Had a dream I was on a long plane ride and Martin Freeman was seated next to me, and I was fangirling so hard and he was so sweet, (and so humble, flying in coach with riff raff like me haha), but he was speaking with his American accent and I still can’t tell if that’s because he didn’t want to stand out on a flight filled with Americans or if I can’t dream a British accent 😂

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i don't know if you want to answer these kind of questions but i'll take my shot. i decided i'd like to go and see martin's play but i have no idea how the seating plan is at the theater and what kind of seat is "good enough". i'm looking at the seats right now and i don't know how's the view from the seats that are available, bc i'm not familiar with this venue. how did you make the decision? were you happy with your seat, did you see the stage properly etc?

Hi Anon! I love to help so I don’t mind these kinds of questions at all =) I understand what you mean, at first I was sort of scared when I booked my seats because i thought it wouldn’t be very good seats but I was SO HAPPY afterwards. I saw the play 3 times: the first time from the balcony. That one was just bad because it was very far away. I could see them but they looked so tiny and sometimes the volume wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t a seat I booked in advance, i just went there 5 minutes before the play began and they had that one haha. Now the other 2 were stalls seats. Rows D and E and they were quite in the middle of the stage. I think it was one of the best decisions. You can see the actors PERFECTLY, with DETAIL. I think Martin looked my way even a couple of times or so I thought ahahha. But like you can see their faces, eyes, everything. I remember the last show i went to after one of the costume changes, a lock of Martin’s hair was sticking up and it was so funny to see until he touched his head and he fixed it hahaha. It was CUTE and you could even see that kind of detail. I know lots of people have closer seats, perhaps row C would be nice too. People in the very front seats I think might not see for instance their shoes or some stuff Martin does with his feet at some point. I think, i am not sure. What I didn’t like is that there isn’t much leg room between the seats but that’s fine, it’s not a long haul flight :P Martin is usually more towards the right side of the stage, like he stands or sits there more than towards the left. When I say right is from the viewers point of view of course. I think I took a photo from inside the theatre but I don’t have it right now (i didnt take pics of the actors though). 
There’s also this website where you can not only buy tickets but also check reviews from the different seating locations and for each seat. Sometimes even reviews of each seat and photos. It’s very useful and i’m sure you’ll find it so. The green ones are better reviewed than the darker ones. But I suppose it also depends on the kind of stage that’s set up, this one is quite on stage level? i dont know the theatre language but like it’s not “raised”??
Hope this helps! Ask away if you have more questions :))) 


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S04E02 The Lying Detective

Sherlock: *does nothing*


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