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Rose Leslie as DS Emma Jones in Luther’s upcoming season 4. (x)
Luther will be back with its one-off special on Thursday, December 17th, in USA, and on Tuesday, December 15th, at BBC One.

Written by Neil Cross and directed by No Good Deed’s Sam Miller, the cast will include Rose Leslie, Laura Haddock, Darren Boyd, John Heffernan and Patrick Malahide, with Michael Smiley and Dermot Crowley returning as Benny Silver and DSU Martin Schenk respectively.

“The true likeness of the electoral city of Bonn, with all her churches, monasteries, gatehouses, towers, moats, streets and alleys, which was taken by Martin Schenk on the 23rd of December 1587.”


Background: During the Cologne War, dutch military commander Maarten Schenck van Nydeggen besieged and eventually took the city of Bonn, back then the residential city of the prince electors and archbishops of Cologne.

The Cologne War was only one of many religious conflicts in Europe between catholics and protestants after the beginning of the reformation.

I know men like you the way you know men like me and I know you wouldn’t have done this if you believed there was the least chance of it coming back on you. Well, guess what. It’s come back on you like the Hand of God. And the next words from your mouth will determine the weight and velocity of the staggering tonnage of shit that’s about to plummet onto your head.
—  DCI Martin Schenk