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Audrey: “… but by the time we all hear there is a new set of tattoos and that our family is in danger… we’re immediately drawn back in…”

Sully: “…in those two years I was like [to Reade]: Here dude, there’s my shield, there’s my gun… you’re in there, I’m gonna go and find this girl…”

Martin Gero: “…each case has a personal resonance to somebody on the team that shows them in a different light to Jane, so he [Roman]’s trying to show them that these people are not who she thought they were…”

Also (personal opinion), for some reason I have this feeling that we might be getting a second time-jump after the mid-season finale…


So if Stiles being erased from reality means that Claudia is still alive, does that mean that slowly everything he changed will be undone? Scott would have never been bitten, Lydia wouldn’t have been attacked, so her banshee powers would still be blocked. Malia would still be a coyote. None of the deaths due to the Nogitsune would have happened. Allison would still be alive. If Scott wasn’t a werewolf, then Allison’s mom would still be alive too. Not to mention everything that would change since Peter was erased too. He wouldn’t have existed to bite Scott. He wouldn’t have killed Laura or Kate. Even before then, he’s the one who convinced Ennis, a member of the alpha pack, to bite Paige, then she wouldn’t have been dead. She and Derek would still be together, and Kate wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of him. The entire Hale family would still be alive. Derek would never become an alpha, Erica, Boyd, and Isaac would never become werewolves. Erica and Boyd would have lived. The alpha pack wouldn’t have targeted Derek, so the Darach never would have come, so all of the threefold deaths never would have happened. Jackson would still be here, because he never would have been bitten. Theo never woukf have come back, bringing the Dread Doctors. None of the Chimeras would have been created. Malia wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. The main character may be Scott, but Stiles and Peter are the whole reason that the show exists in the capacity that it does.

Masterlist (Preferences and Imagines)


Scott McCall;

Stiles Stilinski;

Lydia Martin;

Liam Dunbar;

Theo Raeken;


You Meet Him For The First Time;


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Claude Giroux on his teammates 

You’re Supernatural Too - Preference
  • Liam - Mermaid

“Hey,” You called out to your closest friend, Liam, while walking with Mason to ask him why he wasn’t on the bus.

“Hey, why weren’t you on the bus?” Mason asked, frowning at our best friend’s peculiar behavior.

“I ran,” Liam panted and you raised your eyebrows.

“You ran three miles to school? ” You questioned, incredulously.

“Yeah,” You were going to ask something else, but he grabbed Mason, and pulled him away, leaving you alone and a little hurt.


It was the day of the scrimmage, and even though Liam had hurt your feelings that day, you decided you’d go and support him. Lydia, Ms.McCall and the Sheriff sat a few seats down from you to watch Stiles and Scott play.

You cheered when the game was over, because Beacon Hills had won, but you got this tingly feeling on your skin. Well under your skin,anyway. It made your skin itch, and you scratched at it.

“Hey, you alright?” Mason questioned and you nodded shakily, “Yeah, my skin just itches - a lot. Um, I’ve gotta get going, but tell Liam I say congratulations,”.

You ran off without waiting for a reply, and when you saw your bike in the lot, you wasted no time sprinting to it.


It’d been a week since the scrimmage, and Liam was starting to worry. You hadn’t shown up to school, hadn’t answered his calls, and no one had seen you.

Well, no one except Derek Hale, but nobody knew that.

What happened on the night of the scrimmage was awful. Your skin, instead of itching like it did before, it started to burn horribly. Your grandma asked if you were alright, but you mumbled an answer and rushed to your room.

The cold wind that blew through the window soothed the burn, but it just wasn’t enough. You decided that you’d go take a swim in your pool to soothe it even more.

Three hours later, everyone was asleep in the house, so you decide that this was the perfect time. You slipped into your swimsuit, and climbed out the window, and headed to the backyard.

You sat in the pool and immediately your skin stopped burning. With a loud groan of relief, you threw your head back, and enjoyed the cool water on your skin.

The next thing that happened scared you beyond measure. Your legs drifted together until they were morphed, and if that sight wasn’t enough, scales started forming from your belly button, and made it’s way down to your toes, where a big tail sprang out.

“Well, well, well, ” a deep voice came out of nowhere, and you jumped in surprise.

“Who are you?”

“A friend of Liam’s, and you’re a mermaid,” he nodded at me, and I laughed shakily before my eyes rolled over and everything turned black. 
You felt a hand on your forehead, and you softly grabbed on to the arm.

