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That moment you realize you’re in your twenties and still get the same feels about movie and TV couples/ships from when you were 13


Bayard Rustin - The Gay Civil Rights Leader

Bayard Rustin was the heart and soul of the black civil rights movement in the United States, He was Martin Luther King Jr.s chef organizer, the pioneer of nonviolent resistance, and the man behind the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, during which Dr.King delivered his momentous and influential “I Have a Dream” speech. Rustin’s open homosexuality was contentious, and to this day his impact on the American landscape is all too often overlooked.

Thank You Susan Walters

This gorgeous woman gave birth to two amazing, intelligent, brave and kind women who coincidently are also one half of my ships and I could not be more grateful. 


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’

  • White people: *says the N word* *uses black face* *promotes harmful stereotypes of oppressed people*
  • White people: Well you know, our U.S. soldiers die for our right of free speech, so I should be able to say and express what I want :)
  • Oppressed people: *steps on/burns American flag to express their displeasure in the factual corruption and institutional racism in America*
  • White people: HOW DARE YOU? That flag represents the lives of soldiers who died for this country and you're basically shitting on them. If you don't like this country or this flag, GTFO! (Southern Whites chime in) We can always go back to the Confederate Flag!
I don't know what's more problematic...

1. People who know they’re racist.

2. People who are so “colorblind” that they won’t acknowledge that racism exists.

3. Black people who think that, because nothing has happened to them personally, things are improving.

4. People who question “what if” and pose “maybe” scenarios even after the facts are in evidence.

5. People who don’t seek the truth because “ignorance is bliss”.

6. People who perpetuate the ignorance of others by keeping them misinformed.

7. People who feign outrage, but take no stand for change.