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Teen Wolf side characters everyone loves without needing an explanation

(In no specific order)

1. Coach (If you don’t love him then idk you need help)

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2. Danny (hes been there since the beginning and he’s nicey)

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3. Greenberg (I know he’s barely a character but everyone supports Greenberg)

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4. Brett Talbot (RIP. So young, so hot, and gone)

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Okay so I’m really sad that Teen Wolf is over but I just have one question…

WHO THE HELL IS GREENBERG? Since the earlier seasons I’ve always been wondering who the hell is Greenberg. We’ve seen Coach Finstock go on and on about how much he hates him but who is he?

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I wish this could happen

Can we get a scene where the whole Lacrosse team is wearing their lacrosse gear and holding their lacrosse stick, and standing in front of the pack ready to fight them. But then one of the team members moves towards Scott’s pack and joins their side. Both sides get confused and then one kid from the team yells “Greenberg what’re you doing?” Greenberg slowly removes his Lacrosse helmet and says with a smirk “joining the right side. The side I’ve been supporting since the very beginning.” And then his eyes glow cause he’s also a werewolf but no one knew about him cause he had social anxiety and just didn’t use his powers much or leave his house much.

Here’s my questions about Teen Wolfe finale :

1- Why did Stiles was able to look in the eyes of the Anuk-ite and doesn’t turn into a stone?

2- What was the paper/letter that Stiles wanted to give to Lydia one day?

3- Where is Danny and Greenberg?

4- Why the coach was okay with surnatural?

5- Why Thiam isn’t endgame?

plot twist

last episode of teen wolf reveals that the whole show has actually been a book that Greenberg has been writing and that’s why we never saw what he looked like

Does anyone talk about how in 6x02 Lydia sits at the back, implying that Stiles sits besides her too. I feel like they fool around a lot, make jokes, diss the teacher, play x and o when it gets too quiet, make funny faces at each other, completely ignoring the lesson. And if they do get in trouble they’ll just blame it on Greenberg…

Things I want to happen in Teen Wolf season 6B


- Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Malia talking via skype in collage and missing each other, planning visits

- Liam calling to Scott with warewolf problems 

- more Peter and Malia father-daughter scenes

- Hale family reunite including Cora and Darek

- Cora and Malia training together

- lacrosse trainings with Coach and Liam funny scenes


- more Deaton

- Stydia proposal!!

- Kira, Isaac, Derek, Cora, Ethan, Danny, Deucalion, Breaden, Jackson’s comeback

- Stiles using a gun


- Parrish being useful

- Mason with baseball bat

- pack being at Allison’s grave

- Derek and Breaden being together


- Chris and Melissa together

- Theo and Peter joining Scott’s pack

- Liam becoming Alpha

- find out who Greenberg is!!

- all pack including Sheriff, Argent and Mellisa sitting at the big table eating pizza and deer, smiling and then Scott stand up and say: “I want to make a toast to Erica, Boyd, Aiden and Allison. We love you and miss you everyday”

I just want some of this things Jeff, not everything, some of!!

who the fuck is Greenberg!?!???
I want to see his goddamn face, is that to much to ask?!