / watching tom and jerry on drugs / knee-high socks with lacy tops and rip all along the fabric / getting the big-kid swing all to yourself because no one wanted to go to the park with you / tearing the heads off of your animal crackers and gummy bears
  • The Neighbourhood: standing at the beach at 5 pm, shallow waves crashing onto your feet / burning money you know you need and using it to roll blunts because you want that rich-illusion / driving through california in a white convertible, with palm trees all around you and a girl you just met sitting next to you, while holding her shawl over her head before letting it fly off into the wind / hawaiian shirts and faded, ripped jeans / leaving a small party early and coming home to your expensive suburban condo, falling asleep alone / the ghost of nicotine on your tongue after brushing your teeth
  • Twenty One Pilots: colder weather and leaves fallen off every tree / painting vent-quotes on your walls with black and red paint when you can’t sleep / sitting in the school cafeteria with your childhood best friend, jamming on a ukelele / dark thoughts at night that you turn into poetry / secret handshakes that only you and your soulmate know / scribbling out your monsters with a black pen on a three-hole-punch notebook
  • Lorde: demolishing stereotypes, the popular girls kissing the nerd girls, jocks showing up at theatre class / games of spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven / throwing on your drugstore lipstick and fishnets and catching a bus to a sketchy, glow-blog-material club that doesn't require ID / sinking under chlourine-plagued water with your best friend and yelling something, floating up and trying to guess what the other said / going to a house party on a saturday while sticking to white wine and your friend that dragged you there, but ending up actually having a really good time / not giving a shit about sports but going to a highschool football game to get out of the house
  • Lana Del Rey: marilyn-liner and fake lashes / oldies movies playing in the background / emotionlessly breaking expensive jewelry that your ex bought you / loitering at liquor stores until you're asked to leave / getting into a stranger's car solely because they're cute / getting drunk off moonshine and dancing on the pole in the center of the T even though you have no experience
  • Marina And The Diamonds: purposely popping your bubblegum as hard as you can when someone asks you to stop chewing so loud / poisoning a milkshake at a 50's style diner / the sound of pouring a handful of diamonds against a mahogany floor / pastel pink leather jackets with a number of feminism pins all over it / a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all the lovers you met with, 1-5 for each day of the week.

david bowie fans: 

- gay 
- obsessed with glitter 
- dress like a 70s groupie 
- want to do cocaine

hole fans: 

- fights everyone that says courtney killed kurt 
- a ball of anger 
- smudges their lipstick on purpose 
- sleeps with everyone

nirvana fans: 

- probably depressed 
- buys vintage clothes 
- cries themselves to sleep 
- hates courtney love

amy winehouse fans: 

- cries about their ex 
- wears too much eyeliner 
- sleeps with their best friends crush 
- probably smokes weed

tøp fans: 

- depressed 
- makes weird conspiracies about blurryface 
- really emo
- never stops crying 

lady gaga fans: 

- gay 
- watches rupaul’s drag race 
- "LG5 will be soon”

eminem fans: 

- “i hate women”

sky ferreira fans: 

- have an aesthetic tumblr blog 
- smoke 
- “masochism will be released soon" 
- knows deep down that it wont

lana del rey fans:

- have a daddy kink 
- flirts with their older brothers friends 
- pouts 24/7 
- wants to do acid and fuck everyone 

melanie martinez fans: 

- wears babies clothes 
- bitchy af 
- cries about everything 
- fights anyone that says something bad about mel

the beatles fans: 

- lowkey bitchy 
- cry over paul mccartney 
- listens to vinyl 
 - wish they were alive in the 60s

mcr fans: 

- emo 
- think there will be a mcr reunion 
- have black hair 
- wear 20 wristbands

oasis fans: 

- thinks theyre a roadman 
- wears parka coats 
- uses ‘your mum’ as an insult 
- says 'fight me’ to everyone

the doors fans: 

- write poetry 
- read jack kerouac 
- do drugs
- love boys with beards

marina + the diamonds fans: 

- that FROOT is familiar! 
- electra heart is the best era 
- calls themselves a heartbreaker 
- has never had a bf

halsey fans: 

- vegan 
- wears foundation darker than their face 
- has an aesthetic blog 
- probably sad

miley cyrus fans: 

- smokes weed everyday 
- hannah montana is dead ! 
- literally wont shutup about weed 
- weed weed weed weed

rihanna fans: 

- ready to fight a bitch anytime 
- never stops twerking 
- dont fuck with them 
- wears leather bras

the smiths fans: 

- never leave their room 
- depressed 
- tweets that pic of morrissey holding his tit all day

5sos fans: 

- rats in human form 
- start wars with other fanbases 
- never stop screaming over everything 
-need to shut up

fka twigs fans: 

- probably have a ouija board 
- angelic but deadly 
- always wear black clothes 
- perfect lipstick all the time

drake fans: 

- still not over their ex 
- bitches about their ex’s new gf 
- has fake gucci bags 
- eyeliner so sharp it could kill a bitch

velvet underground fans: 

- only ever wear black 
- smoke cigarettes for the aesthetic 
- love andy warhol 
- probably bisexual

by @francesxox on Twitter.

i hate to be That Person but im looking for people to follow bc my dash is dead so like/rb if you post any of the following and i’ll check ur blog out!

- poetry

- art

- general aesthetic-y things

- makeup

- memes 

- bo burnham

- calming/mood boosting things like cute animals, games, etc

- lgbt stuff (esp bisexual and sapphic)

- halsey

- taylor swift 

- melanie martinez

- lana del rey 

- marina and the diamonds

- twenty one pilots

- that poppy, titanic sinclair, + mars argo

- hayley kiyoko

- panic! at the disco

- bea miller

- ariana grande

- dodie

- troye sivan

- pvris

- paramore

- you know what just music in general 

thats abt it (im pretty uninteresting lmao) so um yeah if you’re a terf or nsfw blog don’t interact k bye