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I have a son.  His name is Michislav Stilinski.


Hey all fellow teen wolf fans!

I have been thinking about something that has been on my mind since last weeks episode. I have a theory that Claudia Stilinski isn’t actually real. Okay so you maybe thinking “What she can’t not be real… she’s there with the sheriff and they are happy!” But hear me out.

So when the Wild Hunt took Stiles I think that because of his supernatural background they wanted to make sure that no one went around looking for him. To do that they had to give the people closest to him a believable and normal reality so they didn’t go searching for him. Even though eventually everyone forgets the person who is taken, it is harder when you have things that remind you that they were there. Back to why I think Claudia isn’t real, when the sheriff first interacted with her he seems confused. This happened directly after stiles was taken. I think that because the sheriff would have been alone after Stiles was taken the people from the Wild Hunt might have created someone (Claudia) to keep the sheriff from remembering Stiles. Her character seems very adamant about not having kids and very weary when around Scott and the pack. She was characterized by Stiles as loving and caring, but from what I’m seeing she seems a little off. 

In the promo for the next episode “Relics” you can see that when Lyida begins to peel away the wall paper from where Stiles room used to be Claudia grabs Lyida forcefully and seems hostile.

That moment reminded me of when Scott was trying to break into Stiles locker and the sketchy new teacher stopped him. I’m guessing that “Claudia”  is just a member of the hunt. It is said that “members of the hunt maybe eleven fairs or the dead”. Claudia could be a part of the hunt and used to help people forget like the sheriff. 

Even though I wish she were really alive so that when Stiles is found he can have his big happy family, I don’t think it will happen. But I do know that they are getting closer and I hope that everything ends well.

Just a thought:

What if Argent didn’t actually just leave a 16 year old boy alone in France. What If Isaac came back to Beacon Hills with him, but then was erased from reality, which is why no one asked any questions and we haven’t heard from him since.

Imagine Scott and Lydia talking about 5x16 after they get their memories back:

Scott grabs Lydia’s hand and sits her down in a chair across from him. 

“Lydia, do you remember when Stiles saved your life?”

“Which time are you referring to?”

Scott showed a small laugh and let out a sigh.

“Remember when Stiles and I were rushing you to the animal clinic after the escape from Eichen.”

“Well I remember being in so much pain. I remember hearing Stiles screaming my name banging the door over and over. I remember leaning back in relief seeing Stiles burst through those 2 doors…”

Lydia paused for a minute, she let out a breath that she wasn’t even aware of holding in. Scott looked concerned, until Lydia finished her sentence.

“I felt so safe when he had his arms around me. He always tried to be one step ahead of me, and his chin would sometimes brush over my head. He caught me in his arms every time I collapsed and his body heat would stop my shivering.”

“I remember how close we were in the jeep. My eyes were focused on his traceable moles. I still remember it, every last detail.”

“You know I could of killed both of you that night, with just one scream.”

“Yeah but you didn’t. Even when the mirror cracked it gave me the urge to drive even faster.”

“I broke Stiles’ mirror?”

“Yeah, but it technically wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t control yourself.”

“But Scott, Stiles didn’t even bat an eye. Doesn’t that boy love his jeep more than anything in this world.”

“Lydia, he loves you more than anything in this world.”

Lydia showed a shy smile while looking down at the carpeted floor. The same shy smile she always tried to hide from Stiles.

“Lydia what else do you remember about that night?”

“I remember you guys carrying me into the clinic. My body felt terrible, like this kind of pain spreading everywhere and it wouldn’t go away.

Lydia paused to catch her breath.

"I screamed. I screamed so loud the windows shattered into pieces and everything just went dark and silent. I thought I killed everyone in that room. I thought I even killed myself.”

“But I couldn’t have killed myself… because I opened my eyes and I saw the same traceable moles. I gazed up to see Stiles, he was the first person I saw. Stiles saved me.”

“Lydia that’s what I need to tell you about.”

“What do you need to tell me Scott?”

“The darkness you felt… the silence you heard…”

“I remember watching Stiles hold onto your face. He was begging for your life, begging for you to wake up. He was breaking apart every second you wouldn’t respond.”

“Lydia, I didn’t even hear a single heart beat come out of you. You were dead.”

“I remember getting violent flashbacks to Allison’s death. I thought "how the hell am I gonna deal with telling my best friend the girl he loves is dead, and how the hell am I gonna live the rest of my life knowing one of my best friends died”.“

The room went silent, Lydia was trying to absorb this all in.

