What’s probably Flume’s biggest mainstream hit of his career, his Kai featuring future bass and chill trap masterpiece Never Be Like You, has now been given a jaw dropping re-work by Martin Solveig. This unexpected but oh so satisfying remix by the Frenchman takes the track in a euphoric house direction. Big hearty beats and ardent blaring synths lift us towards the heavens. It’s a high you won’t want to come down from.


City Of Ember (2008) - Directed by Gil Kenan
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Saoirse Ronan as Lina Mayfleet
Harry Treadaway as Doon Harrow
Bill Murray as Mayor Cole
Toby Jones as Barton Snode
Martin Landau as Sul
Tim Robbins as Loris ‘Barrow’ Harrow
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Clary Lane
Liz Smith as Granny Mayfleet
Mary Kay Place as Mrs. Murdo

Mackenzie Crook as Looper
Lucinda Dryzek as Lizzie Bisco
Amy & Catherine Quinn as Poppy Mayfleet
Matt Jessup as Joss
Simon Kunz as Captain Fleery
Ian McElhinney as the Builder
Maureen Dow as Mrs. Sample

 Homage to Agnes Martin. Kay Sekimachi. 

Georgia O’keeffes home and studio

Apiece Apart Taos Wrap Coat - coming soon to

Annemarieke van Drimmelen

Details in Alexander Girards Santa Fe home.

Southwestern cactus flowers by Michael A. Muller 

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Agnes Martins New Mexico home.

Georgia O’keeffes Ghost Ranch