“I had such a weird dream last night, Grandma, ” You mumbled, “I dreamt that I was swimming, then I had a tail and this guy came and -” your eyes fluttered open, and you realized it wasn’t your grandma, “Ah!”

You jumped up to see a shirtless Liam, and Scott and Stiles along with Lydia and their girlfriends.

“Hey, it’s just me, ” Liam said, and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?! I’ve been going through this freaking awkward phase recently, and you’re supposed to be my best friend, but you’re not here! You’re never here, and last night some guy in a leather jacket tells me that I’m a mermaid and - ” Liam cut you off by placing his lips on yours and your eyes widened - because damn, he was kissing you.

After your minute or two of freaking out, your eyes fluttered closed because he licked your bottom lip and you opened your mouth to let his tongue roam it.

“Hey? Yeah, ” You heard Stiles behind Liam, and you went to move your head, but he held it in place by placing his hand at the back of your head.

“Liam,” Scott said firmly, and as if a switch had been flipped, Liam’s lips were off yours and he was looking at a slightly opened mouth, and raised eyebrows, “That’s enough. I think we need to explain everything to Y/N,”

“Explain what to me, Liam?”

He looked at Scott, then looked at me with a heavy sigh.


“Are you joking? Please tell me you’re joking, ” You pleaded, but no one responded except Scott, who shrugged, pushing his hands into his pockets.

“So, what does this mean?” Liam asked, and everyone diverted their attention to him.

“What do you mean?” the one you knew as Stiles, asked.

“I meant, now that we know she’s not human. We can’t just leave her out, ” he explained, shooting a pointed look at Scott.

“Then what are we supposed to d -” Stiles got cut off by Liam, who stated firmly, “They’ll come for her. They’ll hurt her and Scott knows they will,”

“Mermaids aren’t even supposed to exist - no offense, Y/N, but considering the fact that she does, we should shut up about it, alright?”
Stiles told him with raised eyebrows and he sighed before nodding.

“Okay,but if you guys won’t protect her, I will, ” Liam declared, and Scott narrowed his eyes at the younger boy.

“Liam, you’re still learning! How can you protect someone, and you’re not sure how to protect yourself?”

“I have to Scott,because no one else is gonna do it,” he looked back at me after what felt like ages and took my hand, “Come on. Let’s get you home to your grandma, she must be worried,”

He pulled me gently out the huge bed, and I took the little time to observe my surroundings ; a small room, covered in posters and clothes thrown all about.

“You don’t have a car. What are you going to do? Run with her? ”

“As a matter of fact,” Liam helped you onto his back, and secured your hands around his neck, “I am,” And with that, you were down the stairs, and out the door.


Getting home in 52 seconds using a vehicle would have been slightly believable, but what wasn’t believable was the fact that Liam got to your house in 52 seconds, with you on his back.

“Aren’t you tired? ” You asked, kind of shocked at his strength and speed, even though he, Scott and Stiles explained everything.

He shook his head, casting his vision downward, and you walked over to him, placing your hand on his jaw to make him look you in the eyes. You’d actually never realized how beautiful his eyes were.

“Hey, ” You said softly and it felt like he was staring into your soul. His eyes flashed gold for a second and then you both leaned in at the same time, your lips connecting in a gentle kiss.

A throat cleared behind you, and you turned to see your grandma with raised eyebrows and folded arms.

“Good afternoon, Liam,” He scratched the back of his neck and gave a small wave and smile.

“Grandma, um,” she smiled slightly. Well, it was more of a smirk, because she knew about your crush on Liam, “This isn’t what it looks like,”

“Uh-huh. Well, I’m off to my room. ” she said, as she sauntered around you and made her way to the stairs, “I’m trusting you. Don’t do anything you aren’t supposed to,”

She was gone, and Liam looked at you, “Your eyes. For a minute, they were pink. I -” he swallowed and looked down, “I should go,” he began speed walking toward the door.

“Wait! Liam, don’t do this again, ” You grabbed on to his arm and he turned around with fury in his eyes, that made you frown.

“Do what?” “Don’t shut me out!”

He shook your arm off his and ran out the door. 

  • Derek - Elemental

Coach blew his whistle, and the cross country team was off. Being on the team was the only thing that kept your mind off of the nogitsune possessing Stiles’ body. You ran side by side with Kira, in front of everyone else, your ability to manipulate the elements working in your favor, as you used the wind to your advantage, it flying by you - increasing your speed in contrast to everyone else’s air pressure.

