martin luther ring

Happy to see mlk trending
Dr Martin Luther King will love Forever
Black history month is every month in my personal opinion ☆ together all people of every race around the world can make the world a better place united as 1 🙏

diannaagron No matter where I am in the world, I am reluctant to turn on the news because every day there is another story that will break your heart. I went to sleep dreading that perhaps when I woke up more blood would have spilled upon the ground. I wish I had been wrong. Knots are in my stomach, extreme sadness in my heart. I am sickened over everything that is happening in our country, across the world. I can not bring myself to watch videos. The transcripts and the photos are heartbreaking enough. I sincerely hope that we are moving towards something bigger and better. Tearing each other down is not the answer. In all of these events, Martin Luther King’s words still ring true. #blacklivesmatter #letlovein