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After series four, all of these articles started popping up about Benedict and Martin having a "frosty relationship," never interacting outside of the show, not having the warmth of people who have worked together for years, etc. It's strange that these rumors are only starting now and that no one working on the series has contradicted any of it. What is your take on this?

Hey Nonny,

Honestly? Same song and dance happens after every season. Like personally I hate the paps and the gossip rags, like ffs, they treat celebrities like these ethereal beings. Like my BEST FRIENDS ALL LIVE IN DIFFERENT CITIES. I don’t spend every fucking waking hour talking to them or driving 2 or 5 or 10 or 24 hours to see them every week. Like Ben and Martin have JOBS and FAMILIES and LIVES. Like, they’re doing normal adult things???? I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERED HUMAN BEINGS?? Like, I ship freebatch ‘til the end of time, but good god, even I KNOW that they have actual LIVES and know that they are still friends when they’re not on set. Good god.

ANYWAY. That’s my gripe with rags. I don’t believe it for a second. I have eyes:


Their body language speaks volumes to me. Anyway, even if they did have a frosty relationship, that’s honestly none of anyone’s business but their own.

don’t forget the boy
in the hoodie, or the woman
who got pulled over
—  haiku february 12/28
(cc, 2017) 

imagine one day the pack is fighting the next supernatural creature in bhs , lydia senses liam’s death and she falls on her knees and screams. Everything slows down. Scott and mason are running to liam’s side and stiles is running to lydia’s. Once he reaches her, he holds her against his chest until her powerful scream turns into sobs. 

Her mouth is still open, her heart aching and her throat sore. “Stiles.” she whispers, trying to turn around to see Liam. He doesn’t let her, instead he presses her head back on his chest. He fights back tears. For her. “I know." 

 Imagine them both laying in stiles bed, stiles on his back and lydia’s cheek on his chest. She loves the way his heart calms her down. His arms are holding her tight, his right arm stroking her hair and the other stroking her back, both of their faces wet with tears. 

 “Stiles,can you do me a favor ? ” she asks quietly, almost pleading.

 “Anything” he says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, kissing the top of her head . 

 “Never die before me, please.” she sobs before finishing her sentence and buries her face in his chest. "It’s selfish, I know. I’m such a mess-” her tears soaking his shirt “but i don’t want to feel it. I… I can’t bear to lose you too. I don’t want to feel anyone’s death , let alone yours.“

 He’s still silent. 

She is scared . If Liam’s death made her feel like this, how is stiles’ gonna make her feel? She doesn’t want to know, she doesn’t want to live in a world where stiles stilinski is not breathing. Not with her, where he should be.

 “lydia” he says with the a soft and breathy voice “look at me”

 he pulls himself into a sitting position pulling lydia with him. she is now sitting on his lap , her hands around his neck ,her face on his shoulder , his hands on her back ,he moves them to her cheeks to force her to look at him . 

 She looks at him and sees that he is crying too. He looks at her face and sees how broken she is, he brings her hand to his mouth and drops gentle kisses on it.

 “I can’t promise you that,lydia” he says softly, looking at her with so much intensity in his eyes. Stiles is still kissing her hand, slowly, carefully. Afraid she’ll break into a million pieces.

 “But I can promise you this: I will try my best, my hardest, to not leave you here alone on this earth, do you understand? And if it happens, just know that I would never leave you on purpose. I love you, Lydia Martin. Never forget that”

 His words take her back to the night were he got taken by the wild hunt. The night he was dragged away from her, the night she forgot him.

 “Remember i love you.” he says.

 If the circumstances were different, lydia would have laughed at how cheesy stiles is… but she decides to offer him a sad smile and hugs him.

 "How could I forget it?“ she jokes, making him chuckle.

 “You wont lose me.” he says, on a serious note “And if you ever want to talk about this-”

 "About the way it feels?“ she asks "The way it feels to know a part of you dies with every person taken from your life?" 

 He nods, slowly.

 "Not now.” she whispers “Now I just want you." 

 She attacks his lips with hers. Mouth devouring his. Stiles rolls them over so that now lydia is on her back. He kisses her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her neck, her collarbone and finally he lifts the shirt that she is wearing, one of his, and kisses her scar, the reminder of the unwanted gift that peter gave her years ago.

 With each kiss he says the words.

 “I..” he kisses her side.

 "Love..“ he kisses her right hip. 

"You.” her throat.

 He looks up at her with a soft glance. “And I’m sorry." 

 He knows that he and his words can’t fix this, so he holds her and gives her the only thing he can: his love.

( a big thank you to my girl @yoncebanshee for fixing my writing,and btw this wasn’t this emotional.the mf alessia made it super emotional ). 

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r and x

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence? || So many!! (these are off the top of my head) @jurassicbarnes, @sad-af1121, @221bshrlocked, @soldatbarnes, @bladebarnes, @hey-underoos, @reveriesforyou, @callingmrsbarnes, @papi-chulo-bucky, @redgillan and sooo many other amazing people!! Otherwise, I am a fan of Sarah Dessen, John Green, Rick Riordan, George R.R. Martin, and I’m forgetting people again but yeah!!!

X: A character you enjoy making suffer. || Peter Parker, unfortunately

30 Day Wrestling Challenge

Day 5 - Favorite Promotion (besides WWE probably)

What Culture Pro Wrestling [WCPW]: How do you measure how good you are at something? How do you measure your success? Easy, if you have a youtube channel who goes around the world of wrestling and you are in charge of doing fantasy bookings about other wrestling promotions and then your boss tells you that you should have your own promotion, and you finally end doing that, that means you are good at that.

And you may think, this is another Indy from the UK. And you’re right, they are another Indy from the UK, but they have El Patron Alberto on their roster, they also have the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes.
But they are 5 things that will make you stay to watch WCPW

The Local Hero, Joe Hendry: The Actual WCPW World Champion, who start from the friendly goofy who play PS1 with Jack the Jobber and went all dark side with The Prestige. Being a pretty good wrestler, he wins the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble and had a pretty good match with Kurt Angle itself (I will probably compare him with The Rock because you know, storylines)

Martin Kirby: Charismatic, athletic, incredibly funny to watch. The Ex-WCPW General Manager, he went with his own personal war against the first WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti, because he screws him (in a very Bret Hart way). Finally, his alliance with Broken Matt Hardy allows him to DELETE the terrible reign of Adam Pacitti to turn things a little Pinker, and a lot funnier.

The Mexican Sensation, El Ligero: He’s here, He’s there, He’s over there, He’s everywhere you friendly friend El Ligero (I know, that doesn’t work, but still) acrobatics, technique, speed. The first WCPW Internet Champion had incredible matches on the roster, especially against Martin Kirby, Jay Lethal, and my favorite, against Alberto El Patron.

Rampage Brown: A fucking beast who bring new shine to the old and always good Piledriver. Start as a mercenary who was the man who fights for Adam Blampied (and being stabbed in the back by his old employer) start a face run against Blampied which finish with his former manager trespassing a table, in the middle of the ring.

Adam Blampied: Hello everybody, he is Plumpy from and when he is not making youtube videos, he is the WCPW General Manager Adam Blampied. First starting as a Manager, he was put through a table and banished from WCPW, and for months people forget about him, but Martin Kirby doesn’t forget, and after a month being the GM of WCPW, when he decide to give the power to another person, he found the right person to be in charge should be Adam Blampied, and everything get on their tracks again.

You can watch WCPW here

You can watch WhatCulture Wrestling here