The wind on your skin, and the dirt under your bare feet, the heat of the sun and the sound of the river nearby made you feel alive, and you haven’t felt this way in a while.

Kira was catching up to you, your ability being nothing compared to her speed.

She smiled at you, and you scowled back, but you were tackled to the ground by a head of black hair. You both hit the ground with an ‘oof’, him falling underneath you purposely, because he had healing abilities.

“Derek, what the hell?!” he rolled you over so he was on top of you and looked up, at where Scott spun Kira around by her waist, “You couldn’t have done that? Spare me the ache in my back,” You stretched, and yelped when you felt a strong pain in your ankle, “And the sprain,”.

He pulled you up onto his back, and began making his way to where Scott and Stiles stood in the reserve.
“Malia’s dad set up traps. We need to get them to stop, ” Derek explained, then looked at you, “Can’t you put up a barrier, or something? Anything to distract them, ”

“I don’t know how far away they are,” You replied, and when the team made their way up Scott and Stiles stopped them in their tracks.

The only thing you remember was Stiles holding onto a chain, to find out where it lead, and an arrow appearing out of nowhere, shooting Finstock in the stomach.

He was freaking out, and it was kind of funny, given that he’d be okay. Derek took you one side while Stiles and Scott tried to stop the bleeding.

“Create a distraction so Scott can take some of his pain away, ” You nodded, and focused on the scenery around you. You couldn’t just create a distraction inside the reserve; you had to have the same weather everywhere in Beacon Hills, so you got to work.

After a deep breath, you quietly moved to a section between the trees you could see the sky, and form clouds with your hands discreetly.

The drizzle started a few seconds after the clouds were formed, and Scott spoke up.

“Hey guys, we’ll get him out of here and you get back to school, ”

There was a beach nearby, and you used the sea breeze from the ocean to blow the rain, making it a little more intense.

They began running, and you waited until you got a signal from Derek to stop. You got rid of the clouds, and helped the sun dry everyone’s clothes.

“Damn, avatar, ” You rolled your eyes, and stomped, making some dirt, that was wet from the rain, fly up, and fall into your hand.

“You want to say that again?” he shook his head, and you laughed.

“We’ll take coach to the hospital,” Scott said and Derek nodded.

“I have to get down to the station, so I’ll drop you off on the way, ”.

  • Stiles - Enchantress

Being born an enchantress into a family of witches and warlocks was great. Other than the stereotype that you were all bad, it was kind of perfect.

Your parents never explained why you moved to Beacon Hills, but when you got there, it felt like home. Well maybe it was the hospitality of the town’s people, or you know, the huge tree attracting all supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills.

So, you went to school and met a cute boy named Stiles, and boy, did your mom get an earful.

Scott McCall knew you were like him, well in the sense that you were both humans with a slight alteration, so he took you in as part of his pack.
Scott was the one to break the news to the rest of the pack that Derek had died during a fight with the alphas.

Cora, who had taken place as your best friend because you were both so much alike, asked you to skip school with her one day and go with her to see what happened to Derek’s body.

When you got there, it had turned out that none of the bodies were there, neither Derek’s nor Ennis’, and Cora was having a hard time coming up with a solution.

Returning to the loft, you both gasped in horror, because there Derek laid in a black torn shirt, and gashes to last a lifetime.

Cora rushed down to look at his cuts, and whispered shakily, “He’s not healing,”

“Why not?” You questioned, and she shook her head, gulping.

“I have no idea what to do,” she looked near to tears, and you stood up, pulling off your jacket.

“I think I can help. I’m not sure but, ” You paused, wrapping your jacket around your waist, “I’m going to need a lighter, a needle, a bit of thread and some alcohol,”

She nodded, and headed somewhere beyond your knowledge to fetch the items, and you turned Derek onto his back with a groan.

“Oh, Derek,” You muttered, ripping the shirt all the way off and pulling it from underneath him.

Cora got back with the items, and you washed Derek’s wounds with the alcohol. You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and focused on some of the energy leaving your body, and entering Derek’s.

You heard a gasp, and Cora sighed with relief, hugging her brother, who looked tremendously tired.

“Thank God you’re alright. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna call Scott, ”

You nodded, and Derek looked up at you, “Come on, wolf guy. Gotta get you healing again,” You ran your hand down his arm, and grabbed his hand, bending his pinky in an odd position while he screamed. His finger went back in, and you helped him onto the couch.

