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The Aviator (2004)

A docudrama about the life and obsessions of the famous aviator and director Howard Hughes.

Leonardo DiCaprio is really outdoing himself in this movie. He gives a great performance which is both accurate and sensitive to the life of the man he’s portraying but without ignoring his faults, he provides a very deep and understanding representation of mental illness, and he also shows the amusing, human side of the person which takes real talent to be able to do so many sides of one person so accurately.

Alec Baldwin was the nemesis of Hughes in the film and he also does a very good job but due to the nature of the film he is necessarily much underused. Although it wouldn’t really be possible to include him more because it’s more important to make the film accurate to real events, it still could have used a more present sense of threat in terms of film.

The music in the film is a significant factor to making this film a success. This is most likely because it really helps to ground the film in the era in which it is set but also adds the required scale for the grand cinematography used. I particularly enjoyed the way the music followed the film through the decades, eventually ending with some Glenn Miller.

The relationships that he went through were included in the film and at times they got into a depth which was very much needed in the film because it’s in these scenes when he appears the most human but they also move on rather quickly and it doesn’t feel like there’s enough rest between one ending and the next already being mid-way through.

7/10 -Well above average, but no masterpiece-

-Gwyneth Paltrow was originally signed to play a major role in the film but she dropped out. She now plays the partner of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who was heavily based on Hughes.

-DiCaprio is in fact 4 inches shorter than Hughes was.

-Martin Scorsese claimed to have invested half a million dollars of his own money into the film because it was overbudget, similar to what Hughes would do with his own projects.

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