martin freeman's nose

A Study in Faces - Martin Freeman’s nose

So, I’m terrible at drawing (as we all know very well). Particularly noses are a beloved foe of mine, but I don’t give up easily! 
Since I’m at home sick anyway, I might as well practice a little by studying the facial features of my most-drawn characters: Sherlock and John. 
In order to keep, or rather get, my sketches, strips and whatnot a bit accurate (because I can’t stand it when I draw things and they’re not accurate/recognisable - you can imagine my daily frustration), I decided to make myself little references on Martin and Bene’s features, starting with Martin’s nose.

And since I am such a nice person, I figured I’d share it for anyone to take as reference as well. Obviously lighting and possible expression-related alterations would have to be made, but I find it extremely helpful to just have a set of different angles always at hand instead of having to search for photos of everything individually every time. Maybe someone might find that just as helpful as me. If so: You’re welcome :)

So I’ve been taking a technology class at school and currently we’re learning to use photoshop effectively.

It all started with this:

when I learned you could move bits of the face around to other places.

So naturally, I thought, hey! lets try it out on some celebrities, this ought to be a good laugh.

BAM BITCHES. many laughs. but what about on a guy?

Okay, I admit. Not as good as my last one. Maybe Jared’ll work better.

Awww baby fetus jared alien padalecki.

They grow up so fast *wipes tear*

This went on for quite a while

yes, quite a while. 

Until I thought - ‘hey, maybe I should take movie screenshots and do those!’ It seemed like an awesome idea. the thing about screencaps is that you get more of a natural face because the person isn’t posing, so I thought I would give it a shot. I decided to start with Harry Potter.

I don’t know what this looks like but it makes me laugh, so naturally, I continued.



Not my best work here but.. yeah

And then, going through the characters in the movie, I came to…


Martin Freeman - Bic pen on Strathmore Bristol 400 smooth, about 5 hours. commissioned by the fantastic agnesanutter, thank you! open in a new tab for a better view. [my art tag]

  • bilbo: and the pale orc? what happened to him?
  • thorin: that filth died of his wounds long ago

has anyone ever asked any of the hobbit cast/crew at cons or panels about the Nose Thing bilbo does? bc like …. what is that?? a martin thing, or a thing he affects specifically for bilbo, like a nod to the “little rabbit” nickname or the overall small underground mammal-ish nature of hobbits in general

because u know at least one of them at some point had to be like “what ….. wtf was that?” too