martin freeman's girlfriend


“My current partner – well, my partner of forever now – I’ve done loads of mixes for her. I think a woman’s response to music is much different than a man’s. Women are much more honest and direct, and they’re not quite as snobby. I say that as a snob. It takes one to know one. Women very often are like, “Well, I just don’t like that,” or “I don’t care what you think, that Kylie Minogue record is my favorite thing I’ve heard this year, so fuck off.” Guys have a more difficult time being as direct. We’ll say things like, “What do you mean? You can’t like that record! It’s shit, everybody knows that!” We’re more concerned with what people think about us than what we actually think. If I’m making a tape for Amanda, my other half, she won’t be impressed if I’ve got an original pressing of a song, or some B-side that’s been out of print for years. When I pick songs for her, all I think about is, “She’d really like this and it’ll make her happy.”