martina garretti

#MadeInJersey S01E05 - “Wingman”

Martina works on a case involving a murder and a robbery at an upscale jewelry store, and she suspects the store owner is suppressing some key info. Meanwhile, Martina’s nephew gets in trouble for stealing.

The episode concerns a mother who is killed at a jewlery store, when looking into the case, Martina discovers that it wasn’t an accident by a premeditated murder in order to hide a jewel exchange

The episode pushes the team work of Riley and Martina, and how they are different but work well together, because it seems like they make a complete great lawyer. Riley is order, she has a way of doing things, expects everything to be done her way, and has a logical mind. Martina on the other hand seems to work on the fly, has a empathic mind and seems to be a ball of chaos.