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[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’


Photo series #10

YAY! We’ve reached the tenth photo series and to comemorate this mark, i’ve searched for photos of my 10 favorite aircraft, the pics are in no particular order, i just uploaded them as i searched.

So, here is the list of aircraft in this photo series:

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter in Luftwaffe paint scheme (West Germany)

McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle

Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat

McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II

Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II (Yes, the F-35 is one of my favorite aircraft and i know it has problems and a Everest size over budget but i like it and you can judge me because of it lol.)

Boeing 747-8i in Boeing paint scheme

Fairchild Republic A-10C Warthog

Sukhoi Su-24M2 Fencer-D and the Antonov An-225 shuttle carrier with the Buran space shuttle

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor

All pictures are in high resolution, so you can use it as wallpapers.

And that’s it for this 10th photo series and stay on alert because there are many more of them to come!

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to send pics for the photo series, don’t be shy, send them to me.

There is a new photo series every sunday and wednesday.

Have a awesome day folks!


On playing against Casey Cizikas

You have fun with it obviously. no he is one of my best friend and we spent a lot of time together and that won’t change but once we get on the ice it gets pretty competitive. we had some back and forth last game. after the game you laugh it off and have fun with it but obviously it’s a big game for us so it’s all business.

Matt Martin appreciation life –> 7/∞

Falling Stars and Mary Magdalene

Growing up in a Roman Catholic family, I did everything I could post-catechism to push away religious learning.  Funnily enough, here I am pouring over the bible to write a comparison analysis.  

Today we’re going to take a look into Ashara Dayne, the fair Lady who threw herself from the Palestone Sword tower in Starfall of Dorne.  The blessed Ashara Dayne- desirous of sovereign contemplation.

This is going to be looked at pre resurrection, analyzing solely Mary of Magdalene and not her relation to Jesus, but her caricature.  While there are many, many, many Ashara Dayne theories out there- and booooy, do I believe in a couple crazy ones- I am writing solely based on what we ‘know’ to be true *which, as I’ll go into, isn’t much!*.  

“She turned the mass of her crimes to virtues, in order to serve God entirely in penance. “

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l.s. | FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM © 2016 

embrace your flaws. you can’t survive this life
without them and you wouldn’t want to.
they make you human.

breathe the ocean air with iron lungs.  
hoard oxygen like gold, to fill your hollow bones.

the sky is a ladder leading up to the heavens.
find a constellation and map it with your fingertips
pressed into creases of starlight.

look back at the path you have taken. it is ragged with
ditches and dead leaves but you walked it all the same.

all your life you’ve restrained your galaxy bright eyes.
now let them loose. you don’t need to be Atlas:
this world isn’t your burden to bear.

Beep Boop, Final Update

Summary:  A Check, Please! future fic where Jack and Bitty have been married for four years and decide to become parents. Thanks for reading!  I’ve made this into a series: Parenthood, Please! Thanks to @devereauxsdisease and @tiptoe39 for their encouragement! Update No 1. Update No. 2. Update No. 3.  Update No. 4  Also on AO3

“Well, she’s just darling. How old is she now?” The cute little octogenarian woman who came in every Thursday for Mini Pie Thursdays asked Bitty as he poured her some more coffee. (“You can call me Sal,” she yelled at Bitty once as she took a bite of rhubarb pie.)

Beep Boop hung from Bitty’s chest nestled in the Babybjörn he was wearing. She was a good baby for the most part, and enjoyed the constant motion of being worn by Bitty, kicking her legs excitedly throughout the day.

“Thank you, Sal. She’s my precious little angel. Three-months-old now,” Bitty beamed. “And already almost sleeping through the night.”

Just then Michael called out from the counter, “Boss? Your husband’s on the line.”

“Excuse me,” Bitty said.

He walked over to the phone, and leaned against the wall as he purred into the line, “And to what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Zimmermann?”

“I have a surprise for you and Beep Boop, and I couldn’t wait to tell you.”


“I’ve been planning it for almost a week now, but it’s all set and needed to tell you immediately.”

Bitty smiled as Beep Boop tried grabbing the phone cord and began gurgling.

“Do tell, handsome.”

“We’re going to St. Martin for All-Star break.”


“I’m taking us to the Caribbean for a few days.”

“Are you kidding me, Jack?”

“We leave the morning after the game. I have it all planned. I even have pet sitters lined up for Celly and Goon.”

“Oh my god!” Bitty yelled excitedly, startling Beep Boop who then began to cry.

Jack chuckled, “Did you just scare Beep Boop?”

“Shit – oops, sorry baby girl. Daddy said shoot not shit, I promise. Jack honey, I gotta go. See you home. Love you!”

“I love you, too.”

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Yay, @magnacartacartelofficial new music is released today! 👏 

Thank you very much Martin for bringing us all back MCC. And thanks @claudiomarino for uploading the videos to Youtube with the lyrics! #Turn has been great (I love the part of ‘Fuck it all’ xD), #Jennifer is cool too and with #Mayfire I have fallen in love. What a beautiful instrumental!! 😍💕 It was great to listen to it for the first time last night before going to sleep, I slept very happy because of it. 

I’m speechless to thank you for how happy I feel, so I express my gratitude with this cute cartoon I’ve drawn 😊 

We love you, Martin!

John Watson: Still-Life

Watercolour and colour pencil

I rang the doorbell of 221b Baker street with my watercolour supplies in hand.

John answered the door and I asked him if I could possibly visit the rooms and draw some of his things.

He was , of course, hesitant at first but finally let me in. I had a look around the flat, trying my best not to bother Sherlock and John in the kitchen, trying to find things that were representative of John. I then made myself comfortable on the sitting room sofa and painted this.