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Gurdians of The Galaxy(Classic)

Starhawk(Light and Darkness Manipulation,Enhanced Senses,Immortality,Archaeologist,Flight,Superhuman)

Major Victory(Captain America’s Shield,Psychokinesis,Athletic,Teleportation)

Martinex(Based-Silicon Lifeform,Survive in Vacum,Enhanced Vision,Temperature Resistance,Pluvian Physiology,Thermokinesis)

Charlie-27(Military Man,Combat Specialist,Field Commander,Strategist,Starship Cannons and Grapples,Yondu’s Yaka Dagger,Superhuman)

Yondu(Detects Presence and Activities of Mystical Beings,Replenish Health by Communing with Natural Forces,Hand to Hand Combatant,Skilled Hunter and Tracker,Sense Incongruous Elements,Archer,Yaka Arrows)

Nikki(Hand to Hand Combat,Sharp Shooter,Mercurian Physiology,Gymnasts)

Lady Starhawk(Cosmic Energy and Awareness,Immunity to Most Diseases,Phases through Solid Matter,Creates Objects into Weapons,Energy Blasts and Etc,Travel at Lightspeed,Long Lifespan,Flight,Superhuman)

Guardians of the Galaxy Preference "How they propose to you"

(WOOOOO MORE GOTG Preference :3 I went fluffy again this week xD I just felt like we need it again before we get to some smut…Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Yondu-He’d ask you to marry him by suddenly grabbing your hand and getting on his knee while the whole crew is right behind you both. He’d bring you to the most beautiful planet, befitting of you and try to spend the entire day to make things not too obvious, only to let out his slight nervousness as you’d ask what’s going on with him. In the end, his love for you would show and finally the question would come out. 

Peter-He’d ask you to marry him as you’d dance together to one of his favorite slow song while realizing how much he really loves you. After a long day on a mission, he’d simply want to make some time for you and spend the evening in your room listening to music, a song of his would remind him of his love for you and without hesitation he’d invite you to dance.

Drax-He’d ask you to marry him out of nowhere, just feeling like it while you are both sitting next to the camp fire with the others just right around you. He’d spend the entire day thinking about how he should approach you but would be so nervous that by the end of the day he’d have only make up for some awkward moments until you’d finally all sit down together.

Rocket-He’d ask you to marry him by making you a special weapon and preparing special box to the side to give to you as you are working together. He’d be nervous to the core spending all his time thinking about a way to propose to you that when the time came, he’d awkwardly shove the gifts in your hand as you’d work with him before awkwardly taking the box back and dropping to his knee.

Gamora-She’d ask you to marry her as she’d stay by your side while you’re injured. Seeing how hurt and in pain you were would break her heart so much that she would only think about finding a way to relieve you from it. Realizing how happy you would be to hear admit that she loved you, she’d end up admitting to you about her intentions of being with you.

Nebula-She’d ask you to marry her after a dangerous mission and would do so quickly and rashly, you wouldn’t be too sure of what just happened. She would’ve just been so worried to see you almost leave, that without a second thought, she’d blurt out those simple words all while screaming at you.

Mantis-She’d ask you to marry her after she’d learn about such culture and how deep your feelings were for her. Feeling like she wanted to be with you forever, she’d ask you about how would Terrans do it and listen closely. As she’d feel like it was easy, she’d laugh and smile and touch you to feel you one more time just to be sure before popping the question.

Kraglin-He’d ask you to marry him after he’d spending an entire day of preparing your and his room for the special occasion. He’d want everything to be so perfect for you, he’d get your friends to help and get the others to keep you out for the day just to not ruin the surprise. As you’d come back, you’d find the most romantic setting and just catch him off guard, making him scramble down to his knee and for all the kittens in his arms to run away.

Ronan-He’d ask you to marry him very formally and accordingly to his customs before actually proposing to you the way you are used to. In order to be proper, he’d have his men escort you to him and actually already ask you to marry him. As you’d accept, he’d tell you that he had something left and would start to get embarrassed as he takes out a jewel box from his pocket.

Stakar-He’d ask you to marry him while you were both dining together after a long mission. Feeling like it was the perfect opportunity to finally make you his forever, he’d take you out for dinner, thinking you’d both be alone, and simply spend the evening talking to you and slowly it leading to him admitting how much he loves you. In the end, the whole crew would roar in celebration and make you laugh.

The Collector-He’d ask you to marry him after giving you the most lavish night of your life. From the start of your day, he’d give you a full spa treatment and would get you to wear the most expensive dress he has ever spent on for you. He’d then bring you out for dinner and such, only to end up expressing to you how deeply he felt for you before presenting to you the ring he had gotten you.

Garthan Saal-He’d ask you to marry him during a mission and would just have the feeling of doing so as he’d want to be with you. Feeling like he might have not express his love for you on a daily basis enough, he’d start to be regretful and would take a moment to tell you everything, eventually letting his desire to marry you slip.

Martinex-He’d ask you to marry him as everyone else would pressure him and finally convince him of it. One morning, you’d just wake up to the sound of a bunch of your crew members just whispering to each other, rather loudly. As you’d walk over and open the door, you’d see him standing there, looking all shy as his friends would keep pushing him over to you and finally get him to drop onto his knee.

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Matinex having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Martinex :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him finding your fascination and innocent questions over his features to be too adorable and starting to like you because of it

-Him smiling and laughing whenever you would try to see your reflection in his cheeks and just move around him to get a good look

-Him getting flustered to see you when you’d stand by or behind Yondu as both your captains would speak to one another as he can’t believe you’re finally back

-Him always hinting to his crew members that you’re his crush whenever they would all talk about who they’d want to conquer and such

-Him tensing whenever you’d ask him if you can touch his cheeks and really getting flustered after he’d say yes and you’d do so softly

-Him subtly and awkwardly hinting to you that he wouldn’t mind transferring to Yondu’s crew for your sake if it means he can spend more time with you

-Him always being stunned when you would invite him along for dinner with your friends

-Him being extremely nervous when he hears about the Eclector being under attacked and going out of his way to ask if you are alright

-Him thinking you look really cute in your tight uniform and always blushing whenever he stares at you up and down

-Him getting jealous and oddly quiet whenever someone flirts with you, only to tell you that you shouldn’t take them seriously

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Dating Martinex would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaaww Martinex :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-The two of you always sneaking out from the ship to go on your dates together, only to get scolded the moment your captain sees you both sneaking back in

-Him being curious about everything Terran and always asking you more and more about your past life as well as the cultures there

-Him trying his best to control his strength when it comes to holding your hand or kissing you in hopes to not cut you or hurt you, making you laugh to see his struggle

-Being teased by the others so often as you’d both easily get flustered, especially whenever you are right next to each other

-Him loving to feel you cupping his cheeks and always letting you do so, especially whenever you’d try to comfort him that way

-You always leading him to ditch his load of work just to hang out and spend some time together, only for your captain to always have to run after you both

-Him being extra caring of you, whether it’s giving you extra clothes to keep you warm or buying you some cold drinks on a hot day, he’s always ready

-Chaste kisses on the cheeks or hands whenever you both have to part ways for a moment, only for everyone around to melt to see you both

-You getting used to his skin and slowly starting to stop wearing your gloves and such just to feel him even more

-Slow and romantic sex as he cherishes you a lot and just has the need to prove it to you by any means

-Him loving to spoil you with gifts and coming up with excuses to treat you to anything, making you have a hard time to repay him back

-Him always getting shy and bashful whenever the other crew members ask about your relationship and just trying to dismiss them from going too far

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