martin d18

anonymous asked:

(Wychwood fest. post) Is that 12 string a Martin he's got? I am a little jealous if it is so, I'm far too attached to my Martin D18 model to now sell it and buy a 12 model, which thanks to my recent discovery of Roo I have a new found respect for. I can live in hope that one day I'll have both 6 and 12 string models though, one day!

OMG I HAVE NO IDEA AND YOURE SO COOL FOR KNOWING ALL THAT I CAN BARELY NOTICE IF ITS A 6 OR 12 STRING WOOPS TAGGING IN CASE SOME ONE CAN HELP THIS REALLY COOL GUITAR LOVER ANON you should totally start with the 12 string ive always (even years before i found roos music) loved the sound it gives,