@99redragons: Dipper meets a not-so-friendly dragon. It gives him chilling advice after a destructive battle.

Dipper Pines could walk through walls.

Dipper Pines had fangs and claws and what he was pretty sure was the beginning of wings.

Dipper Pines was ageless and immortal, his body a malleable shell to do what he wished with.

Dipper Pines had the knowledge of the cosmos at his fingertips, waiting only to be accessed.

Dipper Pines was thirteen and currently getting his ass kicked.

He slammed against the jagged wall of the dragon’s lair and slid to the ground, newly broken bones jarring and jostling in him as he did. Malleable shell or not, it still h̝͚̗̩̞͍u͍̱̳̺r̠͈̻̜͟t͓͙͓̜̩̞̪͠.

The dragon he was fighting roared, shaking the cave around them.

“Give up, little freak,” the dragon- Martin, he was this big scary badass evil dragon and he was called Martin- purred.

A gout of flame shot from Martin’s nostrils and mouth, and charred Dipper to the bone. Dipper screamed, as skin and muscle disintegrated from his body, and then, seconds later, began to grow back, cell by cell, fiber by fiber. Wracked with pain, all he could do was lay there, panting. This was honestly the last thing he wanted to deal with today. He had barely gotten used to the pull of a summon, the granting of desires.

Trying to adjust to life back in Piedmont.

Point was, the last thing he needed to deal with was-

Another gout of flame lashed at his half reformed body, and the scream he let out would have boiled a human’s eyes in their sockets.

“Pathetic. I was expecting some kind of fight at least.” Martin examined his claws. “I should have known better. You really are just a little boy with stolen scraps of power.”

Martin began to come closer, nostrils flaring at the scent of cooked meat in the enclosed space.

“I should perhaps thank you, for undoing the bonds that chained me and my kind up from this world,” Martin mused. “But that’s really all you were good for.” He opened his great maw, exposing large teeth and fetid breath. “That and a good meal I suppose.”

“That’s… Not going to work,” Dipper managed to choke out.

“Not the first time, no. But I have time, I have patience. I will eat you as many times as it takes. You will be my greatest meal. And I am always hungry.”

Dipper’s forehead suddenly felt like it was splitting open, tearing in two. He opened two eyes and saw… No.

He opened an eye he didn’t know he had and Saw Martin in an entirely new way.

Namely, he Saw a bright burning orb deep within Martin that made all of his newfound senses perk up, made the claws on his hands grow longer and sharper of their own accord.

Ropy muscle and stringy ligaments were still not entirely covered by new skin but he would not lie passively here to be eaten, would wait no longer to fill the sudden aching need that racked his body.

He pushed him self up, wet flesh sticking to the floor as he rose.

“N̷̲̦̦o̬͙͕t͔̹̗͉̝ͅ.̙͙̩̝͓͡.͏.̻̬̙̮̭̲ͅ ͔͈̫̤̤I̭̥͚f̜ ̗͍͖̣̺I̺͞ ͙̞͎͠ͅb̷̩̝̹̠̙i͉͙͉̯̮͉͠t̖̪͖͎͓̮̲͘e͖͔̗̺̮͈.͙͚͉.̭̺̜̮̻.̴̪̜̻͚̗̜̘ ͉̟̞̞̳̺̳͝F̣͔̝͖̰͍̗I͉͘Ŗ̜͎̘͕͎̩Ş̣Ţ͙̪͎̺̘͔ͅ!͏

With strength he didn’t know he possessed, Dipper launched himself at the dragon. He hit Martin’s chest, the part of the meatsack closest to the glowing orb he saw within, sinking his claws into the dragon’s scaly hide. It gave way under his talons like butter.

It felt good.

Martin roared and breathed fire at Dipper again but he let it slide off of him, unphased. He knew now that it only hurt because he had let it hurt him. Martin swung and thrashed, his tail knocking off the priceless treasures the dragon had amassed off the walls. His struggles failed to dislodge Dipper, who had firmly pinned himself to Martin with his nails.

Dipper’s gums ached, like there were more teeth about to grow in, which was silly. But he did have control over the set he did have and he let them grow long, strong, and sharp, distorting his jaw with an audible break as they grew.

Perhaps Martin knew what Dipper was going for because the dragon’s scales paled from deep emerald to almost white.