"Stiles kept looking over at me, almost like a puppy crying for help. I just stood there absolutely frozen.”

“I thought it was all over. I thought there was no way to bring you back to life. No supernatural tricks could ever fix this. Everything was gone.”

“But it was Stiles, no tricks, no super powers, no extraordinary thing. It was just Stiles. Stiles repeatedly asking you to open your eyes, urging you to wake up. Stiles who was slowly tearing apart from reality realizing he would still be alive in a world where you’re not. Stiles, who was about to have a panic attack you wouldn’t be able to fix.”

Scott stared off into the distance. A focused object crossing between another gave him a blur.

“I knew exactly how he felt. It felt like he was holding his own life, his whole future planed ahead with that person. His whole world shattered into pieces within seconds. Nothing will ever feel the same.”

A tear streamed down Scotts right eye. Lydia reached out to hold his hand across the table in comfort. She misses Allison. And now she misses Stiles. Everything Scott just said is everything she’s feeling right now. Her world doesn’t feel complete without the boy she loves. 

“Why has no one ever told me this before?”

“Stiles and I have discussed it before. He thought it wasn’t important for you to know. "As long as you were alive and still here”.“

Lydia felt a cold shiver headed her way. She really wished for Stiles’ presence because all she wanted to do right now was hold him in her arms. She wanted to grasp his soft dark brown hair in her small hands, she wanted to smell his cheap cologne and laundry detergent used for his flannels. Because for Lydia, all of that was her world. Stiles is her whole world.

"Why did you decide to tell me this now?”

“Because it’s pretty huge Lydia. You can’t just bring someone back to life like that. You guys have a special connection. A bond that can’t be broken.”

Lydia’s breathing started slowing down.

“And that’s why we felt his presence. That’s why we never forgot him.”

“YOU never forgot him Lydia. You were the one who figured it out. You’re the second half of the equation, the second side to the same coin.”

Scott and Lydia stood up from their seats to get a drink, resting their elbows on the kitchen island.

“It’s me isn’t it. I’m the one who’s gonna be able to bring him back.”

“Yeah and now we need to think like Stiles.”

“What’s that?”

“Come up with a plan.”

Pocahontas Live Action Fancast

Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas

Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum

Gil Birmingham as Chief Powhatan

Zahn McClarnon as Kekata

Tayana Beatty as Nakoma

Meryl Streep as Grandmother Willow (voice)

Sam Claflin as John Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Thomas

Kevin Spacey as Governor Ratcliffe

Gerard Butler and Iain Glen as Ben & Lon

Matthew Gray Gubler as Wiggins

"A Stiles?"



In this here gif hunt you’ll find 60 gifs of of Martin Sensmeier in ‘The Magnificent Seven’.  All these gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. Do NOT put into other gif hunts.  If credit is given, you may use them as sidebars, crackships, etc. trigger warnings for violence (and lots of it tbh)

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“You’re telling me,” Stiles started, a look of disbelief on his face as he tried to process the new information Scott gave him. “That my boy/girlfriend, (Y/N), is on the deadpool list?”

“It’s impossible,” Liam agreed. “They’re human.”

“And don’t forget practically harmless,” Stiles snapped before calming down.

“That’s not it,” Scott spoke up. “They’re being hunted for 100,000.”

Silence took over the pack before Stiles shook his head. “I don’t believe it.” He looked at his best friend pleadingly. “I mean, c’mon Scott, you’ve seen them. They’re about as harmful as a newborn baby. FOR GOD’S SAKE WE HAVE TO HIDE THE (F/C) PAINT FROM THEM IN ART CLASS SO THEY DON’T GO CRAZY AND ACCIDENTALLY GET PAINT UP THEIR NOSE!”

“Stiles?” A voice behind the group said, and Malia turned her head to groan.

“And they found it,” she grumbled, and she turned around to see you literally elbow deep in (f/c) paint, sneezing more into your shirt sleeve.

“I found the paint again!” You smiled triumphantly, and your boyfriend sighed before walking over to help you clean up.

When you both left the room, Kira turned to Scott. 

“Yep. Definitely dangerous.”

Why Claudia Stilinski is not actually Claudia Stilinski

Okay, so hear me out.

Stiles (post S6 Stiles) always seems to view his mother as kind and caring. And I know he was a kid when she died, and obviously there’s a chance he’s romanticising her, but Stiles tends to see the facts. He’s level-headed. He has a sharp memory, and he doesn’t exaggerate stuff like that.

