if they had tumblr
  • tom hiddleston:posting pictures of vanilla pudding and sweet potatoes, tagging everything with "i'm sorry" and "bless you"
  • martin freeman:would have two blogs, one about benedict cumberbatch and one about himself looking at things tagged with "what"
  • david tennant:fifty percent shakespeare, fifty percent pictures of his own hair and often tagged with "naah" and "well"
  • matt smith:is frequently updating his followers with new designs of bow ties tagged with "this is cool" and "that's so fez!"
  • ewan mcgregor:pictures of bicycles, other bikes and bike related things tagged with "saivqakbau d"
  • misha collins:has an empty dashboard and doesn't follow anyone
  • robert downey jr:has a fandom blog, even though he finds it very dangerous.
  • natalie portman:rules tumblr as a fourteen years old queen posting hipstergrunge pictures of ballerina shoes and tags everything with "sCIENCE"

kkiyomizu  asked:

Okay boys, What is your favorite pick up line? :3 ;)

hmm, You’re hotter then a ceiling fire, haha-Jared

*Horrifed looks*-sam,dean

baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven, haha. I bearly get to use that one on vicky anymore. -Misha

*muffled sounds of cas crying  in the background*

You must be the impala, because i’d ride you all night*Wink*-Jensen

*High fives him*-Dean

 Is your name Smaug? Because you look like you have loads of treasure in your cave.-Martian freeman

pickup lines? Uhm… aren’t those a little crude?  But my favorite is, heh chris pine told me this one, Is that a phaser in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.-Benedict

You’ve stolen both my hearts-Matt

…. I’m going to have to tell river that-Doctor