Cora wasn’t there for a while, and while Derek was healing, it was painfully slow. He asked you to get him something to eat, and you would have replied with a snarky comment.
A few ridiculous requests later, Derek realized he wasn’t able to get to you like he usually did, and his curiosity sparked.

“Why are you doing this? ” your eyebrows raised, and he continued, “I mean, you don’t like me. Why are you doing things for me?”

“To be honest, ” You started softly, “I don’t like you, and you’re right, but I’m not doing this for you,”

You got up and put down the cup on the table, “I’m doing it for Stiles,”.

Stiles’ Pov

“I’m doing it for Stiles,” that made me raise my eyebrows, and I put my hand out to stop Scott from opening the door to the loft.

“You really like him, don’t you?” Derek asked, and she sighed.

“A lot more than I should, and it’s scaring me, ” There was a paused, and then the loft door flew open.

Y/N stood in front of Derek defensively with her right hand pointed outwards. She sighed when she realized it was just us, and before I could ask how the door opened on its own, Scott spoke up, “You’re a witch,”.

She smiled an actual smile, and I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen her void of her usual cold expression, “That’s close, Scott. I’m an enchantress,”


“An enchantress is a woman that has the ability to -”

“Put something or someone under the influence of a spell,” I cut her off and she looked at me and smiled, my heart almost skipping a beat.

“Right, Stiles,” she walked over to Derek and gestured to him, “I’m the reason your alpha bestie is awake, Scott,” she smirked, and Scott looked at her peculiarly.

“Why did you do this?” he asked motioning to helping Derek, and her smirk faltered until she was frowning.

“I did this for Stiles, alright?!” there was a silence after that, and I looked at her while she looked down.

“You did it for me? Why?”

“I don’t know. I just - I wanted you to notice me, ” she looked up, and her cocky facade took over, “One guy. You like one guy, and it’s the end of the world,”

“You like me? ” I questioned. She nodded pointedly, “Me?”

“Yes, idiot. I’m seriously reconsidering, though, ”

“Don’t,” I replied quickly, and without thinking I ran over to her and kissed her.

She froze and I pulled away, “Was I not supposed to do that? I’m sor -” She pulled me back down to her lips by my neck, “Okay,” I muttered as best as I could.

My hands went to her waist, while her hands cupped my face.

“Sorry, I took so long. I went to go get Lyd - ” We heard Cora’s voice, and turned to look at her where she stood in the doorway, “I see you grew some balls,”

“I knew she’d tell him! Didn’t I call it?” Lydia slapped Cora’s arm and she shrugged, nodding.

They walked up the stairs, to where I assumed was Cora’s room.

“I’ll be right back, ” Y/N pecked me on the lips and ran up the stairs behind the girls.

Scott spoke for the first time since Y/N admitted that she likes me.

“What just happened?”

“I also want to know, because I’m confused, ” Derek raised his hand from where he was on the couch.

“I - I think I have a girlfriend now,”.

  • Scott - Angel

You spent a lot of time watching Scott and his pack before you actually went to join them. The truth was, you were going to warn him about the dread doctors. Tell him what they were trying to do, and their reason behind it.

You had no idea how to approach him, so you enrolled in the school Beacon Hills high.

The class you had was French, and he sat in front of you. You tore a piece of paper from your book, and wrote something on it.

‘HI :)’

You passed it to him quickly, and he wrote back,


The conversation continued,

'Scott, we need to talk.’
'How do you know who I am?’
'I’ll explain later. Just meet me by the Nemeton at 5.’
'Why should I?’
'Please, just trust me on this.’

You heard him sigh, and nodded so you were able to see. Good.


You watched Scott and Stiles look around for you from where you stood in a tree. Damn, you should have told him to come alone.

You jumped out, and landed gracefully on your feet, the two jumping at your sudden presence.

“What do you want?”
“I’m here to talk to you, ” You replied, all the while Stiles stood with folded arms and narrowed eyebrows.
“So…? Talk,” Stiles insisted, and you sighed.
“We can’t talk here, ” You lowered your voice, and now Scott’s eyebrows were furrowed.
“Why not?” You ignored him, and grabbed both their arms.

You took off your sweater, and your wings sprouted from your back. Scott and Stiles were pretty heavy, so your supernatural strength kicked in against the strain of the teenage boys.

You ignored their protests of letting them down, and brought them to the end of the preserve, where the cliff overlooked Beacon Hills.