“No. No you can’t.” The dragon paused. “You don’t even have to take it thi-”

Dipper sunk his jaws down and it was Martin’s turn to scream in agony as Dipper ripped and tore, bit and chew, delving deeper and deeper to get to the orb he saw inside. At some point his hands joined the fray, grabbing and digging into Martin. Everything narrowed, focused, and his vision tunneled, as every fiber of Dipper’s being was aimed at getting that beautiful, shining orb, whatever it could be…

Close, closer, closer-

(Why were his gums aching so bad? And his lower back randomly? No- no more distractions!)

Close, closer, closer, closer


His viscera covered hand grasped the orb and Martin’s struggles suddenly ceased. Dipper pulled his way out of the soon to be corpse to find Martin…


Not just a mere chuckle either but a full, deep, throaty laugh; an impressive feat considering Dipper was pretty sure he nicked Martin’s lungs in his, in his… Frenzy.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. He didn’t look at Martin as he spoke, unable to tear his gaze away from the orb.

“Do you even know what that is in your hand boy?”

That… Was a good question. It felt like he should know. It felt like what was in his hands was his stock in trade. It felt like-

“That’s my soul child,” and was there a touch of respect in the dragon’s voice now? “It is fitting that the first soul you devour will be mine. If this is to be my end, then…” Martin paused, tried to speak, broke out in a coughing fit before trying again.

“Then it is an honor to serve as your first meal, for my soul is mighty and will give you the beginning of great power.”

Dipper looked at the orb in his hand. Every sense, every organ, every part of him screamed at Dipper to take a bite, to devour, to

Martin’s laugh rang out in the cave again and Dipper turned to glare at the dragon.

“What is so darn funny? I’m about to kill you!!”

“Because this is only the beginning.”

“Of what?”

Another peale of laughter. “Of hunger without end. Of the constant search for more. My soul will never be enough for you. A thousand, a million souls, more- you will always be starving. Your stomach will always be craving, demanding to be filled.”

“No! That’s… That’s not true!”

“Oh? Then why is it there’s a puddle of drool at your feet?”

Dipper looked down, saw the golden puddle that was threaded with red blood and bits of scale and muscle.


“Embrace it. Ignore it, or try to. That is my prophecy to you.” Martin’s head fell back on the ground.

“Now finish me. Embrace your destiny. Embrace your need.”

Dipper didn’t want to.

He lifted the soul to his lips.

Dipper didn’t want this.

He opened his mouth.

Dipper hadn’t asked for this!


After 20 Years, We FINALLY Know What Tommy’s Job Was On ‘Martin’
An age old debate is settled as Tisha Campbell-Martin reveals what Tommy’s job was on ‘Martin.’

The answer comes in the middle of the latest episode of the Don’t Be Scared podcast while Campbell-Martin is talking about the age old debate regarding Martin’s greatest episode: ‘Suspicious Minds’ or ‘The Romantic Weekend,’ also known as ‘Chilligan’s Island’ or ‘The CD Player’ episode. She never casts her vote in that discussion — the answer is ‘The CD Player’ episode, by the way — but she does reveal the answer to the show’s biggest looming question without provocation.

At about the 26:18 mark she tells the story:

I’ll give you a hint. Mrs., the woman I was going to fight, she was Martin’s teacher, Mrs., not Cunningham… okay, but you know who I’m talking about. Beverly Johnson played her. So, it’s in that episode, that’s the first time you hear about Tommy’s job. The second time you see Tommy’s job is in the Christmas episode when he brings us to speak to children and Martin calls the little boy waterhead.

(Trinidad. Miss. Trinidad.)

So, Tommy talks about, him being in the Boys and Girls Club and he was a counselor at the Boys and Girls Club. That’s what Tommy does for a living.

So, there it is. Tommy was not a pimp, drug dealer or whatever else you imagined. He was a counselor at the Boys and Girls Club. Wow.

This whole time the answer was in our face and none of us noticed it. That’s crazy.

OK, i grew up watching Martin, and Living single. 

and i love them both like crazy!

i cant, however, dismiss the treatment of the darkest female characters on both shows. 

though the other characters faced disses and little jabs, Max and Pam faced constant insults and comparison to beasts,despite their beauty. 

they were arguably the most beautiful women on those shows, but they were constantly torn down by the dark skinned men on them. 

and that is something that stuck with me .