martin huba



Stiles practically made this episode his bitch but I ain’t complaining seriously bravo Dylan O'Brien hats off to you, you are truly an amazing actor!

Czech actress Libuše Šafránková with director Jiří Menzel. The shooting of their new village set comedy (called Sukničkáři at first and Donšajni for now) finished around this time last year, but to this day no one had seen the completed film. 

After it was was postponed twice, today was stated that the world premiere of Donšajni will take place on the 27th August at The Montreal World Film Festival, where Menzel is also chairman of the Jury this year. After that, the film will be screened at American Film Institute in Silver Creek and about few days later also in New York. Czech release date was postponed on the 26th September.

Details of the plot remains unclear, but the broad outline says Donšajni should be a romantic comedy focused on a group of ageing opera singers who decided to organize a production of Mozart´s Don Giovanni at some Czech village theatre.

Among other cast members are Martin Huba, Jan Hartl, Ivana Chýlková and in her last screen performance also Jiřina Jirásková, who passed away in January.