You placed them on the ground gently, and sat with your knees tucked under your chin.

“They’re here, aren’t they?”

You didn’t look at them, so Scott sat beside you, “What are you talking about?”

He was lying. You could tell. “The only person you’re kidding is yourself, Scott. You know what I’m talking about,”

“No, what we should talk about is what you are, ” Stiles interjected, and you frowned.

“She’s an angel, Stiles,” Scott replied, and you smiled at him, but he looked purely anxious. You placed your hand on his while Stiles rolled his eyes.

“It’s not going to be easy, Scott. If you don’t get rid of them, all of you are going to die. The Sheriff, Melissa, Ms. Martin, your pack - all of who you can think of and more.”

“What happens if we try to get rid of them?” Stiles asked, warming up to you enough to sit beside you.

“Some of you are still going to die, but if you do go after them, it’s less deaths,”.

He had a look of contemplation on his face, and I decided to add something, “The dying has already started, Scott. Tracy, Donovan. Heck, even the three-eyed guy almost died,”

Their visions both drifted to you with amused looks, “Heck?”

“Don’t you mean he -” You put your finger on Stiles mouth to shut him up.

“We don’t dare speak of such things,” They chuckled, and you tucked your hand back under your knee.

“I have to go now, Scott, ” You sighed after a long, peaceful silence, and got up.

“What if I need to talk to you?” he got up with you, “Where will you be?”

“Just say my name, and I’ll be there,” You were about to fly off, but he asked one more thing,

“I don’t know your name!”

“My name is Y/N, ”

And with that, you were gone.


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Spezza named top forward of the tournament!
Ekblad named top defense of the tournament!
We now have the gold title in the Olympics, World Junior Championships and World Championships!

Find Your Love - Liam Dunbar/Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Liam x Stiles x Reader

I Hope you enjoy!

“Hey Y/N,” One of your best friends called, and you closed your locker.

“What’s up?” You asked, placing the books you needed in your bag.

“Have you seen that girl that’s all over Liam today?” This peaked your interest.

“No, I haven’t. Who is she?”

“Her name’s Hayden,” You recognized her as the girl that Liam absolutely despised in the sixth grade.

“You should probably go look,” your friend suggested, but you shook your head.

“Liam can do what he wants. We’re not together, remember?”

That was the last thing you said before heading to your next class.

You sat on the bleachers of the lacrosse field, where you usually waited for Liam to get done with lacrosse practice, so guys could walk home together, seeing as you both lived in the same neighborhood.

You didn’t usually watch him play, but since Hayden joined the soccer team, you were observing them be competitive.

Watching him smile at her and her smile back, and him using his werewolf abilities to impress her made you angry.

You packed your things and stormed off, walking home by yourself.

Later that night, you sat on your balcony, the balcony that overlooked Liam’s yard, and the large tree that hung over into your yard from Liam’s.

“Hey, ” You heard his voice call from down his yard, and you clenched your jaw, getting ready to get up and head into your room, “Hey, wait!”

You knew Liam was fast, but you didn’t expect him to get to the doorway before you.

“Hey,” he said softly, his breath fanning over your face.

“Let me go, Liam, ” You replied, trying to be stern, but he made you nervous, so it ended up being the opposite.

You ripped your arm out of his grip, and stomped into your room, slamming the door to the balcony before he could come in.

The next day, when you sat on the bleachers after school, you saw the Devenford Prep lacrosse team come onto the field. Finstock announced that their field was under construction, so our team would have to share with them.

“Hey beautiful,” You knew the guy that approached you as Liam’s enemy. They despised each other, and even though as Liam’s…whatever, you were supposed to despise him as well, but his compliment made you blush. That was the first time someone actually called you beautiful.

“Hi,” You replied, clutching your book a little tighter.

“What’s your name?” he asked and you were about to reply, but a familiar voice cut you off.

“Her name’s Y/N, and she’s with me,” Liam stated firmly, before grabbing your hand tightly and pulling you away from Brett.

You shook your hand out of his when you both were a good distance away from the bleachers.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” You yelled out at him.

“Saving you from that dick!”

“Did it look like I needed saving?! Why do you care anyway?! He’s giving me more attention in 5 minutes than you have in days!”

Liam sighed and began walking up to you but you stepped back, “Y/N,”

“Just - just get away from me,” your voice was weak as you turned around and made your way as far as you could from Liam, as fast as possible.


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