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About last night event, gala Whither would you go? in Harold Pinter theatre

As always we have plenty of selfies with James and no information about his performance. God bless Martin Freeman’s fans who helped us with Christmas concert last year and now with this charity event. 

For those who are interested… Martin Freeman read Hamlet, the To Be or Not to Be, act 3 scene 1. I cried, but I was crying already with the previous video so I blame partly to that.
Bertie Carvel read Richard II, act 3 scene 2, and gave me the shivers. To finish the first act in a happy note (after a video that made me cry as well) James Norton and Jack Whitehall did a little comedy scene of As You Like It, act 2 scene 7. Jack Whitehall is surprisingly good at Shakespeare. He should do some drama. Go for it!
Lee Evans killed me with The Tempest, act 2 scene 2.


This was very last minute. I was actually back to Glasgow from London last Thursday. This fucked me over. After two nightshifts, and an hour of sleep I took the train to London and now I’m here, just for the night -train back home tomorrow at 5:30am- and I wondered why do I put myself through all these uncomfortable situations, because my body is exhausted and I’m so broke. Why can’t I have normal and cheap hobbies?! But this… I couldn’t not escape. The premise was 1) Shakespeare. 2)Fundraiser for refugees. 3) Jamie Lloyd. 4) LOTS of actors I love.
It moved me to tears more than once. The purpose of the night was to raise money for the United Nations Refugee Agency. Short clips were showed of different stories of different kinds of refugees around the world, and then these stories were paired up with the reading of a scene of a Shakespeare play. The readers? Take a pick! Martin Freeman, Bertie Carvel, Jack Whitehall, James Norton, Lee Evans, Olivia Williams, Celia Imrie amongst others.
It kind of make you think about you how lucky you are in life, and how terrible this world is, and how the world has turned it’s back to these all poor people. This is all fucked up.


Man last night was amazing! Martin was just spectacular with his deliverance of hamlet. Jack Whitehall and Lee Evans of course added the slight touch of humour to this heart reaching display of humanity at its rawest. This play was incredible and has left a lasting impression within my mind and I feel privileged to have been able to watch it.

More info about ‘Whither would you go?’ charity event 22 Oct 2017

It was an evening of outstanding performances, mostly. Martin Freeman read the to be or not to be speech. The Richard II and refugee speech from Sir Thomas Moore had me in tears. Tracey Anne Oberman was outstanding as Shylock and the lady who played Caliban was amazing, as was Lee Evans and the other actor. James’s scene was so funny. As Orlando, James Carr bounding in from the back of the auditorium, brandishing a hand gun and shouting loudly, interrupting a pizza picnic. 

Jack Whitehall’s character was not impressed. There followed the comedy. Really funny. I even got a bit of the pizza! But the evening wasn’t about individual performances. It was a brilliantly constructed & performed piece to remind us of our common humanity, that we all share in the sorrow of others and can all make a difference, even in a small way.

Many thanks to ! Additionally I would like to know out about Roger Alam…

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My Top 20 Anime-Influenced TV Series

This is a list of my most favorite TV series from my PreTeen to my Adult Hood years. Hope you guys like it.

1. Steven Universe

2. Kappa Mikey

3. My Life Me

4. Totally Spies

5. Martin Mystery

6. W.I.T.C.H.

7. Wakfu

8. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

9. Code Lyoko

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender

11. RWBY

12. The Legend Of Korra

13. Teen Titans

14. Ben 10: Alien Force

15. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go

16. Samurai Jack

17. Jackie Chan Adventures

18. Xiaolin Showdown

19. Magi-Nation

20. Boondocks


teen wolf appreaction week: day 5: character’s special traits » lydia’s intelligence/knowledge
“academically, lydia’s one of the finest students I’ve ever had. her A.P. classes push her GPA above a 5.0. i’d actually like to have her I.Q. tested.”