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I am honestly so proud of Tarjei

He is just 18 years old, but still manages to be such a good kid.

He knows he has a huge platform and a big fanbase who looks up to him and/or mirrors themselves in the character he played. He is not obligated to please anyone or be a spokesperson due to a role he played. But still he decides to use his platform to show support and love to the LGBT+ community (where he undoubtedly has a lot of fans due to his role in Skam).

And even though he wants to pursuit acting as a career, he is not in a hurry to distance himself from his role as Isak, because he doesn’t want to be seen as Isak forever. He even wears an Isak + Even pin on his t-shirt for god sake! It means so much to a lot of people, that Tarjei still embraces Skam, and clearly shows how proud he is of Isak. This means so much to a lot of people. Especially the people who identify themselves with Isak and to those of whom the show has become more than just a show.

The biggest shout out to Tarjei’s parents. You have raised a the most wonderful boy, and you should be really proud (I’m sure they are).

And also, THANK YOU Carl Martin for literally giving us the pride Guru & Baby Jesus content we all wanted so bad to happen during Skam. This day is indeed beautiful!


[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

Day 16: Just one word: Long

Some amazing books with long names!!

Lydia and Jackson had a better reunion than Lydia and Stiles and I don’t want to be insensitive to all you Stidia shiper out there but I am screaming with laughter

You don’t need a wildling in the sheets. The Stark men know how to do it.

“ Her loins still ached from the urgency of his lovemaking. It was a good ache. She could feel his seed within her “

- Catelyn II, GoT

“I told Robb I’m sure to give him twins. An Eddard and a Brandon. He liked that, I think. We … we try most every day, my lady. Sometimes twice or more.“

-Catelyn III, SoS

“Jon vowed to himself that it would be the same with him. It will never happen again. It happened twice more that night, and again in the morning, when she woke to find him hard. The wildlings were stirring by then, and several could not help but notice what was going on beneath the pile of furs. Jarl told them to be quick about it, before he had to throw a pail of water over them. Like a pair of rutting dogs, Jon thought afterward.”

-Jon III, Sos

In all seriousness, I was searching for something in Cat’s chapters and the first two quotes came up. For some reason, Martin tells us all about the Stark men and their lovemaking skills. 


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’

l.s. | FIVE STEPS TO FREEDOM © 2016 

embrace your flaws. you can’t survive this life
without them and you wouldn’t want to.
they make you human.

breathe the ocean air with iron lungs.  
hoard oxygen like gold, to fill your hollow bones.

the sky is a ladder leading up to the heavens.
find a constellation and map it with your fingertips
pressed into creases of starlight.

look back at the path you have taken. it is ragged with
ditches and dead leaves but you walked it all the same.

all your life you’ve restrained your galaxy bright eyes.
now let them loose. you don’t need to be Atlas:
this world isn’t your burden to bear.

anonymous asked:

Ok as much as I want the Targs back on the iron throne I am mixed if it will actually happen. GRRM has ruined me. Anytime something great is about to happen to my faves something bad happens. I am convinced Jon will die. I feel like he was brought back for a purpose and then when he's done he will return to the dead. I don't want either to die but I feel like GRRM is getting our hopes up just to tear these two apart in the end. I think he wants to break the hot guy gets hot princess trope 😭

Hasn’t GRRM ruined us all? xD

Martin has stated that the ending of the series will be bittersweet. This has lead some people to assume that Dany and/or Jon will die. From what I’ve noticed most people who make those theories are those who don’t really care about Jon or Dany’s story or worse even dislike them and root for someone else to take the throne in the end.  For them Jon and Dany dying is not only a “sacrifice” they are willing to make for the sake of having a happy ending with a hint of sadness, but also a convenient one, since without them the road to Iron Throne will be left open( There are of course some Dany/Jon fans who are also afraid for their fate, I do recognize that, but I’ve noticed that the ones who tend to be vocal about it are those who dislike them).

However, if Jon and Daenerys were both to die would could actually take the Iron Throne? Martin has also stated that he hates the trope where a monarch is described to “rule wisely” without the story exploring his reign. Which means that he won’t put on this position of power any character who hasn’t experienced ruling beforehand. Daenerys (who was queen of Meeren) and Jon (who was the commander of the Night’s Watch) fit that description. Cersei is the only other character that has ruling experience but I’m sure that we can all rule her out as a potential Queen at the end of the series. It has to be Jon and/or Dany.

So, since both Dany and Jon qualify for rulers does that mean that one can die while the other will remain alive and end up as a ruler? Theoretically, yes but this wouldn’t make a  bittersweet ending  like the one Martin has envisioned. Killing one of the protagonists of the story, one we have followed and root for so many books makes a tragic ending, not a bittersweet one.  I doubt that Martin will follow that route, especially since he has said that he wants to write an ending similar to the LotR one- where the main couple while makes a lot of sacrifices remains alive and together at the end of the story. In my opinion, both Dany and Jon will make it out alive in the end. 

Now that I stated my views on Jon and Dany’s endgame I wanted to comment that those two aren’t just “a hot guy who will get the hot princess”. They are much more complex characters than fitting on a mere trope. They are two people who started from the bottom, had to fight hard to survive and I hope that after all the trials they have been through that they will make it to the top at the end. They truly deserve it, after all.