I’m only going to say this once:  If you don’t like a writer’s style, don’t read them.  It’s that simple.  

Look, tastes vary, I get it.  But virtually all writers have their quirks.  Their particular tendencies of word usage, sentence structure, even punctuation, that make their writing distinct.  It’s why prolific readers can often identify a writer from a single passage taken completely out of context.  If a given writer’s habits annoy you, put the book down and walk away.  There is no need to go all over social media trashing the writer.  Just say, “You know, I don’t like that particular use of that word/phrase, so maybe I shouldn’t read this anymore.”

Posting all over Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., about how Sarah J Maas overuses a phrase, needs a new editor, etc., etc., complete with screen shots, is not only not productive, it could be very hurtful should she see it.  If you can’t be content that she writes a crackling story with complex, varied characters that go through personal journeys and overcome depression, abuse, PTSD, and sexual trauma, all in highly realistic ways though in a fantasy setting, then just don’t read her work.  I can’t recall any writers who don’t use certain words or writing techniques over and over again.  Tolkien, Lewis, Austen - all time great writers - all did it.  Anne Bishop, George R.R. Martin, Maria Snyder, Victoria Aveyard, Leigh Bardugo all do it too.  You are not Maas’ friend or editor.  You are not providing “constructive criticism.”  If you are not a professional writer yourself, you have no pedestal from which to look down on her.  You are entitled to your opinion, sure, but when you splash it all over the internet repeatedly, all you are doing is trying to make yourself feel superior at the expense of an author who pours her heart into her work and gives us two huge, complex, beautiful novels a year.  Discuss, debate, agree with her decisions re: characters, disagree with those decisions, that is all fair game, but respect her as a writer and a human being.


The Mess I Made - Tried & True Series - COMING SOON

                      Chapter 11 - Please Don’t Go

Lydia entered the room then, watching his outburst. “Isaac, it’s okay.” Her voice tried to stay calm.

“It’s not, Lydia. None of this is okay.” He slid down the wall. He would rarely cry in front of anyone, but this was different. “When did she get this bad?”

“I don’t know.” Lydia kneeled down in front of him, starting to cry herself. “She told us she hated herself.”

“No?” Isaac tried to deny her but she shook her head yes.

“I think this is bigger than a breakup or her just going through a rough time.”

The two just sat there for a while. After Allison, they were hoping they wouldn’t be back in this position again.

“She used to be really quiet to people.” Isaac spoke up first, his head in his hands. “Back when we were in middle school. It was just the two of us for so long. She refused to ever open up about things except to me and now…now I feel like I don’t even know her anymore.”

“I don’t think she knows who she is either.” Lydia closed her eyes tight and tried to suck back the tears. “I should have called you sooner.”