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DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week
↳ Day 3: Favorite Relationship(s) [Part 1 - Platonic] || Chloe Decker’s “Tribe” - Lucifer

“So, you’re saying, if I called you guys, you would drop everything and come and have a drink with me?”
“Mm-hmm. ‘Cause that is what girlfriends do for each other.” 
“Yes, especially during tough times.”

Lucifer and Maze

The juxtaposition between the reveal of their true forms was absolutely beautiful.

The were both so vulnerable in that moment, when they decided to let Trixie and Linda see what they really were.

Maze was lucky. Trixie is young, even if she doesn’t fully understand what she’s accepting, acceptance is easy for her. Maze was seen, and found amazing.

Lucifer was seen, and found wanting.

Their expressions were perfect in their contrast. That’s some quality character development right there.

Oh, how he absolutely hated this.

Not Linda, of course. Linda was wonderful, even without the sex (though sex, he thought, always made everything better). Linda was doing what she was taught to do, what she was paid to do;  he supposed he’d set himself up for this anyway, as he kept coming to these sessions despite the inconvenience of “progress”.

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