The Final Lair
Ian Jon Bourg, Martina Rumpf, Christian A. Müller
The Final Lair

Ian Jon Bourg, Martina Rumpf, Christian A. Müller - The Final Lair

September 23, 2006; Essen

Probably the most epic pairing of Phantom legends in history. Christian Müller who was an amazing Phantom/Raoul u/s, and obvious legend Ian Jon Bourg, together on the same stage opposite each other. AMAZING.

cosettecourgette  asked:

Hi, I really love your blog and thank you so much for providing the phandom with so much information about...EVERYTHING! :) um, aha, anyway, do you know if there has ever been a 'plus-size' Christine? Or any Christines that wouldn't have normally fit into the 'dancer' body type category? Thank you! x

I am REALLY hesitant in calling her “plus-size”, as she is slimmer than me and fairly normal in size and proportions. But compared to some of the sylphides who’s played Christine, Martina Rumpf (Essen) comes off as sturdier. She was an understudy, so alas the photo material is limited, but here are some fan photos: 

And THANK YOU for your very nice words. 


At first glance, the elder European Wishing dresses might look less elaborate. The backdrapes are shorter, sometimes considerably so, and the paniers have less draping. But I wanna give a shout-out to them still, cause they have a very fine detail which is often ignored:

The paniers (side drapes) usually have an extra fold, adding to the richness of the waterfall backdrapes. Exactly how it’s made can vary, but it’s always present in the oldschool dresses. And it’s a beautiful lil’ detail.


Someone asked Glassprism if there had ever been any plus size Christines. 

Though she is probably slimmer than me, Martina Rumpf in Essen might be the closest we’ve come to a curvier Christine. I have basically no pictures of her, and none of good quality, but the ones above gives an impression. She’s by no means round, but she’s roundER than your typical Christine.