It’s true what they say: That watched pot never does boil. So of course as soon as the BDIPC staff left the warm, familiar embrace of the city’s consistent Internet connection, all hell broke loose. Taylor Phinney tweeted about BMC teammate Karsten Kroon’s BDIPC post and our readership went through the roof. Then we read on Karsten Kroon’s top-notch Twitter that his roommate Manuel Quinziato…well, we’ll just quote it: "Finally I know why @manuelquinziato has been quiet the last few days. Very serious: “I want also to be bangable." 

And the e-mails came pouring in. 

So! We’d like to welcome our new readers by inviting you to browse through the archive, connecting with us on Facebook so that we can see your beautiful faces, and most importantly, suggesting a Dude. We’ve got quite the backlog, but we absolutely love reading your suggestions and checking out Dudes we’ve sometimes never even heard of before. So keep the suggestions coming so that we can do the same for you, all right? 

And now, back our regularly scheduled programming. 

Rumor has it that brothers are on their way out and that cousins are the next big thing. We’d like to respectfully dispute this, and as evidence, BDIPC presents Martin and Peter Velits. But wait! They’re not just brothers, they’re twins. Twins! We couldn’t resist a pair of twins. It speaks to the deep-seated desire for efficiency, symmetry, multitasking. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting two things done at once, is there? 

Much like the Schlecks, the Velits brothers are outspoken about their soulmate-level bond. But the Velits twins sport the likely unintentional bonus of absolutely bursting with innuendo. Let’s review a couple of their quotes about Peter’s win at the 2007 U23 World Championships, shall we? Peter (pictured above): "It was important to be well positioned…I found the hole for putting myself in first place.” Martin (pictured below), on Peter: “I knew he could finish the job the way he did it.” And though it was quite a finish, it must have felt positively ordinary for the Velits brothers. Between the two of them they’ve held five National Road Race Championships, three National Time Trial Championships and one World Road Race Championship. Ah, would that we could personify just a single one of those titles being held between Martin and Peter! 

We came across two items of note as we were researching the twins. In a heartwarming display of brotherly solidarity, Martin and Peter Velits have always been on the same team, which we support. BDIPC doesn’t think that anything should come between them, unless it’s us. However, it seems that every team they’ve ridden for has folded. But honestly, we understand, because we’d happily fold ourselves any which way they wanted. Just ask, Peter. Um, we mean Martin. Sigh. Does it even matter when you’re (t)winning? We’ll let you know.