martin freeman would get these references

There is one simple reason why I love bookstores and libraries.

Its the silence. I don’t know what it is but I would like to believe that people who frequent bookstores and libraries often have a reverence for books in general, in the same way a priest might have for their god. We hold them in such high honour because they allow us insights into ourselves. They allow a deeper understanding of the world by taking us out of it and showing it to us from a different perspective. They aren’t just escapes. They are happiness, frustration, sadness, ire, passion, greed, lust. They have an inherently human quality in them and unless you actually open the cover and sat reading you lose out on so much. I wouldn’t be who I am without the books I’ve read. I complain a lot about my parents but the one thing they absolutely did right was to get me reading.

It also saddens me when I see people complaining about having to read, or in some cases being expressly told not to by their schools. I just can’t fathom why anyone would deny the pleasure you can derive from just one good book. I’m not even really referring to old classics like Dickens, Hardy and the like. Stuff like Dante Alghieri has its merits but I’m talking about stuff like Tolkien, George R R Martin, Nathan Filer, Neil Gaiman, Alex Kava, Tess Gerritsen, Lee Weeks, Anna Freeman and so, so many others. Books are so much more than words on a page or a subject for an essay.

They are companions that will exist forever, faithless and unwavering. They are true love and daring and all the things we wish our live would be. 

I don’t know… I just love books.