It makes no canonical sense that Claudia is alive again. She died of frontotemporal, and that isn’t to the best of my knowledge something caused by childbirth, so why would Stiles being erased affect her death? Also, as far as I can tell, gaps left by missing people are simply filled with vague memories - they aren’t completely altered, otherwise Scott wouldn’t even be a werewolf. Claudia should NOT be alive, unless the writers have made a pretty massive, stupid mistake.

Okay, so back to our original point. Stiles makes Claudia seem loving. Claudia, as far as we can tell, is an irritable, cruel, non-understanding woman whose main goal in life is to keep Lydia away. Why? Because Lydia knows too much.

Lydia is convinced that Stiles existed, and is willing to tear nearly everything she knows apart to prove this. Claudia, however, completely shuts down even the mere topic of her having children. She hurts Lydia and nearly screams at her when she finds her pulling wallpaper off the wall. I mean, okay, if she was innocent she wouldn’t be happy about that. But if Claudia really does think Lydia has mental health issues, as she suggests, then she wouldn’t act like that. She wouldn’t be that angry. She would at least try to understand.

But, no. Claudia vehemently stops her and throws her out, because Claudia is scared.

She knows Lydia is close to figuring something big out - the voices she is hearing.

She cannot let that happen.

And, another point… Natalie Martin goes as far as to go with Lydia and persuade Melissa to let them access Claudia’s medical records. Natalie hates the supernatural. She is stubborn to a fault and unwilling to believe anything remotely strange is happening. If she is willing to investigate a woman she thinks she has known since high school, something is seriously off.

Also, in the Tuesday preview, Claudia says she hasn’t seen the Jeep in 18 years.

This is a little suspicious. I mean, would she really remember the date she had last seen a car with that instant clarity? What if she is trying to cover something up - the gap in the Sherriff’s memory, because he once knew that car so well - and we know from Scott that the memories aren’t completely filled in, just blurred.

Claudia cannot risk anyone remembering Stiles.


Remember that Stiles had to tell Scott something right before they split at the school and he got taken?

What if that was important?

Maybe Lydia isn’t the only one who knows too much.

Anyway, if Claudia is not Claudia, who is she???

Part of the Wild Hunt?


If the Wild Hunt can take people and erase memories, maybe they can put people back. Maybe they can change memories.

Is Claudia the ghost of her old self, manipulated to protect the secret she ever had a son?

I don’t know… tell me what you think!!

it took 6 years

6 seasons

90 episodes

and it was worth every minute of my life


i am not crying, you are crying

How the Stydia scene should have happened

“Remember I love you”

She nods, she will remember. She will, of course she will. This is Stiles. The boy that saved her, the boy that cared, still cares. The boy that unconditionally loves her, even after all the trials and tribulations.
He leaned in, wanting to feel her lips on his for one more time. One last time. She leans in too, wanting to remember his scent, the smell of his hair, the product he uses to wash his flannels, wanting to memerise the colour of his eyes, even in the dark car.
Just as his lips graze hers, his warm breathe condensating on her mouth, a gush of wind knocks the door on his side open. Lydia gasps, eyes wide and full of terror as she sees the boy - the boy she loves, be taken by something invisible. The door slams shut. Silence, deadly silence follows. Not even his car makes an odd sound, like it ususally does. 
Her cold fingers rub against her lips, tears dripping on them. 

I’m wondering if this scene in 5x01 is the first time the Ghost Riders arrive to Beacon Hills and that’s why we are expected to believe Peter wasn’t at Eichen House.

This is also the episode Ken and Noshiko Yukimura mention the Wild Hunt.

Mr Yukimura: You know there’s a legend for a storm like this…

Kira: Dad, please don’t turn a three hour traffic jam into an educational experience.

Noshiko: He’s talking about the wild hunt, about the ghost riders, imagine a night like this Kira, with storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear, riding black horses with blood red eyes, wolves and hounds at their side baying and snarling.

Kira: What were they hunting?

Noshiko: Souls

If Peter was taken by the Ghost Riders: Why? How did they find him? Did he escape EH and bump into them? Or did the Ghost Riders go to EH and Peter saw them there? 

And if he has been gone that long, then there’s definitely inconsistency with the writing because Lydia or Scott (think it was Lydia) mention Peter in 5x17 when they’re in the library, but he should’ve been erased from their memories.