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Allardyce incident a tragedy, says FA chief executive Glenn

Football Association (FA) chief executive Martin Glenn claimed that having to part company with Sam Allardyce was a “tragedy”, acknowledging there are failings within the English game.

The FA were forced to relieve Allardyce of his duties as England manager following allegations of corruption, with the former Sunderland boss having been secretly filmed discussing how clubs could circumvent transfer rules.

But Glenn has insisted the FA went through the correct due-diligence before appointing Allardyce as Roy Hodgson’s replacement, adding that the current crop of England players has all the right tools to achieve success.

“Sam absolutely had the right criteria to be a successful England manager, to work on creating a team spirit and a team identity that I think has been lacking for a while,” Glenn told the Guardian.

“It is a tragedy that we have ended up having to part company with him over the, the – you know – entrapment.

"What happened with Sam was not a skeleton leaping out of a closet. It was a catastrophic error of judgement.

"We know there are failings in the game, of course there are, but there are also a load of good things. We need to look at how we can channel the investment and the goodwill that is there.

"Two generations ago we just weren’t producing technically gifted players. That’s different now. Doubling the player base would be great and I think that will happen in time because English clubs want English players to get through.

"But why does the shirt weigh so heavy? When was the last time we saw an England player play better for his country than his club? That is something we’ve really got to understand.”

Gareth Southgate was handed the England job on a temporary basis following Allardyce’s dismissal, and the FA will not make a decision on a permanent replacement until after the next batch of international fixtures in November.
Obama plans overhaul of child support payment rules for prisoners
The Obama administration, in its final weeks, plans to ease the legal obligations on prisoners to pay for child support while they are locked up, targeting practices that critics say can saddle ex-convicts with crippling debts.

Obama’s not done yet - more criminal justice reforms are on the way.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm: The Complete Series

[Season 11 of the Power Rangers franchise]

Cast (Sentai Footage): Hirofumi Fukuzawa, Yuki Ono, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, Yuichi Hachisuka, Hideaki Kusaka, Yasuhiko Imai, Koji Mimura, Jiro Okamoto, Yoshinori Okamoto, Shoma Kai
Cast (Power Rangers): Pua Magasiva, Sally Martin, Glenn McMillan, Adam Touminen, Jorgito Vargas Jr., Jason Chan, Grant McFarland, Katrina Devine, Katrina Browne, Peter Rowley, Bruce Hopkins, Michael Hurst, Craig Parker, Jeremy Birchall

Tori Hanson (Martin), Shane Clarke (Magasiva) and Dustin Brooks (McMillan) are students at a secret ninja academy under the teachings of their sensei, Kanoi Watanabe (McFarland). But when Lothor (McFarland), an evil ninja master banished to outer space, returns to Earth seeking revenge on their sensei, Kanoi gives the three students “Wind Morphers” that allow them to transform into Power Rangers in order to battle Lothor’s forces.

Format: DVD
# of Discs: 5
# of Episodes: 38

Distributor: Shout! Factory

Release Date: June 21, 2016
Original Airdates: February 15 - November 15, 2003

Total Running Time: 13:34:39

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Episode List:

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Wenger wants Englishman for England role

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he’s not been contacted by the the Football Association over the England job, which he believes would be best filled by an English coach.

Wenger, who turns 67 at the end of October, is in the final season of his current Arsenal contract, having earlier this month marked 20 years in the job.

Before the international break, Wenger said it is possible he could one day manage England if he had no club commitments.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn says Wenger would be among the candidates who “perfectly” fit the criteria as the search begins for the permanent successor to Sam Allardyce.

But Wenger told beIN Sports he was yet to hear from anyone at the FA over the vacancy, which is one he says should be given to an Englishman.

“There has been no contact,” he said.

“There is nothing really to add. Personally I want England to do well.”

Wenger stressed he felt the role would be best served by a home-grown coach, with under-21s boss Gareth Southgate having taken up the job on an interim basis.

“It is very important (that the manager is an Englishman), I have always said that,” the Gunners boss added.

“A country like England, with a huge football passion… and as well the structure of the national team (it) looks to me (that it) demands a guy from your own nation is the leader.

"If you think that tomorrow you are the coach of France and you play against England, when the national anthem is played of England, you cannot sing it and you cannot sing as well the anthem of the team you are leading.

"It looks to me a bit strange, that is why I like what is logical…. I think it is better (to have an Englishman).”

Wenger had previously been linked with taking over in the England hotseat earlier in his career.

He said: “It is quite simple. My first priority was always Arsenal. The second thing I would have considered was to stay in England.

"It would be difficult for me to manage another English team, and so the second possibility would have been England, but my priority was always my club.”

England manager should be English, says Wenger

Arsene Wenger has distanced himself from speculation linking him with the England manager’s job by saying that it should be given to an Englishman.

The Arsenal boss, who is in the final year of his contract at Emirates Stadium, was touted as a possible successor to Roy Hodgson before Sam Allardyce’s appointment in July.

And the 66-year-old has again been tipped as a candidate after Allardyce left the role by mutual consent in the wake of allegations that he told undercover journalists how to get around transfer rules.

Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn has said that Wenger “fits the criteria perfectly” to become England boss, but the Frenchman disagrees.

“It’s very important, I always said that,” he told BeIn Sports when asked if England should have a homegrown manager.

“A country like England has a huge football passion and the structure of the national team looks to demand that a guy from their own nation is the leader.

"If tomorrow, you’re the coach of France and you play England and you can’t sing the anthem of the team you’re leading, it looks a bit strange. I like what is logical.

"My first priority was always Arsenal and it would be different to manage another English team, so England would have been a second possibility. But Arsenal were always my priority.”

Gareth Southgate has been placed in temporary charge and will oversee his first match on Saturday, when the 1966 world champions host Malta in a World Cup qualifier.

Wenger believes the former centre-back is the right man to lead the team and perhaps to reduce some of the pressure placed on the players.

“He has the intelligence, the knowledge. As a man, he has the qualities to do well,” added Wenger.

“In tournaments, the pressure on the team is absolutely massive and it looks like they auto-destroy themselves. The pressure on the players was absolutely too big.”

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A New Day Yesterday
  • A New Day Yesterday
  • Jethro Tull
  • Stand Up

My first and last time with you
And we had some fun
Went walking through the trees, yeah
And then I kissed you once

Oh, I want to see you soon
But I wonder how
It was a new day yesterday
But it’s an old day now

Spent a long time looking
For a game to play
My luck should be so bad now
To turn out this way

Ah, I had to leave today
Just when I thought I’d found you
It was a new day yesterday
But it’s an old day now