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I get asks sometimes from some of you feeling hopeless, feeling lost, feeling like there’s nothing worth sticking around for and sometimes I’m at a loss for how to respond.

For the safety of my followers I don’t answer many of those things publicly because it can trigger others and above all else I want my blog to be a safe space. I don’t personally suffer from depression, I don’t suffer from chronic pain and while I have been low enough for destructive behavior, I have never wanted to end my life. I feel under-qualified to respond to your very real needs, though I desperately want to help.

This video is one of the best I’ve seen for positive and tangible advice that might help you, at least a little. Everyone is different so things that help someone might not help you but I encourage everyone to watch this video because I think Martina is someone everyone could aspire to be more like, I aspire to be like her myself and I deal with nothing as difficult as what she does every day.

I work in an ER, and we have people come in quite frequently because they’re in that dark place. Remember that the ER is a resource for you. They can’t turn you away for not having insurance and they can help in a crisis.

In addition- my messages are always on and always open for you to talk off anon, I will never turn you away, even if work or sleep makes it hard to answer right away.

I love each of you very dearly, if you remember nothing else, remember that.

And please watch this video.

Love always,


[Video is link from ‘Simon and Martina’ on YouTube]

Why is this EYK shitstorm still a thing.

“They pretend to know everything about Korea”







“We almost just quit and left because of how nasty netizens are. Like we’ve grown a lot thicker skin now, but it’s something that’s very difficult to get used to.”  - Simon

Lately there’s been a lot of animosity directed at EatYourKimchi, especially here on Tumblr. People are being misled into thinking that Simon and Martina are bad people and that all they do is rag on idols. I made this gifset because I wanted to remind the kpop fandom of some of the things that EatYourKimchi has said that many people seem to have forgotten. They do love kpop. They do respect idols even though they joke about them. Making fun of things is not all of what they do, but that is what the kpop fandom seems to believe nowadays. Stop focusing on the few mistakes that they’ve made, and remember everything else they’ve done: they are not bad people. They are a fun, lighthearted and beautiful couple that have enhanced many experiences in the kpop fandom. Even if they have not done so for you, they have made thousands of people laugh with their carefree spirit. Many people love them, and I just wish that people would stop making others feel bad for doing so. “Why take pride in NOT liking something? That’s silly!” –Simon and Martina

Simon and Martina, fighting!

Submitted by silverhyukjae

As a long time fan of Eatyourkimchi, there are a few things I have to say;

If you watch Simon and Martina’s video with the intent of learning everything there is to know from people who were born and raised in Korea and know everything about Korean culture, then it’s pretty much your fault when you’re disappointed. I have NEVER once heard Simon or Martina say that they’re experts on Korean culture or language (unless done in a joking manner). In fact, at the beginning of the majority of their TL;DRs they will say “This is simply what we’ve learned from our experience and from speaking with our Korean friends” which does not equate to being the standard or norm everywhere in Korea.

Secondly, EATYOURKIMCHI IS NOT A KPOP CHANNEL. This is something people clearly do not understand. It is a channel about two Canadian expats who happen to live in Korea. Kpop Music Mondays did not start until about two years after they started their channel. If you watch EYK for just the KPOP, well then you’ll probably be disappointed in this regard as well. They are not going to talk about KPOP all the time, and when they do, they are going to voice their own opinions. You do not have to agree (I myself have disagreed with countless things they have said) but the point is that it is their opinion. I personally started watching more for seeing the basics of living in Korea (how to pay bills, navigate my way through the subway system, different options for ways to find a teaching job in Korea, etc.) and the reviews on KPOP I felt were just a bonus.

Third and finally, if you find something they do or say to be offensive or to be wrongly informed, the way you deal with it is NOT by throwing anger and blind hate their way. Instead of saying “Wow, how about you two white racist pieces of s**t go and kill yourselves” all you have to say is “I feel like when you guys said/did this it came off offensively” and then give your reasons why. If you really find them that awful, all you have to do is unsubscribe. Literally. That’s it. If, however, you are like me, and you actually want to help Simon, Martina, SooZee and Leigh build a better more awesome EYK, then you respond in the latter way. I’m sorry, but if you come at me about something I did wrong with anger and threats, I’m not going to respond nicely to you either.

TL;DR EYK is not a kpop channel and it’s not National Geographic. It’s about two Canadian expats simply sharing their experiences of living in Korea and their opinions on various media.If you hate EYK so much, then don’t support them. Don’t watch the videos. Don’t read the blog posts. There’s no point in continuing to do something that only makes you upset.