Coach’s New Favorite

Title: Coach’s New Favorite

Word Count: This will probably never happen.  It’s long okay.

Warnings: Coach’s here so prepare yourself

Prompt: Liam destroying people on the field caused this. You’re welcome.

Multishot: If yall want

“You have to come it’s the first game of the season.” Lydia whined trying to convince you to sit in the cold and watch boys you barely knew play a game you barely understood.

“I don’t even know the rules or who to root for.” You sighed shoving books into your locker.  Ever since you moved her a few days ago Lydia has made it her personal goal to get you to branch out.  She’d even introduced you to her junior friends.

“Red good any other color is bad.  If green then extra bad.” Lydia said in a slow voice as if talking to a child.

“Wait! What does red look like?”You said in fake confusion.

Lydia just rolled her eyes and started to dragged you to your class.  When you moved here it was a Friday so you and your family had decided to wait until Monday to start.  Essentially today was your first day. “Look you’re going.  Dress warm and leave the sarcasm at the house.” She gave you a long look.

“Oh Lydia you know I can’t do that. Sarcasm is a serious disease that I contracted a while back.  Haven’t been able to shake it.  It’s fatal and contagious so I’d take a step back.” You made a little fake lunge trying to scare her but she just continued to give you a disgusted look.

“Sweety I’ve known Stiles my entire life, you’re going to have to amp it up.” You just smiled and opened the door to your class.

“Oh, hello you must be the new student…..” The teacher struggled to remember your name.

“Y/N.” You answered with a smile.  

“Well take a seat next to Mr. Dunbar please.”  You turned around trying to find the Mr. Dunbar he was talking about.  A boy with blue eyes and brown hair made a gesture indicating the he was Mr. Dunbar.

“Well hello Mr. Dunbar, I’m Y/N.” You plopped down in your seat and turned to look at the boy who couldn’t meet your eyes.

“Um.. Liam…… The names….. Liam.” He was stuttering and blushing.  Wow first day and you already got a boy to stubble his words. New record.

“It’s nice to meet you Um Liam.” You smirked at your little joke but it got him to give a little chuckle.

You both turned to face the teacher but the entire class you would both give little glances.  It was as if you were making sure the other was there.


“Remind me why I’m here again?” You complained to Lydia as you climbed up the bleachers packed with hormonal teen girls squealing at the boys warming up.  

“Because you love me and don’t lie to me you love sports.” She gave you a look that said ‘I know your secrets’.

“One if it makes you sleep at night sure. Two you’re so right.  Guys destroying other guys on the field is super hot.” You gushed not able to keep it in.  WHat you didn’t know was that Liam, the werewolf, was listening in.  He smirked and shoved his helmet on.

The game was starting and you were excited. Lydia had pointed out and named all of the players on the Beacon Hills team.  Liam, Stiles and Scott were all on the team so you actually had someone to cheer for.

Liam was sprinting down the field after the other teams player who had the ball.  He leaned down and slammed his shoulder into the player causing him to fly the other direction.  You gasped and cheered louder than before.  Damn, that was hot. You thought.

“Dunbar where is this coming from. Nope don’t tell me.  If you’re juicing I don’t wanna know.” Coach yelled from the sidelines enjoying having his star player e more aggressive.

A few minutes later Liam was near his goalie and the other team was running trying to deke out the defense.  Liam saw this and got in the players way.  He hunkered down and came up just as he player touched him.  The boy was launched onto his back and he landed with a loud thud.

You jumped up and yelled and cheered along with the crowd.  You looked over Liam and bit you lip.  If he was like this…..

“Dunbar that’s how you do it. Greenberg, take notes from the sidelines.  I don’t care what with, just do it.” Coach was yelling at Greenberg now for who knows what.

The game continued with Liam making incredible hits and scoring a few goals.  Stiles was, well, Stiles and Scott scored many goals proving why he was captain.

When it ended you were breathless and flushed from cheering. Beacon Hills had won 10-3.  Now the boys were in an after game huddle with Coach.  You were standing close waiting to congratulate the boys along with Lydia and her junior friends.

“Great game boys, all around, well except Greenberg, you kinda sucked.  Dunbar you were on fire.  Any particular reason?”  Liam glanced, barely even shifted his eyes up at you, it kinda looked as if he blinked, but coach caught it and turned around.  He spotted the usuals but then he spotted you, the new girl, who had never come to a game before. “You, who are you?” Coach yelled.

“I’m Y/N sir.” You were smirking, you had heard what coach said to Liam. Now you knew why every time Liam got a hit he’d look up at you like ‘see that’.

“Y/N you’re coming to every game.” 

“With pleasure Coach.  But only if he keeps playing like that” You winked at Liam.  Scott and Stiles were nudging Liam and messing with his hair.  The team made wolf whistles. Coach turned around to face the team and a blushing Liam.

“She’s my new favorite.  Any of you mess with her, laps for a week.”

“Coach I think Liam might not be able to follow that rule.” Stiles jumped in wiggling his eyebrows at you and Liam.  Liam tried to lunge at Stiles with a growl but Scott held him back

“He better not!” You yelled laughing.  Liam turned a big grin on his face.

“Yep, definitely my new favorite.”

  • Lydia:*Can't find Stiles anywhere*
  • Lydia:Guess a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.
  • Lydia:*Cups hands together and shouts* I'M GOING ON A DANGEROUS ADVENTURE BY MYSELF!
  • Stiles:*Runs with duct tape in hand* tHE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?
  • Lydia:There he is.
Stiles, you don’t need instructions. You’re too smart. When have you ever needed instructions? Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out, so you can do it. Figure. It. Out.
—  Lydia Martin (3x14: More Bad Than Good)