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Introduction post!

Hello, Martina here! 

I’m really new to the studyblr community, but let’s admit it: I have been loving it for ages and finally, here I am, ready to start posting stuff myself! So…yeah, Martina the queen of procrastinating. But I’m working on it,I swear.

Let’s list some random facts about me!

➳ I’m Italian and I study and live in Florence. If you have never visited it, you should! It’s truly a city lost in time, I’m sure you all would love it.

➳ In September I will start my second year of university, and I’m super excited! I study international law and politics, and my dram job would be working for National Geographic as a reporter.

➳ I’m 20, time flies…If only I was Peter pan! 

➳ I’m a huuuge potterhead, where are my fellow Ravenclaws at? And remember… Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!

➳ I love art, music, literature and poetry and I enjoy writing poems and short stories. I’m also working on a novel, but shhh that’s a secret

➳ I speak italian, English, I studied Latin and ancient Greek in highscool. I’m working on improving my French and I’m looking forward to learn Japanese!

So I guess that’s it! Last but absolutely not least I’d like to tag some of the amazing and awesome accounts that inspired me to start this journey:

  @studyign@studyquill@mujistudies@celandinestudies@studywithinspo@intellectys@emmastudies@the-ravenpuff@strive-for-da-best@reviserepeat@journalits@equaticns@rhubarbstudies@getshitdonetbh @academla​  @bookmrk@damastudies @focusign@gradespiration  @gatostudies @hardworkign @halseystudy @hufflepuffsstudies @hufflepuffwannabe @isabella-study @idcstudies @kankenstudies @khloestudies @kuroristudies @lazeystudies @lentilstudies @milkystudies @mochi-studies @miliastudies @miepeachy @notesworthtea @noodledesk @nocturnalstudyblr @obsidianstudy @officiallystudying @owly-studies @penship@procrastilate @prostudy @quotestudy @pclymerase  @reviseordie @romstudies @studyblr @scholarc@thecoffeedesk @universi-tea

Grazie mille a tutti! ❤

I will track #marti studies, so if you want to tag your posts with that, it would be awesome! 

Let’s inspire eachother, spreading love, happiness and art!


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TBH at this point I consider Guido Martina’s stories to be their own AU really? (The same way I’ll consider the different cartoons to be)

Anyway I’ve thought about Flinty’s and Scrooge’s relationship in Guido Martina AU and I’m pretty sure it’s:

Scrooge: *locks Flinty in a pyramid and runs away cackling to commit 1000 crimes*

Flinty: “@&£# why am I gay for this asshole?”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if you still take requests for moodboards, but here I am: I'm Martina, i have long dark brown hair, brown eyes and really pale skin. I really love reading and listening to music. I love harry potter and sci-fi stuff. I am very shy and i don't have many friends, in fact i am quite a loner. (Thank you, and btw i'm in love with your writing!)

M A R T I N A: meaning “of Mars” (the Roman god of war); “warlike”.


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