Late Night's and Tea

Author: Thisismypandorabox

Rating: K+

Type: Oneshot

Pairing: Q x reader

A/N: this is just a quick oneshot that has been sitting on my computer that needed to see the light of day so here you go!

“Q! Q! You are going to be late for work!” You shouted. As an agent of MI6 you would have thought that he would be able to get up on time. Though it was very unusual that he slept in.

“Y/n? What time is it?” You roll your eyes at him.

“It’s almost half past eight so if you don’t move now then you’re going to be late. Wouldn’t want to keep the government waiting would you?” You wander through to the kitchen to put the kettle on so you can have a cup of tea before going to work. You hear him shifting around in the bedroom and start to wonder if someone had drugged him. He hasn’t ever been late in his whole life! (for work that is.) You quickly finish your tea and go to check on him. You find he is fully dressed when you get there.

“Are you okay? You aren’t usually this late getting up in the morning.”  He sighs and glances over at you.

“I’m perfectly fine thanks. Now we need to get going or we are going to be late.” I nod.

“Well if you insist.” You vaguely know what his job is. Something about the head of Q division and it has a lot to do with computers. You also know that his job can be particularly dangerous for anyone involved with him. However you love him and you wouldn’t just abandon him because you might get put in a little danger. Your job on the other hand was less than glamourous. Professional Photographer is what you would call yourself. It wasn’t all bad but it didn’t always reap the rewards you needed. So paying the rent was hard but what could you do? Today was one of those rare days when you had a commission. You we’re taking pictures of this old woman’s Chihuahua. Cliché maybe but at least you we’re getting paid. Getting back to the current situation.

“I need to get going Alton but I will see you tonight. Get going soon or you’ll be really late.” You smile at him before exiting the flat. 

To say the least your work drags on that day. You take picture after picture and she still isn’t happy. Eventually you snap a few that she likes. She orders ten copies of each photo and pays you upfront. Heaven only knows what she wants with all those photos but you tell her that you will have them done by next week  and that you will drop them off for her. Even though you’ve only had one appointment today you still get home at eight. Alton isn’t home yet  so you decide to just get started on dinner. Before you know it you’ve eaten dinner and it’s one in the morning. He still isn’t home so you just go to bed. It’s strange how late he has been working recently but you won’t say anything because you know whatever he is doing must be stressful. But you still can’t help but be annoyed at the fact that you’ve barely seen him over the past two months. Eventually at around two in the morning you hear the front door open and close. You figure you should go greet him since you’re up anyway. You walk out to the kitchen.

“Hey.” You greet him.

“Oh! Y/n I didn’t think you’d be up still.” You smile sheepishly.

“I couldn’t sleep without you there.” He goes about making himself a cup of tea and jerks his head to ask if you want one. You nod your head and he gets out a second cup. Leaning against the counter while waiting for the kettle to boil.

“I know I haven’t seen you much lately. Are you okay?” He asks.

“Just fine.” He looks guilty.

“I know. I haven’t paid you much mind…” You cut him off.

“You haven’t paid me any mind. Q I’d just like to know that you’re okay. But how would I know what you want from me I never see you.” You cross your arms in a huff. He pour’s the tea.

 “I knew there was something wrong. You haven’t been acting like yourself lately. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” You frown.

“Me? What about you! You were barely able to get up for work this morning. You work late almost every night and you don’t take time off.” You go and grab your cup of tea from the counter.

“In all honesty I got in at six in the morning last night. So I only got two hours sleep.” You put your cup down and cover your face with your hands.

“I’m worried about your well being is all. Late nights aren’t healthy you know. The problem is  you’re not taking care of yourself. You’re driving me mad with worry and then you come home and only worry about me.” He walks over and puts his hands on your shoulders.

“No more late nights. The mission is over Y/n. So I’m back to being off at weekends.” You stroke a hand down his cheek.

“Promise me you won’t do that to me. I can’t take it.” I remove my hand from his cheek and chuck the rest of my tea down the sink.

“I promise. Come on let’s go to bed.” Who knows how he finished his tea. But he puts both cups in the sink and pulls me to bed.

Despite my lateness to bed I wake up at nine. So I go make myself some breakfast. I turn on Netflix and switch on Sherlock even if I have seen it around nine times already. An hour and a half later Q plops himself down beside me.

“You’re up early.” He says sipping his morning tea.

“Yeah. I just woke up and never got back to sleep.” Your eyes are glued to the screen as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martian Freeman run through the streets of London. Q sits quietly beside you after that. Sherlock is one of the few shows he can actually stand watching with you.

“Y/n are you mad?” You frown.

“I’m not mad. Maybe a little disappointed about the things we talked about last night but I’m not mad.” You say your eyes never leaving the screen.

“I don’t like fighting with you Y/n.” You frown. You weren’t fighting really just having a bit of a blip is all.

“Q I’m not mad.” You say shaking your head.

“Y/n…” He started but you shushed him with your finger.

“I’m not. I’m not fighting with you and I’m not angry at you. I just want you here is all. Just because I’m not talking doesn’t mean I’m not happy. I just want you here okay? I just want to sit and enjoy your company. It’s nice just to know I’m not on my own.” He seemed to relax a little at that. You scoot over to his side and lean your head on him. You had missed mornings like this. To your surprise he wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer. Meaning you could cuddle into his side.

“Since when are you so cuddly?” You ask confused at his strange behaviour.

“Since I haven’t been cuddled so much. I do enjoy your touch Y/n regardless of what you might think.” You smirked. To have him say that filled you with joy Q wasn’t one for cuddling much.

“Oh? What do I think?” You teased him.

“I won’t pretend that I know. I never know what you think. I know how you usually act though and usually I can’t get any work done with the amount of distractions you throw at me.” You start to manuver yourself to sit so you’re straddling him.

“I’m distracting am I?” he looks you right in the eyes.

“When I’m working everything is a distraction.” He states.

“I see.” You kiss him on the nose then stand up to go and get dressed.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

“To dress and make myself look pretty.” He frowns a little.

“I don’t go out with you for your looks.” You roll your eyes.

“I don’t make myself pretty for you!” You yell back.

if they had tumblr
  • tom hiddleston: posting pictures of vanilla pudding and sweet potatoes, tagging everything with "i'm sorry" and "bless you"
  • martin freeman: would have two blogs, one about benedict cumberbatch and one about himself looking at things tagged with "what"
  • david tennant: fifty percent shakespeare, fifty percent pictures of his own hair and often tagged with "naah" and "well"
  • matt smith: is frequently updating his followers with new designs of bow ties tagged with "this is cool" and "that's so fez!"
  • ewan mcgregor: pictures of bicycles, other bikes and bike related things tagged with "saivqakbau d"
  • misha collins: has an empty dashboard and doesn't follow anyone
  • robert downey jr: has a fandom blog, even though he finds it very dangerous.
  • natalie portman: rules tumblr as a fourteen years old queen posting hipstergrunge pictures of ballerina shoes and tags everything with "sCIENCE"