This is part of the Figment Flood I’ve been working on for the last few weeks! Figment Familiars like this one come in many varieties, and each one has a unique Heart embedded inside its felted wool body. The Heart gives each Figment its own individual energy and personality. When you purchase a Figment, you choose the type of Heart you want inside it!

This piece is available right this moment at my table at Fur the ‘More!

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i think the thing that upsets me the most about dirk gently’s holistic detective agency being cancelled (besides the fact that we wont get to see how the main characters continue to grow as people) is that we wont get to find out about all the other projects.

i mean, look:

there’s so many??? that we don’t know anything about??? if the rowdy 3/project incubus are psychic vampires, then what does that make project succubus? do they correlate in any way? are cain, charon and dullamann related?? their symbols are similar ?? and for that matter, enyo and elli?? python scares me, ‘cause it looks like two project marzanna symbols turned on their sides. and since the incubus symbol looks like four stickmen joined at the head, what does this mean?? are there two more people/things similar to bart?? i just. have so many questions. netflix, please renew this show. 

Okay guys I have some new news. Recently Martin freeman came out taking about how Sherlock isn’t fun to film anymore because of the backlash of fans not happy with season 4. People were mad the johnlock hadn’t become canon yet and started hating on the actors and writers.

This is a wake up call

We are CONSUMERS. I understand that it can be frustrating watching queer baiting. I UNDERSTAND but if we as destiel shippers or supercorp shippers or any ship you want to become canon start to harass the actors or writers they get tired and annoyed. Don’t make it a chore for them to film a tv show. THEY ARE HUMAN TOO. If they ask you to stop talking about a ship then LISTEN! They are not being homophobic. We don’t want to make them uncomfortable.

Anyway, rant over I still want destiel to become canon but don’t harass Jensen or Mishas wife it’s not cool. Don’t harass the writers either

Credit and an awesome blog: @aiobhe (go follow them they’re really cool)